There is no end of the on-going debate on which one is best wireless Bluetooth headphones or wired headphones. It’s quite impossible these days to live without earphones. And choosing between wireless Bluetooth earphones and wired headphones is next to difficulties.

You must choose it based on what suits your lifestyle and needs. Also, you should make sure if the device is safe for you or not. Opt for such headphones, which is Bluetooth safe for babies or kids. Besides, here, we provide a few more parameters that you should consider while comparing wireless Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones:

Audio quality

Though the wireless headphones are convenient in providing you with the hassle-free experience, the distance from your device causes the interference in audio quality. It’s quite a frequent problem of wireless earphones that the Bluetooth signal frequency causes disruption in the audio quality. However, the problem can be solved by keeping your device near your earphones.

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On the other hand, the sound quality provided by the wired headphones is comparatively better than the wireless Bluetooth earphones. There are low chances of interruption in sound quality. Also, it is good in the matter of providing high-definition sound.

Battery life

Wireless headphones need to be charged as it runs with battery. The battery life depends upon the price and quality of the headphones. Whereas, there is no need to charge wired headphones. Only you need to connect it with your device.


Both the wireless and wired headphones are portable and easy to carry. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are comparatively easy to carry as it doesn’t have unwanted wires that create hassles and doesn’t make your life troubled with tangles.

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But in the case of wired headphones, there are no such problems to carry. But sometimes the wire causes and creates problems while carrying. And also it’s quite irritating to detangle them every time when you’re feeling like listening to your favorite music.


Both wired headphones and wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with various devices. But you need to check it before buying. As the wired headphones are compatible with any kind of devices, but the wireless Bluetooth headphones are only compatible with devices with Bluetooth connectivity feature.


If you’re an audiophile, meaning crazy for music, then wired earphones should be your first choice as it gives you the uninterrupted high-definition experience of audio.

At the same time wireless Bluetooth headphones are for those who like to travel, loves to go to gym and athlete persons and gamers as it has no strings attached to it that make you think of listening to the hassle-free music.

Price or affordability

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are comparatively more expensive than wired headphones. Though the price depends on the models and features of the earphones, also the audio quality increases with the increasing price range.

However, wired headphones are available at the cheapest rate. Here also the sound quality depends upon the quality, price range, model and brands. And it is comparatively cheaper and super affordable than wireless Bluetooth earphones.


Again, there is no end to this debate whether to choose the wireless or to choose the wired one. The wireless Bluetooth headphones provide hassle-free, hands-free, and tangles-free experience of listening to music, but the wired audio jacks with long wires may create problems sometimes.

On the other hand, Bluetooth headphones are not able to promise you the uninterrupted clear music quality, but wired earphones with 3.5 mm jack have everything to give you the best sound quality ever. So choosing the right one based on your lifestyle and needs is highly recommended.

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