ZOTAC CUP, Contests, and Prizes Awaits You

ZOTAC is now 10 years old, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to – well, celebrate with awesome gaming events, contests and ZOTAC prizes! This is one way for ZOTAC to give something back after receiving years and years of continued support from the company.


“This 10 year milestone is made possible through the support of our customers, and we are thankful for their continued support,” said Tony Wong, CEO, ZOTAC International. “We are also grateful to our associates and partners for their diligent work over the years, and also customer feedback which help shaped our products. Looking ahead, ZOTAC will continue to provide quality solutions and explore new technologies.”

Commemorating the 10th anniversary event, ZOTAC launches the https://www.zotac.com/10th micro site dedicated for the fans. From September 21st to November 2016, ZOTAC you to join a series of contests and events – tailored specifically for the gamers.


There are 6 events to look forward to – with the wallpaper design contest, photo caption contest, and a loyal fan giveaway already at large. Prizes ranges from full systems, graphics cards, SSDs, and other premium ZOTAC products. There are tons of prizes to be won, and there’s basically multitude of events to choose from.


The second part of ZOTAC’s Anniversary is a multi-part event at Hong Kong, with product unveiling and a tournament celebrating the long running ZOTAC CUP – one of the pioneer of eSports before it went mainstream at the APAC for nearly 10 years. The press conference will also reveal specially designed ZOTAC 10th anniversary special edition products. They also have a new enhancement for a better VR experience. These new products will usher in a brand new entertainment experience as well as brand new visual appeal suitable this side of the year.


ZOTAC invited us to check out the event this October. Expect us to provide coverage about their 10th Anniversary, as well as news from the ZOTAC Cup 2016.

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