Top 5 best Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted unregulated digital asset. It is called “the money of the future” — over time it may well become a fully functioning global financial system. Despite all the doubts and concerns people continue to use cryptocurrencies and their prices and demand for them are steadily growing.

The volatility of digital assets makes them perfect investment vehicles. There are lots of them in the cryptoworld and it can be hard to figure them out even for the old-timers, not to mention newly arrived. To decide where you should swap these assets may be even more difficult: to date, there is an immense amount of exchanges and it continues to grow dramatically. To prevent our readers from being lost in this cryptoforest we decided to bring together five best exchanges for cryptocurrency and to briefly introduce them. Let’s start!


The platform claims to provide its users with the best exchange rate possible. Swapy supports more than 70 various cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to manually place trading orders here, which comes in handy. Another feature that makes the service so user-friendly is the possibility of tracking all the exchange flows to your wallet directly on the screen in real time. You have to registrate an account only if you’re looking to claim the maximum available discount.


One of the most prominent crypto exchanges, Changelly, provides its clients with a very convenient fixed-rate mechanism, protecting them from market fluctuations. It is an innovative and secure platform that has earned the respect in the cryptocommunity since its launch in 2015. Changelly allows the trade of over 150 tokens and takes a 0.25% fee for all exchanges. You don’t have to enter your data to start using it, but the exchange still can apply AML/KYC procedure to some users when appropriate. Credit card purchases are available on the platform.


Spaceshift is a non-custodial exchange, which means it doesn’t hold its users deposits and no one can steal them. Exchange rates are updated every 30 seconds — you can immediately see what you will get, no extra fees will be collected. The service was largely criticized for its decision to adopt a model of full verification, but a huge number of users still chooses to swap their tokens with it. Today support is provided for 29 digital currencies and for every of them a unique exchange rate is offered.


This exchange service is still gaining popularity and rightly so. Its website has a very user-friendly interface and you can check the market value of coin pairs right here. The transactions are made very quickly — the average time is about 5-10 minutes. It also distinguishes itself from similar services by high security — no personal information is required — and simplicity of trading process including only three simple steps. Quickex supports a really large selection of digital coins and doesn’t collect any additional fees.


The platform adopted a very ambitious goal: to become the most convenient, safe and high-speed swapping service for cryptocurrencies and at the same time to retain a competitive exchange rate. No email is needed to start trading, no AML/KYC procedures are applied. Over 150 tokens are available for trading on the platform, the trading amount is limitless and the rates are fixed.

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