Pearl Abyss announced today that winter festivities continue to take place in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can partake in exciting in-game updates and events to celebrate this exciting time of the year.

Patrigio’s Secret Shop has been revamped. Starting today, precious new items such as Manos Accessories and Advice of Valks can be acquired at this shop. To commemorate this update, a special event will run until December 22 to decrease the amount of Energy required to enter Patrigio’s Secret Shop from 50 to 25.

Stormbringer Karanda, the World Boss that was first seen in Black Desert Global Labs, has arrived in Black Desert SEA. Stormbringer Karanda builds upon the original Karanda’s attack patterns and now uses fierce winds and piercing feather attacks. Adventurers who are familiar with the strategies used to defeat Karanda are likely to have the upper hand when fighting this Boss.

The online gathering event Calphe:ON Ball is finally taking place on December 12. Adventurers can participate to learn more about the future of Black Desert and enjoy various user-friendly activities, all from the comfort of their own homes.

By watching Calphe:ON Ball, Adventurers can also get special clues for Winter-bearing Eggs, a new item that they can collect through a Challenge starting today. The clues from Calphe:ON Ball will guide them to an adventure related to these eggs.

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