Evolution is not just something that exists in regard to human beings. When it comes to all areas, technology, art, and entertainment, what we’ve managed to accomplish as a race would most probably leave our forefathers gobsmacked at the progress we’ve made, in the same fashion that they themselves advanced from their respective forefathers.

Introduction: The Glory of Casinos and how They’ve Progressed in the Digital Age

When it comes to gambling, this area of entertainment is no exception. It has evolved from wagering on games to one of the biggest industries worldwide, generating billions in revenue worldwide and progressing even further in the digital age, with the introduction of online casinos.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic had the world in a chokehold and affected most, if not all aspects of our lives, technology was one of the many industries which had to adapt to the pandemic, with numerous software being introduced to help one adjust to a new way of life in the midst of the pandemic.

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During this time, the gambling industry went through a rocky period. While live casinos took a major hit, with quarantines and COVID-19 safety rules rendering most casinos empty during the pandemic’s now almost three-year existence, the online casino market soared, as many people wanted the adrenaline rush one gets from gambling, from the comfort and safety of their own home, without the risk of exposure.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is being fought ferociously with the help of vaccines, and now that the general public simply does not fear the COVID-19 pandemic as they had done previously, in-person casinos are making a resurgence, with people now flocking to these casinos as they had done before, balancing out the markets of in-person and live casinos.

But what makes live casinos so much fun, as compared to regular online and in-person casinos? What’s the novelty in them, when one can enjoy regular land-based casinos? Why would people prefer to partake in a game of blackjack in person, when they can still do so with live blackjack online casino from the comfort of their own homes? In the following article, we will provide answers to all of these questions.

The In-person Experience: Being There in the Moment

During the pandemic, many would try to replicate things they did before. Meetings were turned into zoom meetings, and schooling and education were transferred online, instead of meeting for drinks, people would socialize with their friends through social media. While it managed to keep spirits lifted, no one was going to deny that it just wasn’t the same as the real experience.

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And that’s what sets an in-person casino apart from a live online casino. These casinos have an in-person experience that feels organic, and therefore enhances the thrill and adrenaline rush that one can get from being in any form of casino.

That’s not to negate the effect that one can get from a live online casino, as it still strives to provide an authentic gaming experience. As opposed to utilizing bots or Ai, in live casinos, one is still interacting with other players, especially in games such as blackjack. For this reason, a number of gamblers will still flock to live casinos as they still provide the feeling of thrill one would still find in a real casino, yet they do not need to physically be there.

Adding to the authenticity which has been perfectly replicated by live online casinos, several cameras are deliberately positioned throughout the studio to ensure that players can see all aspects of the game, with live casino footage is recorded at around 200 fps, meaning that everything is broadcasted clearly and in real-time.

The Trustworthiness is Still There, Due to Real Dealers

When there is a live dealer nearby, many gamblers feel more at ease playing online casino games. Regular casino games are controlled by RNGs, and many people are skeptical of them because they believe they are always losing, playing into the famous saying of “The House always wins”

Casino games, even when played online, feel more natural when played with real dealers. Furthermore, everything feels fairer when the game is handled by a human rather than an AI, as AI’s will be more likely to be programmed to favor the house, yet a human dealer provides a more organic experience. It’s what’s loved by many in, land-based in-person casinos, and online live casinos manage to replicate this perfectly.

So What is The General Consensus on Live Casinos?

While Live Online casino technology may not be the real thing and isn’t as organic as the real experience, it comes quite close.

The fundamental aspects which make an in-person casino viable are still there, and still offer the experience of gambling to its highest degree, whilst also giving the gambler the convenience of staying in their own home, rather than physically appearing at the casino itself.

While many may prefer the in-person experience, the live casino experience can also exist when that’s simply not a viable option, as was seen during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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