ZOTAC today at The Mira Hotel, Hong Kong is now on their way to hail the champion of the ZOTAC World Cup CS: Global Offensive Invitational Tournament.


The ZOTAC Cup started this 24th of October, with 6 teams clashing on a bowl of frenzy competing for a total prize pool of 25, 000 USD. Teams from Asia, North America, and Europe have already competed with each other last 24th Рwith Vici Gaming and SPLYCE winning over the knock out matches, and are now on set to battle it out at the finals. Learn more from the LIVE Stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/cybergamesarena

Update: Kinguin took the 3rd place from 4dimensioN

Update: It’s now Splyce vs Vici Gaming at the Finals

ZOTAC equips the gamers at the tournament with the MAGNUS EN1070. It’s a SFF gaming PC designed for gamers with limited space to play with – which is also perfect for LAN Parties and tournaments due to its size.


The tournament as we speak should be over soon, with the Overwatch show match already over too. We’ll keep you updated here at Hong Kong for more news about ZOTAC and their 10th Anniversary Event. Learn more here: https://www.zotac.com/