The purpose of an informative essay is not to give your opinion but present facts in a logical and coherent manner. If you’re on campus, you will be required to write informative essays or even essays with APA outline format for almost every course. That is why it is crucial to learn how to write essays the right way.

For your essay to be informative, it also needs to be interesting. The reader needs to be engaged while reading the essay and it all starts with a good introduction. We have highlighted some tips which you will find useful if you’re looking to improve your essay writing skills.

The Purpose of an Informative Essay

An informative essay should be able to:

  •       Inform readers of a problem that they might not be aware of
  •       Explain the importance of the essay
  •       Look at different viewpoints on a controversial topic
  •       Look at the cause-effect relationship

The Structure

An informative essay should follow a particular structure. The structure could vary but the most important thing is that the basic principles of writing are met. You might have written an essay but you’re not sure if you’ve followed the right structure. You can look for paper editing services just to make sure that you’re doing the right thing.

The structure for an informative essay is simple and straightforward. It should have an introduction, body, and a conclusion. This structure can also be found in other forms of writing as well. The topic will inform what the essay is all about.

The Introduction

The purpose of a beginning is to introduce the topic and should be able to grab the reader’s attention. There should be a focus sentence which will dictate the tone for the entire essay. The first paragraph will present a general idea of what the topic is all about. It is also here where you introduce the keywords and terminologies that will be used in the essay. An informative essay can also be used to expound further on different viewpoints about a controversial topic. Make sure you’re researching and gathering all the necessary evidence for the subject of discussion.

The Body

This is where you get all the meaty details about the topic. It has to piece together the information that will be lacking about the topic so that the audience is aware of the evidence that is available. It is imperative to ensure that the evidence presented is accurate and can be backed by credible sources. You should various sources as evidence to support your argument. Tell the audience about the research that went into coming up with the evidence and how it relates to the topic.


When you reach the conclusion, you will be moving from specific to general. All your main ideas will need to be summarized in less than five paragraphs. Even if you have a lot to say, you should make sure that the audience has the main idea in mind. You should remember that an informative essay is not persuasive. That means it needs to be impartial and objective. The summary should be based on facts and not opinion.

Choosing a Topic

After looking at the structure of an informative essay, you will have to choose a topic. It should be clear from the onset that the purpose of the essay is not to impose your opinion but to inform and educate your audience. If it is an academic essay, you’ll find that the topic has already been determined. Even if you’re choosing a topic, you should be looking for something that is easy to write about. Even if you’re passionate about the topic, you will still be required to back your argument with facts.

Creating an Outline

The purpose of creating an outline is so that you can organize your thoughts in a logical manner. The outline will also act as a guide when you’re writing the essay. You can make a list of all the questions that you will be answering about the topic so that you don’t steer off from the discussion.

Before you can begin writing the paper, you will gather all the resources necessary for the writing of the paper. You don’t want to stop writing in the middle just because there is not enough evidence to support your claims. The body of the essay will contain all the facts presented in a logical fashion. Make sure you’re only using credible sources for the information you’re presenting in the essay.

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