Being a business owner, although a highly lucrative position, is hard. Business owners have to prioritize several things when running a business. It could be marketing, manufacturing, sales, IT operations, etc. Giving the same level of priority, attention, and focus to each of these things simultaneously isn’t easy. However, as a business owner, there is one thing that you should never neglect, data backups.

Data backup is making copies of your company’s data so that in case of an emergency or a data loss event, those copies can be used to restore data. The common method is to keep data backups on a separate cloud server or hardware so that if the primary servers do down or crash, you can restore using the copies from the secondary server.

Since most business operations are digitized and most companies store their data digitally, backups are highly important. Some people are of the view that data backups aren’t important and these are the people who learn the importance of having data backups the hard way, i.e through a data breach. Backups are highly important to businesses as they can prevent downtime and avoid problems in times of crisis or emergencies. We will be discussing today the importance of data backups and why you should never neglect data backups:

Prevents Downtime and Data Loss

The first compelling reason to never neglect data backups is that these protect your company’s data and prevent downtime. Data loss can occur due to various reasons. It could be because of server failure, software corruption, data breach, malware, viruses, etc. In case data loss occurs, a backup can help prevent down. Having a backup means that your business’s data is protected and you can restore all of your company’s data without any downtime.

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Even if you have a small app like the Scrabble Word Finder, a backup is necessary because it guarantees that your app data remains available and accessible even if the primary servers go down.

Helpful In Times Of Disasters

Backups are also very helpful in times of disaster. A disaster can happen unknowingly at any time and for your online app like Word Unscrambler or business to remain functional, a backup is very important. In case a disaster like a flood or fire happens, guaranteeing business continuity is important apart from the safety of your employee to face minimal losses. Business and operational continuity can only be ensured if you have a recent backup of all the data available. Without a backup, you risk losing all of your company’s important data which can lead to severe losses.

Requirements Of Different Regulators

Because of how important backups are, it is now the requirement of different industry regulators to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. If your business is required to comply with the requirements of industry regulators, you cannot neglect backup because it can result in your business facing heavy fines and your business may even lose its license. Because businesses are required to comply with regulators in order to continue functioning, it becomes another reason not to neglect data backups.

Helps To Save Money In The Long Run

Another reason not to neglect data backups is that it helps you to save money in the long run. In case of disaster or server crash, a solid backup strategy will help you to save a lot of money and in some cases, it can even save your whole business. According to the 2017 Ransomware Damage Report, it was predicted ​​there will be a ransomware attack on businesses every 14 seconds by the end of 2019.

For instance, if your business is hit by ransomware, the hackers will ask for a certain amount of money to unlock the data but if you have a full data backup available, you will be able to restore all of your company’s data from the backup and resume business operations like normal without having to pay a huge amount in ransom.

Gives Peace Of Mind

Last but not least, having a backup plan gives you peace of mind. Running a business is never easy but you can rest assured if you have a backup plan in place in case the data is compromised. You wouldn’t have to worry about business discontinuity or any downtime in case a major server crash happens, allowing you to focus on things that can drive the growth of your business.

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