With almost everyone working from home, VPN security is paramount. It is also something that you should be familiar with regardless if you’re considering to work from home or if you’re just wondering what a VPN is all about. With that in mind, we’re going to jot down a few things as to why it matters – especially at the height of work from home setups.

But first, VPN in a nutshell

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN basically creates an extra layer of data privacy and protection by imitating how a private network works on a public level – providing an enhanced level of anonymity. This essentially allows you to use the Internet without worrying much about your security and privacy. Having a VPN gives you enough breathing room from tailored advertisements, protection from public hotspot vulnerabilities and bypass geographical restrictions to name a few.

Now if you are interested to try this kind of protection, there are actually a number of VPNs available in the market right now; with the most popular option of them all being the consumer oriented subscription based VPN for Windows and other devices.

Note that having a VPN won’t protect you 100% from being tracked. You’re still susceptible here especially if we’re talking about services that requires a sign-in or when it comes to the information that you expose through social media platforms.

VPN means business

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) agents are no stranger to VPNs. In fact, it is a requirement to use one. Part of this reason is the ability to bypass geographical restrictions provided by a VPN. It allows huge companies, their off-shore offices and home-based agents to seamlessly connect with each other. This is the power of Intranet VPN that is tailor made for organizations.

That said, a VPN also helps to mitigate the unnecessary stereotyping within a business-to-business environment. If you’re a budding freelancer, you may want to consider this as an initial investment.

Allows you to focus more

Working from the comforts of your home is already distracting at times and ironically, what you see on your screen is no exception. Advertisements and other targeted form of contents are your sworn enemies in this case.

With a VPN, it’s hard for advertisers to know what your ideal preference is. That said, a targeted advertisement made to caught your attention is highly unlikely to appear so that’s one less distraction to deal with. This is particularly useful when you’re browsing for an idea related to work or when you’re looking for a royalty-free content that you could use for that presentation or graphics design that you’ve been working for.

But when it’s leisure time

Now taking a break from work with a VPN at hand is awesome. Remember that it could bypass geographical restrictions? That means you could access content across the globe without worrying about region locked services. Popular streaming services usually does this to movies due to licensing and other limiting factors. With a VPN, accessing such contents are usually just made with a push of a button – or a click rather to your preferred country or region.

Why VPN is Paramount GP 3

The same thing applies to gaming too with an added benefit of tunneling that could improve your in-game latency. This is a huge deal for competitive gaming and is actually a major selling point of popular VPN services.

Final thoughts

Work from home, though as convenient as it seems, got its fare share of nuance and security issues. Having a VPN subscription helps you mitigate these along with the same benefits outside of work. Truly an indispensable tool for freelancers and budding work from home individuals.

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