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UPDATE: Win A ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition!

Win Yourself A Nice Graphics Card from Tech Porn & ZOTAC!

In the spirit of Christmas, ZOTAC & yours truly have teamed up to give you guys a chance to win a ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Graphics Card – a very well made GTX 950 from ZOTAC that features an incredible build quality, and performance, priced at just around 8, 000 Pesos. The giveaway is easy enough for everyone to enter, and please do note that you have to be in the Philippines or have a relative here to pick up your prize if you’re not currently situated in our country. With that said,  you just have to carefully follow the rules in order to get a chance to win the GTX 950 which could be found below.



Like TECH PORN & ZOTAC Philippines at Facebook. You might as well follow both sites at Twitter (@leobiendurana & @ZOTAC) if you have an account setup on that social media site. We have provided the LIKE buttons for both pages below for your convenience.


The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is an awesome card, and you could read more about it on our full length REVIEW. Basically, we want you to share the link of the review to Facebook, or any social media accounts you have in public view so we could see it for verification. You could use the share buttons at the top of the review’s pages. Tag TECH PORN & ZOTAC Philippines while you’re at it if you have time.



If you have already read the review, drop by a comment about its features or performance. What do you like about it? Is it the full metal shroud, the back plate, or the performance? Anything really. Make sure to land the comment on the REVIEW, and not on this post. Feel free to ask questions on this giveaway article in case you bumped into a technical issue or you just want to have a chitchat. We don’t bite the fellowship of the #PCMasterRace :)

The giveaway starts today until the first week of January 2016. Winners will be selected among the eligible entrants who fulfilled the steps above so make sure you’ve read the instructions carefully.
Winner has 72 Hours to contact us or else, we’ll pick another winner. So that’s it then. I bid everyone good luck, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to us all!

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1. GIVEAWAY PERIOD: This giveaway starts now, and will end by January 9, 2016 at 12:00AM GMT +8.

2. ELIGIBILITY: THE GIVEAWAY IS ONLY OPEN TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE PHILIPPINES. TECH PORN’s staffs, contributors, its affiliates , sponsor(s), and other participating prize provider(s), are not eligible. By entering, you agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of TECH PORN.

3. HOW TO ENTER:   Please read the steps above.

4. Entrants must be the registered subscriber of the Facebook account from which the entry is made. Giveaways are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Only one entry allowed per email address.

5. LIMIT: Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same Facebook account. Any attempt by any entrant to obtain more than the stated number of entries by using multiple or different email addresses, identities, registrations, logins, or any other methods will void that person’s entries and that person may be disqualified. Sponsor expressly reserves the right to disqualify any entry, in its sole discretion, that appears to have been generated by a so-called “spam” or automated email program or via scripts and automated submission.

6. PRIZE(S): Please see applicable Giveaway. Entries and prizes are non-transferable. Prizes may not be transferred, assigned, substituted or redeemed for cash except in Sponsor’s sole discretion.

7. ODDS OF WINNING: Odds of winning a prize depend upon the number of eligible entries received during the Giveaway Period (but in no event may an entrant have more than one entry). Each entrant shall be eligible to win only one prize. Void where prohibited by law.

8. WINNER SELECTION: When and how winners are selected may vary.  Winner(s) names will be posted on our Fan Page.

Fan Page after each drawing. Giveaway winner(s) may be sent an email notifying them that they were selected as a Prize winner and will have 3 days to respond in order to claim their prize.

Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Giveaway or Web site; to be acting in violation of the Official Rules; to be acting in violation of the terms of the Web site, or to be acting in a non-sportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. Any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or the like entry methods will void all such entries by such methods, and disqualify any entrant using any such method.



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  1. Thanks for the chance! I love the very high factory overclocked clock speed the Zotac GTX 950 AMP has. The highest GTX 950 preset money can buy.

  2. Looks aside, this thing is a budget friendly beast. High to ultra settings on a budget friendly price. Not to mention that it performs well despite consuming less power than most of it’s competitors around the same price point. That’s a winner in my book. With all that said here are the things that i like the most about it:

    Awesome AF looks + An awesome backplate + great performance (especially in mobas) + power efficient + almost no noise despite running under load + budget friendly = 1080p graphics awesomeness

    With all those said it would be totally awesome to have one inside my rig. :)

  3. I really like the metal shroud. If I got this, I won’t have any fears in breaking up the clips on the shroud when cleaning the card. It happened to me on my 6850.

  4. What I like most is that the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is the fastest GTX 950 based graphics from the company so far. Thus, featuring a 1203 MHz Core Clock Speed that boost up to 1405 MHz whenever possible. Memory Clock has seen a 51 MHz advantage over the norm, while the VRAM capacity remains untouched at 2 GB. Being an AMP! Edition, it is the fastest out of ZOTAC’s SKUs.

  5. this is the best card in the line of gtx 950… look that stock clock boost clock u can play AAA games high settings in 1080 resolution… sweetspot in 1080p resolution…

  6. Phil pricing sucks. Can’t justify buying this card over the cheapest GTX 960. Well, OCing this can actually reach stock GTX 960 performance. Aesthetics, no problem. Best looking GTX 950 for me so far. Plus, the warranty is an eye-catcher.

    Looking for a budget 1080p card? You “must” consider buying this one.

  7. Huge overclock out of the box including a memory overclock and Top notch build quality including a backplate that is beasty monster budget card.. =)

  8. What i love about gtx 950 is it does well at different AAA titled games and mobas aswell @ 1080p. Truly a wise choice if when it comes to fps per peso ratio. I would love to have this beast as a christmas gift from zotac philippines and techporn

  9. really love the card for its price/performance ratio. the coolers on every zotac card is impressive. i’ve been wanting to have zotac gtx 960 soon but this will do! definitely!! <3 <3

  10. What i love for this card that this is the fastest GTX 950 out there very sweet for 1080p gaming and the best budget gaming card too. Would love to win this card for my first gaming build ;) meri xmas!

  11. Dual fan and powering it without the need for supply cable is really a convenience to me. Plus since its a one of the latest gens it can really boost frame rate to my 6 years old rig

  12. GTX 950 AMP is new entry-mainstream graphics card launched early at 3rd quarter of this year. its GPU that scales a lot specially in 1080P and its also suitable for new released high end games.I’m still using a “GTX650” which was bought years ago and it did very well never failed me so in term of its “durability,reliability,performance,stability GTX950 amp edition well be a “BEST BUY” i’m sure having this one will prepare anyone for upcoming high end games of two years from now.

  13. amp edition for me is cheaper but the performance is great because of its clock rate and speed if i were to choose palit vs zotac i will prefer zotac amp edition its one of the best manufacturer competing againts asus and msi :)

  14. What I like about it is that it’s better than what I currently have (zotac GT630). About its design and that majestic and shiny black plate it’s just the minimum visual attraction it can provide to the user! The best is yet to be discovered while using it! I would love to have this as it will go best with my rig <3 Thanks for this opportunity @Techporn and @ZotacPhilippines!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! Mabuhay!
    #PCMasterRace #ZotacPhilippines #TechPorn #2016

  15. This GPU is a beast considering its price range.. 2gb of memory and that awesome build that can support 4k graphics plus 4 output display will surely give you the best experience in playing the latest games.. the back plate adds a badass look to the card..i would really love to have one as an upgrade to my HD7770..

  16. This is my wish gift for Christmas because I’ve dreaming to have a dedicated video card since I was a BSIT student. I failed to have one until I graduated so I really hope I could have a ZOTAC GTX950, because of its great quality and performance it will let me experience a game in an ultra-high settings.

  17. For over 3 years that ive been into building computer (modding to be exact) this brand never failed me because i was lurking for a long time to buy for my self a new card and i stopped at ZOTAC as of this moment i am using a GTX 970 ZOTAC card and it never failed me from its clock speed, design, performance, quality and lastly PRICE ill get down to its price because that is the main reason why i choose ZOTAC its not that cheap but still its not that expensive when you look at its quality and performance. Im a Multimedia artist and i render videos and 3D objects for living and this card never failed me. After a few projects i have done using this card i already have decided on buying a new one (for SLI config) and continue to abuse the beast inside my ZOTAC GTX 970, so that is just my intro and this now is about the review. the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP edition is ahead to all aspects clock speed, memory clock and it also has the latest technology applied to all latest cards in the market the 0db system and as far as i have read over the forums i never heard any bad feedbacks about ZOTAC using this 0db tech compared to this brand (i dont want to drop name) and lastly it has a backplate so overall i think (because i never had held with the actual card) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP edition is the most reliable card in its tier and for me its a bang for the buck card you can buy in the market that has quality assurance. so yeah ill close my review here i hope ill win this card so i can use this and feature AGAIN the brand ZOTAC in my up coming rig show event next year :) thanks ZOTAC family for making quality cards :)

  18. I think it’s already a good deal since NVIDIA was able to fully optimize Maxwell compared to previous generations. Owner of a Zotac GTX 970 card.

  19. This graphic card is awesome! yet with a reasonable price…i really need this to replace my old NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 as a gift for my belated birthday and Christmas. :D

  20. I need this to prevent in-game bullying, for example you are in a team fight then suddenly your gpu struggles preventring to render all the skill textures and effect then the result will make you fail in a team fight then your teammate will tell you that you are a noob or a feeder but the main reason is that you lagged.

  21. As an avid fan and a gamer who doesn’t have that much to spend on a decent gaming rig. Winning this baby is a golden opportunity and I will consider it as a stepping stone to achieve my road to building my own gaming rig. Cheers and happy holidays!

  22. Many thanks for this giveaway i hope i win in this giveaway
    i want to experience the power of GTX 950 Zotac AMP edition
    and i want to upgrade my 2years Videocard Zotac GT430 1gb 128bit
    and anybody knows Zotac have a 5years Warranty
    And Affordable Graphics Card
    Zotac FTW!!

    ~gL Every1

  23. Merry christmas and happy new year
    I very happy for this giveaway graphics card
    I hope i win this giveaway, because i want to upgrade my desktop and playhigh end games like gta5,nba2k16,assasin creed, and online games.this is the great great graphicscard and goodbrand for gaming. advance thankyou and godbless :)

  24. That backplate makes this 950 look way more higher end than it really is. Cool-looking and literally cool at gaming load. Gotta have this Zotac.

  25. what motherboard could i use this video card.. abd where will u guya announce the winner? in fb or twitter what page?

  26. Highly recommended by a friend and I really need new one badly. I’m only using onboard graphics card (Asus H97-M) and I know this will be awesome to pair with! Happy New Year all!

  27. Very small card for its power and higher clockspeed :) thats what i like about zotac :) kudos. please keep making great products.

  28. I really want to experience high quality and performance when playing games like nba 2k, dota 2, gta v and more. And this is the perfect thing for me. Its kinda expensive for a student like me, but hey … its all worth it. Highly recommended for gamers who wants it all. Merry christmas and a Happy new year ya’ll!


    Zotac is one of the best GPU manufacturer today, with the competitive price and style this GTX 950 would make a great card in MOBA such as Dota and LoL, with this I can finally experience an eye candy graphics quality. Thank you for the chance TECHPORN and ZOTAC PH.

  30. Let’s get direct to the point:

    1. Warranty. 5 years of warranty?! What else can you ask for? People tend to forget about the after sales department. Zotac as far as i know provides the longest warranty period.
    2. Premium look and backplate
    3. Power consumption/efficiency.
    4. Price. If you can get this one for around 8k. Yes, some may argue that the price difference is quite negligible but for gamers who have to come by with a very strict budget, that extra 500 – 1k php you can save can still be handy. Overclock the card for some performance boost.
    5. Another contender for the 1080p sweetspot/Bang for your buck card. Welcome to the fray!
    6. A good card for MMO and MOBA players. The 950 is more than enough to run most MOBA and MMO in high to medium detail, depending on your internet connection speed (for MMOs only)

  31. First of all I love Zotac, I have one, but as a hard core gamer I would love to try this GPU :)
    For the price of 8000? Very cheap and Very Powerful for the price of that :)

  32. I’ve never tried other brands except Asus but ,you know, they’re on the expensive side. I’m currently building a budget gaming rig and looking for a budget card. Maybe I could try this one because the card’s performance is good based on the review. Aesthetics is very nice thanks to its backplate.

  33. GOOD ENOUGH for some players who wanna play triple a title games at medium to high settings at 1080p. good card for a new pc enthusiasts

  34. This GPU will play most demanding games today in glorious 60 frames per second at full HD resolution! Enough said, I WANT THIS CARD SO BAD!

  35. I like the build quality and the design of the AMP Edition of GTX 950. This would be a huge upgrade from my hp laptop

  36. A bang for the buck gaming video card. Not only the performance is bang for the buck, the build quality, the factory overclocked and most need in video card, the 5 years warranty that i loved it. Never kang iiwan ng zotac for 5 years. :) Kudos to Zotac..

  37. Great review! For me, this is the perfect combination of quality and value. It can keep up with the most demanding games to date without getting too much from your wallet. It will fit perfectly with my budget PC build.

  38. I want this sexy graphics card inside my tower to replace my 2-year old HD7850. With the help of ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! EDITION I will be able to play games on a solid performance and in quiet operation. I am hoping that one day I will have this excellently built graphics card coming with a classy backplate. Thanks techporn and zotac..

  39. Just what you need. This is the sweet spot GPU.. Straight to the point performance without compromise.. This makes every cent worth and would be great if I win this.. Thanks for the chance.. Shoutout to TECHPORN and to Mr. Leo Bien Durana! You and ZOTAC are the best!

  40. Hello Tech Porn PH!
    I already wrote and sent a respond on your official FB page, already did sent a message using contact us here in your official website and already PMed the Zotac PH if they will be the ones that i need to contact in order to claim the prize :)
    How can i claim the prize TechPorn PH? Please Reply guys I already did all of these within 72hrs of time frame.

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