Changelly is an instantaneous cryptocurrency exchange, and the headquarters are situated in Prague, Czech Republic. It mainly acts as an intermediary between the user and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Although any legislative board does not control it, it has earned the trust of customers through collaborating with fellow reputed cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitrex, Binance, Coinpayments, and more. The chief objective of this exchange is to offer a simple, quick, transparent, and user-friendly interface for buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Is the Changelly Exchange safe for use?

Changelly is viewed as a safe place for exchanging cryptocurrencies as it protects user accounts with 2FA (Two-factor authentication), making it almost impossible for fraudsters or hackers to steal information. In addition, it does not store sensitive data like credit card numbers, expiry dates, or CVVs on the servers. The data, which is entered on the site, is conveyed over a secure HTTPS network.

Changelly Exchange

Changelly is a digital cryptocurrency exchange that permits a user to change one cryptocurrency to another. It does not determine the price for the digital currencies but uses a robot that obtains the rates from other significant trading platforms such as Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex and shows the best trading rate on Changelly’s exchange. The process is concluded within milliseconds. Even though Changelly does not lock the price of the crypto, the rates always stay more or less the same until the transaction is completed. Changelly is also in partnership with Simplex, which means it permits you to buy cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin with Fiat currency like USD and Euro. See here what Crypto Head think of this cryptocurrency exchange podium.

Changelly Wallet

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available. A wallet must be set up on another platform prior to purchasing cryptocurrency from Changelly.

Changelly Account

You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) or alternative altcoins instantly after creating your account.

Verification Necessities

Changelly does not require any documents or information apart from your email address when buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies. User can exchange or buy digital currencies instantly after setting up an account. For trading cryptos, you don’t have to offer your phone number. However, purchases made with a credit card necessitates your mobile number for the purpose of verification. Besides this, you must also provide your billing address and personal details.

Buying Digital Currency On Changelly

Utilizing the Changelly Exchange, customers can purchase more than fifty cryptocurrencies, including LTC, BTC, ETH, XRP, BHC, and many more using fiat currencies. The exchange basically converts Fiat currency to USD or EUR for concluding the transaction. Changelly also admits cryptocurrencies as a payment selection. Apart from the 0.5% deduction per transaction, there are no other hidden fees.

Cashing out on Changelly

Unfortunately, selling of a digital currency or withdrawing the amount to a payment card or bank account is not permitted on Changelly. If you wish to sell your crypto and withdraw the money to a bank account, you can do so by using an alternative exchange such as Coinbase. For a complete list of all the supported cryptocurrencies by Changelly, you can visit their homepage and scroll to the bottom.