The thought of assembling your computer from scratch might seem like an outdated endeavor, considering the numerous ranges of machines in the market. PC enthusiasts are the only ones who could think of such a venture by using compatible parts.

A PC is an assortment of components such as processor, memory, and drives, which when brought together make a computing system. There is no difference between a custom build machine and one bought in a store. So, if you want to know why you should build your PC, there are excellent reasons discussed in pre-written essays for sale.

Unlimited choice of spare parts

The most significant rationale as to why you should build your computer is the freedom to choose the spare parts you need. When you buy an already assembled machine, it comes with components and specifications already selected for you. When you purchase your computer from a renowned brand, you are plausible to assume that it is of high quality.

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It is not always the case; however, as such, companies tend to use low-quality products on some components such as RAM, hard drives, and power supplies among others. While maintaining quality would seem to be crucial, such companies look to reduce their expenditure and maximize their profits. Therefore, the parts utilized to make your expensive machine will be of low quality and as a customer, you end up compromising on features you would have wanted to have.

If you decide to build a PC, however, you get to select every component you need from reputable suppliers. In the end, you know what quality materials make your computer, and you get to customize the best computer system.

The specifications are the same, but the price is less

The second most essential benefit of building your PC is that you can own a computer that is equal or better than those in computer stores without breaking the bank. If you assemble one for yourself, you will spend less money as compared to buying from the store. A typical computer whose use is to send emails, stream videos, and surf the web will cost you about three hundred to assemble.

For lovers of gaming, making a computer that allows you to enjoy smooth and high-quality graphics will cost you three hundred to six hundred dollars. These prices are much lesser than those of already assembled computers. Also, making your computer will enable you to enjoy high-quality graphics which are unavailable or way too expensive for you when it comes to already assembled machines.

So, you may have several uses for a computer other than gaming, such as animation, streaming, and video editing. In the end, building your machine with quality spare parts that you have in particular selected will give you a bigger bargain that the store computers.

Spare parts will be better and more durable

Spare parts are an integral part of computers, and when you build yourself a machine, you ensure quality and long-lasting spare parts. Experts who write my essay for me note that in prebuilt computer systems, even two identical computer models can end up being different. While the brand may be the same, computer companies tend to change up suppliers with others in the middle of manufacture whose prices are lower. Thus, a costly pre-assembled computer ends up being of poor quality due to the low-quality materials.

To avoid this and end up buying a computer from the store, according to, you have to carry out an in-depth investigation to identify superior quality products. In most cases, such an exercise may be time consuming and hopeless.

When you decide to build a computer, however, you take your time to identify components that work well together. These include the motherboard, storage devises, memory, and processor. Since you do not need to make profits, you pick materials of high quality, thus, durable and easy to replace in case of a problem.

Parts manufacturers give more warranty

Warranties are another benefit you enjoy once you decide to build a Pc. Upon purchasing a computer from a store, you get a one year warranty. Such assurance covers the entire machine. On the other hand, if you buy computer parts one by one, you enjoy a more extended warranty of between two to four years. In some cases, high- quality components get a cover of five to seven years or even a lifetime.

If something goes wrong with a computer bought assembled, you will have to take all of it back to the manufacturer. The inconvenience that you face before they identify what is wrong with it causes endless challenges and adds on to the cost. But for components bought one by one, since you assembled it yourself, you can identify which part is faulty. You then take it back, remaining with your computer.

So, if you want to enjoy having your computer for an extended period, assembling it yourself is the way to go.

You are limited only by your imagination

When it comes to how to build your computer, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, your imagination is what limits how creative you can become in this process. Assembling a machine avails you knowledge and skills that make you an expert in making and repairing computer hardware. The absolute control you get in this venture means you can make the machine based on how you want it to operate.

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If, for instance, you want it in particular for gaming, you can push the cards by utilizing high-quality graphic cards and faster processors for this reason. You can also employ your creativity by incorporating distinct colors on the computer cover, LED lighting, and water cooling system. You can further explore your imagination by building your computer within a glass desk or on the wall.

Whichever idea or vision you may have about a computer, go with them as you assemble it and see where it takes you.


Are you still unsure of whether you should put together a computer for yourself or buy one from the store? Well, you should consider building one. Experts at PerfectEssay argue that not only is it fun but also provides you with a wealth of experience. Taking this route should begin with you carrying out thorough research on the best computer parts to use. Once you settle this, you will get a reprieve from high prices, lack of spare parts, short warranty, and time wasted seeking help from customer support. Build yourself a computer, and enjoy the world of doing it by yourself.

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