Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular because of the increased number of accidents taking place on a daily basis. Car accidents are not only lethal but also take a hefty sum out of your pockets, which only adds to your misery. Although dashcams don’t directly help in the prevention of car accidents, they can help make sure the person at fault has to deal with the consequences instead of innocent people.

These are specially designed to record visuals and sounds while being mounted on the dashboard of your car. It also comes with many other features such as GPS tracking and hence can be used for many purposes. Here are some reasons why you always need to have a dash cam on your vehicle.

1. Provides Evidence For Insurance Claims

The major reason why dashcams are so in use these days is that drivers have evidence to prove their claims in case of accidents. These devices start recording as soon as you start your engine and will capture every detail, so you don’t have any problem proving your claims later. More than most times, the person at fault will try to deny your claim, and this is when your dash cam’s footage will come in handy. Moreover, to prove your insurance claims and get proper compensation for damage expenses, you will have solid proof in the form of the footage.

2. Records Other Reckless Drivers

Dashcams can also be used to record the reckless driving of other people and use it as evidence to report them. Many people drive without any care in the world, and a lot of times, these are the same drivers that cause major accidents and can end up hurting not only themselves but other people too. Whether it’s aggression, road rage, careless driving, or a texting-and-driving situation, you can report these bad driving behaviors and prevent a lot of car accidents, maybe even save lives.

3. Can Capture Videos For Memories

Dashboard cameras can also be used as video-log cameras or video cameras to capture moments while you’re driving with your friends or family. As we all know, road trips contain thousands of precious moments that are usually ignored and missed later. By using dash cams to record videos of a family or friend’s road trip, you can capture numerous memories which can be revisited later.

4. Tracking Tool

Many dashboard cameras usually come equipped with GPS trackers. Whether you’re a worried parent and care about the safety of your kids, or you’re just concerned about the safety of your car in general, a dash cam with GPS is the perfect solution for you to track your vehicle’s whereabouts. Not only will the trackers be helpful, but you’ll also be able to keep track of the integrity of your car when dropping it off at the mechanic’s place.

Some of them also come equipped with speed trackers, so in addition to tracking the location of your children, you can also keep track of their driving speed in case you’re worried about their reckless overspeeding.

5. Provides Proof To Get Out Of A Ticket

In many cases, people are convicted of driving tickets for traffic violations they didn’t commit. To get out of wrongfully accused traffic violations, you can use your dashcam footage to prove your innocence. Having proof of your innocence will save you from having to pay ticket fines or getting a bad driving record.

6. Helps Identify Vandals

Dashboard cameras can come with a motion-sensor system that helps record any suspicious activity near or on your car while the engine is off. These systems are designed in a way that the camera starts recording if any signs of movement are detected near the car. As a result, the camera will automatically record in case your car is being vandalized or if someone tries to steal the parts of your car, etc.

7. Prevents Car Parking Accidents

Adding to the points mentioned earlier, dash cameras equipped with motion sensors can detect when a car moves too close to your car and cause scratches. They work by automatically starting recording whatever type of car caused the damage to your vehicle. This way, you can claim compensation for whoever’s at fault for the car parking accidents that routinely take place, ending in saving you a lot of money.

A dashboard camera is a pretty good investment considering the overall losses you might face if you were not able to prove your insurance or court claims in case of accidents. These devices have a simple design and are pretty easy to install on your car’s dashboard. If you’re someone who takes your safety and financial losses seriously, then this is something you should definitely invest in.

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