As an organization grows, the processes that take place within it become more extensive and time-consuming. More employees are required to handle the tasks which in turn can expend extra budget. Without proper coordination, such a situation can lead to the point where the organization will start facing losses due to wastage of certified official course.

To avoid such mishaps, the company needs employees who have proper project management skills. But how to find them? Or how can you present yourself as a person who can offer those competencies? Project Management Institute (PMI) has an answer for you in the form of their PMP certification.

Certification Overview

The specialist talents  is a globally recognized credential offered by PMI as a means to prove one’s skills in managing projects. It does not simply brush over the subject matter but thoroughly trains you in a manner that makes you an expert in even the most minor tasks. About 1 million professionals have already acquired this certification thus proving its value and quality. To make things even more tempting, it has been recorded that PMP accredited individuals tend to receive a 22% higher median salary!

How to Get PMP Certified

To earn the Following preparation tools , you have to sit for the PMP exam. But before that, you need to fulfill a set of prerequisites. You can either complete a four-year degree with 3 years of experience as a project leader and 35 hours of project management training. Otherwise, you may supplement a high school diploma with 5 years of project-leading experience and 35 hours of training as well.

It is evident just from these requirements that you must be a skilled specialist in project management to apply for the PMP test itself. So imagine the level of proficiency you gain once acing it!

More About PMP Exam

The PMP assessment consists of 200 questions and will test you on several domains related to project management. They are:

  • Initiation of the project
  • Planning and outlining the processes
  • Executing the steps
  • Monitoring and controlling the tasks that take place
  • Objectives designed for results

To prepare for this exam, you can enroll in study courses offered by registered education providers, follow the references of PMI for extra learning material, and join online groups to get in touch with peers. In addition to all that, try out some practice tests as they will help you get a clear idea about the assessment’s structure and what certkillers investment in career . Training with them, you’ll be able to explore testing format, create some answering strategies, and improve time management too.


PMP has already proved itself to be a compulsory certification for project managers. Having it, you show your proficiency in every single phase of leading projects from the beginning to the end. So, if you have accomplished all the requirements mentioned above and have enough time to adequately prepare for the challenging efficiency level training and practice tests to face this challenge confidently, then nothing is in your way to boosting your career!

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