Any project presentation is a responsible step that can take your activity to a whole new level. But, there is always one “but”. Any public presentation is weeks of preparation. Having formulated the basic thesis and prepared the material, everyone is faced with another task, namely the preparation of the presentation. Its competent development is almost 50 percent of success.

Of course, it’s hard to create something of real quality, if you are not a designer. That is why you can turn to a professional pitch deck design service, which will help cope with the task. So you can get a functional and understandable presentation, which is sure to remember. But, what should be considered when preparing a pitch deck presentation?

What is Pitch Deck

Let’s first understand why you need a pitch deck presentation. This format is chosen when you need to briefly present a startup to investors. In a rather limited way, you have to tell the business plan and describe the products and services you provide. Again, it is worth understanding that even though the presentation is in front of people who need to invest in the project, the purpose of your presentation is not to obtain funding. The main thing is to deliver the information in such a way that they want to meet with you in the future to discuss the details. In other words, the goal is to hook and hold.

How to Pack the Information

This is where the fun part comes in. You’ve already put together a case in which you’ve included all the information you need. You’ve worked through it and checked it several times, and now it seems that all that’s left to do is shove it into the editor and prepare the slides. If it were that easy, your university presentations at lectures would be interesting. But, that was very rarely the case, you’ll agree. That’s why we’ve put together our Top 5 recommendations for visuals.

Use photographs

This can be an emotionally filled picture or a professional photograph of the product, which shows it in the best possible light. This kind of technique can be implemented to attract attention or to dilute the flow of slides.

Choose color scheme

It is important to decide on a leading color scheme, to properly play with contrasts and leave room for white space. It is important for the color to emphasize the information being presented, but not to take all the attention away. The right use of spaces, in turn, helps to place photos, charts, and text blocks in the slide in such a way as to retain attention and get the point across. And, of course, play with contrasts. They can attract attention (for example, a black inscription on a yellow background) and emphasize the main points.

top 5 rules designing successful pitch deck gp 1

Be careful with animation

Do not be carried away animation for the sake of animation. There is a false belief that transitions between slides and “animation” of objects within a presentation can grab the attention of the audience. Often, such a trick leads to the opposite effect. The listener becomes a spectator and loses sight of the important information you are trying to convey. Transitions, in turn, are tiring and confusing instead of holding attention.

Be emotional

Think about how to dilute your presentation emotionally. Do not forget that somewhere is worth setting aside a place for a moment of humor and relaxation. Naturally, everything should fit the theme and style of the presentation. And yet, it is worth remembering that positive emotions always make any idea more memorable.

Tell a story

Stick to a unified story. Your presentation should be a coherent story that will answer the potential investor’s three questions: “What result will I get? Who created the project? How do I accomplish what I set out to do?” A coherent story is important not only in the information component, but also in the design of the presentation. Everything must work as a single organism.

Extra advice

But that’s not all, although only five points were announced. Separately, I’d like to mention the role of the ending after you set the point. Let me explain. Imagine that you have already said everything, the slides are over, and the audience is waiting for something like the phrase “Thank you for your attention. And you, in turn, give them a surprise. For example, you announce some unusual development inside the project, which is able to turn everything upside down. Perhaps you have something unique to announce at the end. Don’t be afraid to surprise and attract! After all, everyone loves a good surprise.

It’s worth noting that pitch deck presentations are a complex, multi-layered process that requires considerable preparation. Of course, it’s better to turn to professionals. It is they who can help to put together a whole information block and give it the most profitable appearance.

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