RGB DDR4 and RGB SSD from ZADAK511

December, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – ZADAK Lab is thrilled to introduce the very first software-controlled RGB gaming memory modules (without cables) and RGB dual interface gaming SSD (SATAIII and USB3.1, TYPE-C Gen2) on the planet, SHIELD RGB DDR4 and SHIELD RGB Dual Interface SSD. These two products are designed by the ZADAK Lab team, and there is specially developed software named ZArsenal to regulate the colors and lighting effects without reducing the performance of the memory modules and SSD at all. In 2016 the ZADAK Lab takes the biggest leap since the original DDR4 and SSD.

Extraordinary Look and Widely Praised Functionality

There were a few LED memory modules and SSD on the market yet nothing is like what we think about SHIELD RGB Series today. SHIELD RGB DDR4 and SSD reinvented what we think of as LED memory module and SSD. All new design and you can stop going through the rest of the paragraphs if you have already seen these remarkable products. Believe me, you have never seen this kind before. The aesthetic combination of aluminum and iron steel, and the precision of which this is made are beyond any consumer DDR4 and SSD we have ever seen. This is the new ZADAK511 SHIELD RGB series, superb color, superb design.

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About ZADAK511

What makes ZADAK511 a great brand? We look distinct! Originality is in charge. Success starts with tension to detail. We are always one step ahead. With infinite creativity and unlimited possibility, modding changes everything. Founded by Z511 LAB with a group of modders, PC and console gamers, and high tech people, ZADAK511 has style. There is no need to shout when we have this much presence. The name ZADAK originated from a parallel universe where power can be expanded endlessly. 5.10 is adopted as the highest level of rock climbing. 5.11 goes beyond the highest level which demonstrates “reaching the extreme.”


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