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Top 3 Trends That Are Revolutionizing the Gambling Industry

We are living in an age shaped by technological innovations. Almost every sphere of life is getting revolutionized in some capacity by new tech, and this has especially been evident in the gambling industry.

Organized gambling has been around since the 17th century, when humankind witnessed the first casino establishments being launched in Italy. The casino experience remained largely unchanged for the first 300 years, after which we saw the introduction of electronic slot machines and video poker games that have gone on to become a centerpiece of every gambling house.

Skip to the 1990s, and suddenly, people had the opportunity to gamble over the Internet. Over the last three decades, the online gambling industry has only been growing, much thanks to the technology that has allowed it to develop and introduce new ways of playing games.

With that said, this article is going to discuss the top three technological trends that are currently reshaping the gambling industry. Read on!

1.  Robots and AI

Humans have built different kinds of robots that can help them with their everyday activities, such as cleaning their homes, driving their cars, or even communicating with them. Robots have become so advanced, not only in terms of their mechanical properties but also in terms of the intellectual capabilities they now possess.

One particular robot has been able to learn how to play poker. Namely, a poker bot called Deepstack has been programmed to learn the basic rules of Texas Hold’em and effectively improve its strategy over time thanks to artificial intelligence.

By playing enough games, Deepstack has managed to learn from its previous mistakes. It has made sure not to repeat them, and, at the same time, it has completely nullified the “human” side of poker by not letting emotions and irrational decisions get in the way. It has been so successful, in fact, that it actually beat numerous poker pros that tried to challenge it.

While it can’t play against multiple players as it is only been programmed for heads-up games, Deepstack is still considered to be one of the smartest AI robots in the world.

In addition, land-based casinos depend more on electronics and robotics these days. Guests at the casino hotels can now browse menus and order things directly from their mobile devices, while some hotels introduced robots that deliver towels and other small amenities directly to people’s rooms.

2.  Online and Mobile Casinos

As we’ve mentioned, online casinos have existed for nearly three decades. However, the online gambling landscape is nowhere near the same as it once was, and it all has to do with technological innovations.

The improvement of mobile technology has been a blessing for online gambling operators, the best of which now offer apps and mobile-friendly websites, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on the move. Even those who prefer playing on PCs and laptops don’t need to download software anymore in order to play, as all games can now be played directly in the browser. And with mobile casinos come many alternate payment methods, which is easily evidenced by this list of casinos that accept paysafecard deposits. This is a viable payment method if you prefer not to link credit cards.

While online gambling may never completely replace the atmosphere and the general feel of land-based casinos, software developers are slowly narrowing that gap by offering live casino games. Instead of RNG-based software, live games use live streams to allow players to enjoy their favorite table games. These streams are recorded in casino-like studios and feature professional dealers.

Live casino games can now be streamed in HD, so you’ll be able to have the most lifelike experience while still playing virtually. Going a step beyond that, a lot of software developers are now experimenting with VR, a technology that has revolutionized video gaming.

Therefore, with a proper headset, players will soon be able to move around a virtual reality casino and play real-money games while interacting with various elements.

3.  Customer Service and Chatbots

Popular casinos serve thousands of players on a daily basis, so functional customer support is mandatory if they wish to keep everyone happy. As a result, many casinos have introduced chatbots to increase productivity in this sector.

Some casinos, however, have taken this to another level. The Cosmopolitan, one of Vegas’ most prominent casinos, has developed an interactive SMS chatbot called Rose. This chatbot is capable of sending players personalized offers, updating them on their membership status, arranging tours, and offering restaurant recommendations, among other useful things.

The ultimate goal of Rose is to be able to automatically resolve guests’ issues and provide players with a more satisfactory experience. According to player polls, it has been able to do just that.

Both online and land-based casinos have been trying to keep up with the technological trends, as they are the only way in which they can develop and grow. Therefore, it is very likely that the gambling industry will keep on trying to implement the emerging tech in various ways in order to improve efficiency and attract more customers.

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