Are you someone who thoroughly enjoys horse racing and I’ll try to make the switch to the online world but don’t know where to start? Do you want to know more about the best horse race-baiting review sites that are available on the Internet?

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports when it comes to sports betting, and it is something that is spectated globally and enjoyed by millions of people. It is considered a prestigious event and many people love to make an event out of it.

Not many people have the opportunity to attend horse racing events and this is where online sports betting or horse race betting comes into play. If you want to know about horse betting online and which are the best review sites for horse betting continue reading.

British Racecourses

The very first site that we have on our list is British racecourses. This website is said to connect you with everything about British horse racing and British racecourses. This site gives information about different horse racing goings. British racecourses is a website that is incredibly easy to use, it has a simple and modern design that is eye-catching and attractive and something that will keep people coming back.

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The second betting site that we have on our list when it comes to horse racing betting sites that are the best in 2022, we have TVG. TVG also known as television games network is one of the most popular online horse racing and greyhound racing sites that is owned by Flatter Entertainment.

TVG Has a TV network that is sold out for horse racing 24 hours a day. Creating an account on this website is simple and you just have to provide your name, address, phone number, and some other personal details.

This website can be used to make bets and initiate deposits and withdrawals but is also a great site for reviewing horse race betting. There is a website that can be used on your computer and there is also an app that is supported by both Android and iOS devices.


AmWager is the next horse betting site that we have on our list and is one that offers a sizable sign-up bonus which makes joining their site that much more enticing. The site has a lot of credible and reliable customer representation, and its customer service is incredibly notable.

The site is a legal and licensed sportsbook and can operate in many different states across the United States. When it comes to using this site there is no need to worry about your safety or security because they have many things in place to look after you and your security. Finally, there is a rewards and loyalty program that you can take advantage of, and this is yet another reason to choose AmWager.


Moving on down our list the next horse race betting review site that we will take a look at is TwinSpires. TwinSpires has a great partnership with the Kentucky Derby and it’s a great credible sportsbook where one can place horse bets.

Twin Spires is a sportsbook that can be downloaded as an app on both Android and iOS devices and is available in over 30 U.S. states across America. It is well known for its huge offering of different races both home and abroad for players to be entertained by.

This app can also be used in other places such as New Zealand and the UK as well as most overseas tracks and hosts live streaming and live sports betting features which make the experience that much better.


Last but not least the final horse betting site that we will look at is 4NJBets. This platform covers over 150 tracks across the world and is almost incomparable to other betting sites. The site is a subsidiary of TVG, and it operates in New Jersey.

Something to note is that this was the very first horse racing wagering app that was legal. When it comes to betting on this app, they do not restrict winners on any of the horse racing tracks and the best part of all is that you can place bets from the comfort of your own home.

If you choose to become a member of this app, you are likely to get a very generous welcome bonus and other bonuses throughout your time there.

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