The OPPO OnePlus 5 has been out for months and believe it or not, it is my favorite thus far from the oriental company. At $599 tops, this flagship model aims to please everyone with its design and specifications.

It’s been a while really since OPPO had us excited. That said, let us dive deep into the phone’s details and check out what it has to offer.


The OPPO OnePlus 5 is touted as the best-looking phone OPPO has made to date, minus the OPPO R11 (of course) that shares the same design principles with the OnePlus 5. With a rounder design compared to their older phones, paired up with excellent material choices for the 6 incher housing, it is at the peak of OPPO’s engineering. The OnePlus 5 is also thinner at around 7.25mm, which is almost at the level of the iPhone 7. Also a phone with similar design elements.

OPPO OnePlus 5 2

The handset is also light at 150 grams give or take. This is not exactly a trade-off, since a lightweight construct is much appreciated for a large phone; allowing the end user to comfortably hold it without loosing balance. Now there are 3 color options; the Slate Gray, Midnight Black and the Soft Gold. It isn’t as diverse as some, but the color choices are enough for almost everyone’s taste.


The phone comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 chipset, coming in hot with an Octa-core Kryo 260 CPU; with up to 20% higher performance figures compared to the last generation Qualcomm CPUs. Basically, you’d get a phone designed to support advanced photography and enhanced gaming features. That’s in addition to a longer battery life and a faster LTE speed compared to the prior generations. GPU performance is no slouch either, bearing Qualcomm’s Adreno 512 GPU as a part of the package.

OPPO OnePlus 5 6

The phone’s overall hardware specifications is what separates this apart from the competition. A total beast of a phone when it comes to sheer performance figures according to various online metrics.


The Display is a 5.5 inch panel, with a 1080P resolution rated with 401 PPI density. Others might find it a little underwhelming since other flagships have already moved to the WQHD territory, but I disagree. 1080P is perfectly fine on a 5.5″ panel and there’s no reason to move up at a higher native resolution just for the kicks. The color gamut, panel accuracy, contrast and brightness are still the most important aspects of a phone’s display.

OPPO OnePlus 5 3

The OnePlus 5 features an Optic AMOLED display which is according to OPPO, a variant of Super AMOLEDs. This is just actually a tinkered AMOLED display for better saturation but I’m not really complaining. It is still an AMOLED display panel so it should be excellent on paper.


The OnePlus 5 features a dual camera setup at the back. There’s a 16MP + 20MP combo with corresponding f/1.7 and f/2.6 fixed apertures. The 20MP secondary sensor shoots at 2x telephoto so you wont get the horrible digital zoom effect on your shots. Several sites have pointed out that the P10’s cameras are at the top of the pack. That includes its digital bokeh performance which is dope.

OPPO OnePlus 5 4

Front facing camera is not bad either with a 16MP sensor, but the true hero here is the 16MP camera at the back with support for 4K video capture, cherry topped with image stabilization (at 1080P).


As far as feature set goes, the OnePlus 5 has a boatload of sensors. There’s a fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, gyro, proximity and a compass. The battery on the other hand is generous at 3300 mAh, with a fast battery charging feature to boot. A much appreciated feature for those who are always on the go.

OPPO OnePlus 5 5

Other redeeming features are its ability to play FLAC files and the venerable OxygenOS which is sexy on its own. Yes, this is a phone with a 3.5mm jack so yah guys with good in-ears could truly enjoy a plug and play experience out of the box.


Depending on the models, you could get the OnePlus 5 starting from $483.99 up to $599.99. Checking out one online retailer tells us that most models are actually already in circulation; meaning that market availability is looking pretty good for the OnePlus 5.

Model Link MSRP
OnePlus 5 8+128 (black) 599.99
OnePlus 5 6/64 (Grey) 483.99
OnePlus 5 6/64 (Gold) 509.99
OnePlus 5 8/128 (Grey) 569.99

Pricing is actually excellent for a flagship phone and that is also one of the main reasons why this one wins over, if compared to the older OPPO phones at launch. Granted, OPPO had difficulties in the past to break a certain market but it’s not happening today with the OnePlus 5. With everything above considered, the OnePlus 5 definitely one of OPPO’s best phones to date.


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