A couple of days ago, Western Digital Philippines invited us to an event. We never knew what it was for until we shoved ourselves in.  So, it turns out that WD, the company we all love for their reliable hard drives, just launched the My Passport Wireless; A storage device that is a combination of a mechanical HDD and a wireless module, enabling its users to access what’s inside, wirelessly.

WD My Passport Wireless News (1)
The My Passport wireless looks like your ordinary My Passport for Studio (For Mac), with almost the same styling and dimensions but with some exceptions, as it features a built in Wi-Fi modules and a card reader. Battery life seems to be acceptable for a product with a mechanical HDD, as it could stream videos continuously for 6 hours, with 20 hours standby time. It could also be used to share internet. Literally, the My Passport Wireless is also an access point.

There isn’t much to tell about the event, but perhaps what I liked the most is the presentation of the famous yet indigenous telepath, Mr. Marcelle Fabie. He literally had us awed, surprised, and laughing like a child.

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The WD My Passport Wireless 2TB is now available for around 11,990 Pesos, while the 500 GB version retails for 7,590 Pesos and Php 9,590 for the 1 TB version. All variants comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

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