Recently, the demand for stablecoins in the digital coin market has grown significantly. One of the most popular stablecoin trading platforms is Curve finance. In this article, we would like to discuss this project in more detail and determine the best place to buy CRV token.

Briefly about CRV Crypto

The main task of the token is to stimulate liquidity providers. The initial supply volume was 1.3 billion CRV tokens. Once these tokens are distributed among liquidity providers, the number should increase to 3.03 billion.

The cost of the token is calculated not according to the order book but based on the constant product (x*y=const). This is not a new method, as it is also used by Uniswap and SushiSwap.

The maximum supply of CRV coin is 3.03 billion; the emission of the last token is scheduled for August 2026.

Curve DAO token distribution looks as follows:

  • 62% — liquidity providers;
  • 30% — shareholders who hold coins for 2-4 years;
  • 5% — community reserve;
  • 3% — developers.

Where to Buy Curve DAO Token?

You can buy Curve DAO token both with fiat money and other cryptocurrencies on specialized decentralized exchanges or using the services of the WhiteBIT exchange.

Here is a plan for buying tokens:

  • Register and pass KYC on the WhiteBIT exchange.
  • Replenish the deposit in any convenient way
  • Go to spot trading
  • Pick CRV/USDT

WhiteBIT is one of the most popular exchanges in the European Union and has an impeccable reputation. Its founder, Ukrainian Vladimir Nosov, promotes and popularizes digital currencies and actively helps the Ukrainian army. So, by using the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, you not only get quality service but also bring closer the victory of Ukraine and the return of peace to the European continent.

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