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ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition 2GB Review

We’ve seen enough action from Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 950 – A budget gaming graphics contender in the 1080P gaming scene, but that doesn’t mean we are stopping especially when we just had one of ZOTAC’s finest at 8, 600 Pesos. The card we got is no other than the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition with 2GB of frame buffer and a refreshing aesthetic appeal.

The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is the fastest GTX 950 based graphics from the company so far. Thus, featuring a 1203 MHz Core Clock Speed that boost up to 1405 MHz whenever possible. Memory Clock has seen a 51 MHz advantage over the norm, while the VRAM capacity remains untouched at 2 GB. Being an AMP! Edition, it is the fastest out of ZOTAC’s SKUs.

Cooling performance should go along with a bump in specifications, so ZOTAC employed their ICESTORM cooling system, together with their FREEZE (0DB compliant) Dual 90mm fans. This card also comes equipped with a back-plate dubbed as the CARBON EXOARMOR. Will these improvements seal the deal? Learn more to find out the answer on our review.


The GeForce GTX 950 from Nvidia boasts their Maxwell Architecture which basically features better thermals, power efficiency, and memory management over its predecessors. Along with it comes the DirectX 12 support, Dynamic Super Resolution (4K on 1080P), VXGI (Lighting), and MFAA (Anti-Aliasing) to name a few. This card is a direct replacement for the GTX 750 Series and is aimed at gamers who plays MOBA games and want to play the latest games at 1080P without breaking the bank. The card also supports Nvidia’s ShadowPlay and G-SYNC.


CORES 768 (CUDA) 768 (CUDA)
CORE CLOCK  1024 MHZ -> 1188 MHZ 1203 MHZ -> 1405 MHZ

There are more features to be discussed, but if you want to learn more, check out the GeForce GTX 950 Overview from Nvidia.


The card features ZOTAC’s proprietary Black & Yellow color box which is kinda cool with its new design and compliments ZOTAC’s new website. Features and basic specifications are already laid out at the front although you have to look at the back for an in-depth specs and to understand what the card is all about.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (1)

The back is well designed with graphically laid out features and a minimalist specifications sheet. There isn’t much to discuss here but I should tell you that ZOTAC is not skimping out on the design and functionality of the packaging – since it protects the card very well with Molded Pulp Packaging, and another corrugated cardboard box inside.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (2)

Accessories are the following: 4-Pin MOLEX to 6-Pin PEG cable, a DVI to VGA adapter, a User’s Manual, Software DVD, and a ZOTAC case badge as well to flaunt that you’re using a ZOTAC graphics card. Nothing exceptional, yet nothing important is missing or overdone.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (3)


The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is nowhere near any GTX 950s out there when it comes to looks, as it could be easily mistaken for a higher-end card. If there’s something I like about the card the first time I saw it – It must be the looks.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (4)

Gun Metal Grey and Carbon Fiber are the name of the game for this card’s design, covering up mostly the 8.2 Inch foot print. The front shroud looks mighty in its metal construction, and blends well with the custom back plate which is made out of metal as well. The card really speaks of high quality build and we really like what ZOTAC did here.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (5)

The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! comes with dual 90mm axial fans – capable of turning themselves off when the temperature permits it or if the system is basically in desktop or idle mode. The fans have a metallic centerpiece which provides good accent or contrast to the card. Beneath them are the dual copper heat-pipes that runs along the length of the heat-sink array. The dual fan configuration spins up as high as 2700 RPM or at its 78% as a factory set maximum fan speed.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (6)

The angle below shows you a great example at how well designed the card is. The back plate for an instance, envelopes the visible sides of the card – keeping that sleek look while at the same time protecting the card’s PCB and the extension of the cooler. The 6-Pin PEG connector is situated at the visible extreme side of the card, with the SLI finger accompanying it at the other end.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (8)

The card features plenty of display port options to choose from depending on your needs. We’ve got Dual DVI (I+D), an HDMI 2.0 Port, and a full size Display Port that conforms to the Display Port 2.0 standard. An array of ventilation holes is visible here as well.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (9)


Graphics cards are no strangers in our labs, but providing a precise result usually needs a lot of time and effort on our end. Helping us to do those things are hardware and software based measurement tools, an updated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 for the OS, and wide selection of the popular games that most probably, will sate your appetite. The BIOS/UEFI, Chipset, and Video Card drivers of the test system will be updated too, as much as possible every review. Power Options is set to balanced.


No third party background softwares should be executed while the benchmarks are on going unless it is needed, or stated. As for the gaming benchmarks alone, tests should include 720P (1280 x 720), 1080p (1920 x 1080), 1440p (2560 × 1440), and 4K QHD resolution results if permitted by the games, and benchmarking tools, or if necessary to the hardware being tested. Below are the test system’s specifications:

CPU Intel Core i5 4670K
CPU COOLER Cooler Master Seidon 120XL
MEMORY CORSAIR Vengeance PRO @2133 MHz 16GB
INT. STORAGE Kingston HyperX Fury SSD 240GB
PSU BitFenix Fury 650G 650W
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (Updated)
SOUND CARD Realtek ALC1150
EXT. STORAGE 2TB Western Digital My Passport


For refreshment purposes, let us talk for a moment about FPS or Frames Per Second. Also known as Frame Rate, FPS is the general unit of which we measure a graphics card’s performance. Generally, the higher value, the smoother the gameplay should be, since higher FPS means higher frames are rendered each second, except when latency between frames are present (more info below). Higher FPS doesn’t just improve your gaming experience, as it also helps you to react faster especially in First Person Shooter & Racing Games as you could see more scene rendered per second. Please do note that Resolution and in-game settings has a huge effect in any system’s frame rate. Better yet, check out the difference of 30 and 60 FPS here: LINK.


Frames Per Second will be recorded by FRAPS in game using a linear gameplay method at each titles for consistency. Results will include the Average FPS and 1% Minimum FPS – The most important things to check  out in any FPS related results. The 1% Minimum FPS is important because it represents the negative spikes in FPS in-game which is sufficient enough for you to notice.


Frame Time Analysis is another thing worth diving into when it comes to testing games with GPUs, as FPS alone wont directly measure the smoothness of a game. Basically, what we are looking for here are the variances (in ms) between frames rendered inside a second and consistency between them is the key to a smooth gameplay experience. What we want to see are nice graphs of the Frame Times from start to finish, with little variances (less spikes) between each. Spikes from the graphs represents that it took more than enough time for a frame to render, and this is not bad if it’s not happening every now and then. Here’s a sample below using our Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti:

Tech Porn Frame Time Variance Samples (1)

Another thing worth noting is the 99th Percentile Frame Time Variance which is basically the lowest Frame Time you should expect 99% of the time. Here’s an example below from the same results we gathered above:

Tech Porn Frame Time Variance Samples (2)

Based on the results above, you should expect the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti to render frames faster  than 21 ms 99% of the time at the Dragon Age: Inquisition. On our 1440P test above, that is already a good result.


3DMARK (2013) is a multi-platform benchmarking tool from FUTUREMARK, consisting of comprehensive tests that aims to gauge your gaming hardware. Fire Strike is our selected benchmark preset.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (2)

CINEBENCH R15 is a real-world cross-platform test suite that evaluates the computer’s performance capabilities. The OpenGL benchmark is selected for this test.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (1)

Kishonti’s CompuBench is an easy to use, no frills high performance suite of benchmarks. We selected the Face Detection & Vector Calculation tests as our benchmarks.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (3)

Synthetic graphics performance shows that the card catches up to the GTX 780 Ti’s performance when it comes to our selected OpenGL based benchmarks – which is not surprising for a Maxwell card. The GTX 780 Ti still bested the card but for a fraction of the price, it’s an overall good result from the ZOTAC GTX 950.


Dragon Age: Inquisition an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It utilizes the Frosbite 3 Engine with the SpeedTree technology. VSync is off.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (6) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (7)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment, developed by Polish video game developer CD Projekt RED. Nvidia HairWorks is disabled, and VSync is off.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (4) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (5)

Battlefield 4 is one of EA & DICE‘s first person shooters utilizing the Frostbite 3 game engine. It features greater tessellation effects and destruction compared to its predecessor. VSync is turned off.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (10) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (11)

DOTA 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Valve and is the stand-alone sequel to the Warcraft III based Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod. VSync is off, and we are using DOTA 2’s OpenGL Engine for the benchmark.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (14) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (15)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular online tactical first-person shooter developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation, utilizing the Source Engine. Vsync is off as well as FXAA.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (12) ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (13)

The GTX 950 AMP! from ZOTAC is no where near a GTX 780 Ti’s performance level on most games except for the CS: GO, but it does maintain a solid 60+ FPS on Dragon Age: Inquisition, DOTA 2, and CS: GO. All games tested are playable and does well beyond 30 FPS at 1440P, with the exclusion of The Witcher 3 where it can’t go beyond 30 FPS. Nice performance nonetheless from a budget card.


Our game of choice when it comes to Frame Time Analysis is Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s basically a finished game and works quite nice with AMD & Nvidia cards despite the branding with AMD’s Mantle.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (8)

The Frame Time Variance between each frames rendered are very smooth with the GTX 950 AMP! Edition, and there hasn’t been any anomalies between frames or skipping based on our analysis with below 30ms of latency. As for the 99th Percentile, the card is expected to render frames below 19.1ms most of the time – which is more than enough to provide a smooth gaming experience.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (9)


The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! comes with the FireStorm overclocking utility which enables the users to fine tune their graphics for better gaming, or thermal performance. That said, the utility offers so much for the card to unleash its full performance. However, we decided to go with the MSI Afterburner overclocking utility for comparison, and consistency purposes.


The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition easily clocks its core at 1304 MHz (+101 MHz), with a 2036 MHz memory clock (+281 MHz) increase too, without adjusting anything except for the said clock settings and Power Limit. Boost clock is reported at 1506 MHz but it’s actually at 1543 MHz as reported by the MSI Afterburner.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (16)

A 10% increase in performance can be seen with our Witcher 3 benchmark, which is okay considering that our test is based on the game running at 1440P.


FurMark is a very intensive OpenGL benchmark that uses fur rendering algorithms to measure the performance of the graphics card. It’s not the best tool to measure a graphics card’s horse power, but it excels at displaying the theoretical heat output of the card using its stress test feature. To record the GPU’s maximum temperatures, I will run Furmark’s Fur Rendering Burn-in Test, and let it run for 30 Minutes. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is our chosen game for this task, and we will gather our temperature results roaming Velen’s (No Man’s Land) outskirts. 15 minutes of hacking and slashing should be enough for our Witcher senses. As always, we keep the results consistent by keeping the ambient temperature checked at 27ºC.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (17)

The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is a cool card both at the aesthetics and thermal department. Furmark reported the card to attain 80 Degree Celsius, but on a normal gaming load the card will only run as high as 73 Degree Celsius. The gaming load is courtesy of The Witcher 3 running at 1440P.  By the way, the maximum factory speeds of the dual 90mm fans is around 2, 700 RPM or 78% of the fan’s capability.


We also check to see how the GPU impacts power consumption using FurMark. The system is left to idle for 30 minutes before readings are taken, and load data is taken 30 minutes while FurMark is running. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is our chosen game for this task, and we will gather our power consumption results roaming Velen’s (No Man’s Land) outskirts. 15 minutes of hacking and slashing should be enough for our Witcher senses. Power readings are taken for the entire system from the socket.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Benchmarks (18)

As expected, the GTX 950 is a power friendly card – with a gaming load measured at 176W. That’s the total system load when gaming, and with a theoretical 211W maximum system load via Furmark, the card is still within a power efficient margin.


Using FurMark, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and our handy Sound Level Meter, we will take sound level measurements while the system is idling and at load. Our rooms ambient noise levels are around 37 dBA (-1/+1) which is somewhat between a quiet library and a public library. Refer to the chart below for comparison.



The cooling solution dictates a card’s cooling & noise levels,  and sometimes it breaks a consumer’s purchase if the card is proven to be noisy. The GTX 950 AMP! Edition isn’t that obtrusively noisy at all – with a maximum recorded noise level at 41 dBA which is around the same levels of a public library. Tolerable.


The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is certainly not your average budget oriented gaming card. At a glance, you might mistake it for a 200+ USD graphics card due to its sheer build quality that cannot be bested at its price point by its competitors. Not to mention it looks quite appealing without going overboard. I think it just looks perfect.

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Review (7)

Moving on to the thermals, noise, and power, the GTX 950 AMP! Edition showed that it can handle the heat output of its Maxwell GPU just fine without sacrificing additional power draw and excessive noise. Noise has been a drawback of earlier GTX 900 models made by ZOTAC and it seems that they have fixed the problem with the AMP! Edition. Although me being nit-picky, I still want the card to feature less or equal to our ambient 37dBA room noise levels. You could however, manually set the fans to spin at a desired RPM at the expense of a slightly higher temperature.

Performance is proper for a GTX 950, and there’s nothing bad to say about it. Overclocking performance is somewhat okay, but given that we’ve compared OC results on a 1440P game it has to be expected. That brings us back to 1080P gaming performance – where this card shines the most. It showed 60+ FPS on most titles, and it never dipped below 30+ FPS on the demanding games that we’ve tested.

The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is a budget GTX 950 aimed for smooth 1080P gaming at 8, 595 Pesos. Internationally, you could get this card at around 154.99 USD, which is really niceif you are living abroad. With a performance to back-up its awesome looks, and a price to match it’s hard to neglect this card’s appeal.




ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition

  • PERFORMANCE - 9/10


  • BUILD QUALITY - 9/10


  • FEATURES - 8/10


  • AESTHETICS - 9/10


  • VALUE - 9/10


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  1. This Zotac gtx 950 amp! ed. redefines budget gaming. It’s not only the best when it comes to price-performance, it’s also the best looking gtx 950 out there. Would fancy to win this sexy gpu.

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  4. ZOTAC’s GTX 950 AMP! performance for me is like a beast compared to the other cards aligned with it. the texture and the body language of this card is different in a way that it catches your attention. the full metal plated body looks very durable. I want to go green for a better living. :D

  5. I like that fact that it is afforrdable yet well built. It is nice that Zotac opted not to skimp on cooling and went for the non-reference design.

  6. GTX 950 is already a value card for gaming for it’s very please price-to-performance ratio. With Zotac’s offering of an AMP! edition of this card, it just made that ratio even better. It’s a complete package performance and looks at a price that won’t break the wallet of a person who’s aiming to start gaming on the PC. The all-metal shroud and the backplate, an addition that is rarely seen even on higher-tier cards, is a very welcome sight. What I admire about this card really and about Zotac entirely is their ability to provide solutions that are very cost-effective without compromising on performance. It’s been their mantra ever since, the way I see it. Being able to provide performance which is on-par or even more than it’s more expensive rivals is always the saving grace for the tight-budgeted majority of the community. I would really recommend this card as a starter for being an unbelievably bang-for-the-buck card. Maxwell just got better with this offering.

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  11. I like this card, the ZOTAC GTX 950 because it is a value card for me that plays MOBA alot and gtx 950 is best at MOBA games and like you said in the review, it can be mistaken for a high end card because of its looks.

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  14. This card hits the sweet spot on MOBA’s @ 1080p. Performance is great for Dota 2 and CSGO (2 games I mostly play).I don’t mind playing @ Medium to High settings for better performance at some games, which I think this card could handle. Sleek design and budget friendly, this card would be in my budget build sometime in the future.

  15. The best card to buy if you’re on a tight budget. Factory overclocked, very efficient cooling and awesome design. It looks like it’s gonna fly on its own.

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  19. Ironically last month, a friend of mine ask me for help and I gave this video card as part of his spec. He’s a member DOTA2 Team PH member. I didn’t really offer a High-end GTX960 or GTX970. But why I gave this Video Card? Simpy it’s because it was made for MOBA gaming. Specially optimized for smooth gaming experience. Reducing latency to squeeze every once of performance the Video Card can offer.

  20. Take a good look at that shroud and sexy back plate. Consider it’s performance and power efficiency. All these at it’s price point is a killer steal for us. Can’t wait to have something like this on my hands.

  21. Ironically last month, a friend of mine ask me for help and I gave this video card as part of his spec. He’s a member DOTA2 Team PH (Discretion). I didn’t really offer a High-end GTX960 or GTX970. But why I gave this Video Card? Simpy it’s because it was made for MOBA gaming. Specially optimized for smooth gaming experience. Reducing latency to squeeze every once of performance the Video Card can offer. And now he’s a happy grown man playing his favorite MOBA game with his compatible GTX 950 AMP!

  22. The price per performance of this card is definitely what I like.. Given the Php 8,600 price tag and the performance it can roar, its definitely one of the best cards out there.. Affordable yet powerful.. I have been eyeing this card since its launch.. I hope I get to use it someday..

  23. Since its Zotac i.m gonna expect the performance to be topnotch in gaming specially MOBA genre of games! like Dota2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and any other more MOBAs…the card can go up to maximum settings of the games…and still get the awesome fps! the Zotac GTX 950 would be the best gaming budget gpu in the gaming industry! this custom gpu made by Zotac added more awesome specs which is the FREEZE!,ICESTORM!,CARBON EXOARMOR cooling system which makes u play for hours and still the gpu is doing fine in maximum gaming performance! it has also a compact look design which makes it more fantastic! :D

  24. Well this gpu card is a beast in the Philippines value great at 1080p, back-plate included for increased riggidness and temp. since it’s so hot in PH!, bang for buck too, not POWER HUNGRY material, and MITX case and space friendly !.

  25. What I really love (like is an understatement) is its power efficiency and its thermal performance running a very heavy load Witcher 3. It really is on top of the line!

  26. This Zotac GTX 950 is really good for the money! It handles most games at good framerates and good graphics as well. Also I like thr aesthetics of thia card which is quite smaller than the other brands! Hope I could win this so I could put it in our gaming rig next year! :)

  27. The Zotac GTX 950 is a bang for the buck, it’s cheaper than the GTX 960 which most cannot afford. This card is good for those with console budget but wants a gaming pc, but this card performs better than next gen consoles, which does 1080p 60fps with ease with few graphic tweaks.

  28. I like that its overall design, it looks like a high end graphics card. Great value for your money, Could be the king of budget 1080p gaming. The best thing i like about the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition is its 5 year warranty.

  29. Minimalistic design. Aside from the specifications. I like its color that can easily match with any rig. Compared to others that have lots of color combination resulting that you need to spray paint it or get rid that particular brand/model.

  30. I really love the fact that they oriented the card for gamers on a budget and it has a performance that gives so much more for the value that your paying. Solid card for a solid price!

  31. Having that 5 year warranty is really something and with that design it will surely give you orgasm. On the performance note seeing the way it performs on the test, I can therefore conclude that this is the ultimate ‘E-sports’ videocard if one is to play Dota2 / CSGO majority of the time as it performs up to par with a GTX780ti which was the last generation’s flagship. FPS per dollar/peso is really worth it.

  32. Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition is a BEAST! Budget wise! Performance wise! It clearly outperforms Nvidia counterparts. Sexy looking design and with SLI technology I can run it with my GTX 570 at the same time. This is the new breed of affordable high-end GPUs.

  33. I gotta say, that cooling performance is pretty impressive! The ICESTORM cooling system, together with their FREEZE (0DB compliant) Dual 90mm fans. Jeez, more to that the included backplate is a good bonus – giving both aesthetics and extra protection for the PCB. Rock on, Zotac! GTX 950 AMP, be mine, baby!

  34. It’s gaming performance is superb considering its price. It’s definitely a catch for a budget conscious gamer. Overall, it was a great GPU and the appearance is just good looking. :)

  35. What i can say about the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! edition?

    phew! this is a hard one.

    Budget? I can’t really say that it has an edge because just add a few hundreds of pesos you can get their GTX 960. So budget is a No-No.

    Performance and Functionality is good. But I don’t think that an SLI is a good idea since you can already buy, again their GTX 970.

    I think one of the upside of owning the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! edition is the product name itself.

    Zotac has been in the industry for years, competing with other brands but in an affordable price.

    So you can/we can rest assured that it’s build quality is as good as its get.

    Thank you @TECH PORN and @ZOTAC Philippines. #hartharthart

  36. To be honest i like this Zotac GTX 950AMP graphic card cause i want a stable FPS, and i like its power efficiency also the specs for dimension OMG i cant imagine my PC to have that specs GREAT TECHNOLOGY ! GREAT DESIGN ! GOOD JOB ZOTAC :D

  37. To be honest i like this Zotac GTX 950AMP graphic card cause i want a stable FPS that it can perform, and i like its power efficiency also the specs for dimension, that Dynamic Super Resolution OMG i cant imagine my PC to have that specs GREAT TECHNOLOGY ! GREAT DESIGN ! GREAT PRODUCT Zotac !

  38. Whats not to love about a low temp, low noise, and very low power consumption card like this that slays games? NOTHING! Nice review guys

  39. what is not to like aboutthiscard? none? with its size, price and performance? its a win win.. but to be specific, i like it that it is very cool even underload like 73on witcher 3 load and 80deg on furmark. thats very cool considering its a full load from furmark that actually stresses the card. and it is also very low on consumption going 211W on furmark and 176 on wicher 3 load. that’s one heck of a card for me and being a user of the entry levels gtx X50 series, this is the most powerful from the group and most efficient.

  40. The card is good, much better than the 650 or 750. If you don’t do high-end gaming and just wanted decent performance, this one my friend is beyond decent. Though it can’t or roughly compete with the 960 even with SLI config, it doesn’t mean your an underdog. Design wise its a head turner, looks tough and the back plate makes it much better compared to its rival brands in the market. This card is perfect for ITX build.

  41. I love this Zotac GTX 950 AMP! edition because it is factory overclocked for extra FPS and 5 years warranty (if registered) for me is too much for 8600php.

    Many thanks to TechPorn and Zotac PH for this chance and happy holidays!

  42. I really
    like the Design of ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP, I really love how they put the Carbon fiber it
    really gives me the customize car feels, like you said it looks like one of the
    High End Graphics Card in the market. For the performance I know this can
    compete with any brands out there. And of course who doesn’t want a 5 year
    warranty?! If you like to get the best from what
    you pay for, ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP definitely is the best for you.

  43. I really like the Design of ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP, I really love how they put the Carbon fiber it really gives me the customize car feels, like you said it looks like one of the High End Graphics Card in the market. For the performance I know this can compete with any brands out there. And of course who doesn’t want a 5 year warranty?! If you like to get the best from what you pay for, ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP definitely is the best for you. Thanks TECHPORN and ZOTAC

  44. Average noise levels a con? My Pentium III and IV and Sempron builds say hello! XD Anyway jokes aside at 90W, the factory overclocked ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is the perfect card for enthusiasts conscious of their energy consumption but is still capable of giving more than playable framerates at 1080p and acceptable framerates on 1440p on eSports titles such as CS:GO and DOTA2 and is no slouch either in AAA games like BF4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Witcher 3 and still runs cool and quiet. It can take a beating and it doesn’t look like a truck and for the performance you get and the price you pay I’d say this monster is THE bang for your buck!

    Oh, did I mention the crazy, 5 year warranty? Thankies Techporn and ZOTAC U.U

  45. I like the card because it’s an entry level beast. having a 720p monitor, I’m sure I can max out most of the AAA games withoout worrying about my glorious framerates. Although it didn’t inherit the amazing pcie-less power consumption from the 750Ti, I’m sure that 90W is still low enough to satisfy my needs for a glorious gaming shrine!

  46. Cheap and budget friendly card! It’s a must have card for this Christmas if you don’t have enough money for higher-end cards.

  47. The Zotac GTX 950 AMP edition offers good price to performance ratio and is perfect for those gamers who just play Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:Go and other games that are not that graphically demanding. Zotac also overclocked the card to squeeze every bit of performance out of the card. The card also looks good and would likely match any system build. This card would be perfect for my low power mITX build. Good job Zotac!

  48. I always recommend ZOTAC to my budget conscious gamer friends. I’ve heard that Zotac and Sapphire are under the same company/partnership. And being a budget conscious myself, i always stay at Nvidia’s x50 series. I always look for the scores in terms of power (watts) than performance (FPS). Comparing to other 950s (vanilla or OC’ed edition) with same price point, this one has bad ass BACK PLATE! Yeah, a BACK PLATE! protects the PCB from dust, helps dissipate heat, and will make your rig look cooler!

  49. I am actually new to this brand and I see a huge potential to it. Just by looking to all this positive reviews about the product, I’m sure it’s worth it to have one.

  50. Impressive build quality and I like that it can run any game that came out (with a little tweaking of the visuals). The back plate is the cherry on top!

  51. I like how efficient the card is. thevlow power draw is good and combine with dual fan plus the backplate this thing will be kept cool underload

  52. I love how cool this card runs while it’s under load, compared to other cards, and it’s efficiency, I love how NVIDIA is hitting the right buttons at the moment.

  53. this product has its own unique and powerful design. i love the way how it is crafted. just the design alone, perfect! and the performance compare to other, perfect!

  54. Zotac GTX 950 Amp! Ed is definitely a top notch GPU plus it have a backplate on it making it look cooler. Great overclock out of the box plus it is quiet and cool. Really great deal!

  55. Zotac has done it again. This particular card can even even run Triple A games with decent FPS! The backplate is such a great bonus in this GPU.

  56. Best way to play Fallout 4 this holiday season is to have a decent graphic cards, like This ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP!
    Because it’s PC Master Race. :D

  57. A great mid-range GPU (y)
    Would be nice if I could get my hands on it for my rather new, but apparently GPU-less unit. c:
    My CPU’s IGP is struggling to play Dota 2 and other newer games on decent settings and framerate. :((

  58. Looks aside, this thing is a budget friendly beast. High to ultra settings on a budget friendly price. Not to mention that it performs well despite consuming less power than most of it’s competitors around the same price point. That’s a winner in my book. With all that said here are the things that i like the most about it:

    Awesome AF looks + An awesome backplate + great performance (especially in mobas) + power efficient + almost no noise despite running under load + budget friendly = 1080p graphics awesomeness

    With all those said it would be totally awesome to have one inside my rig. :)

  59. I like the fact that this one has an excellent price to performance ratio. At this price point, a decent backplate is a most welcomed feature.

  60. What a budget friendly Card Pricing at PhP8,600,00 you can run almost ALL latest games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty: black Ops 3, Assasins Creed Syndicate, Just Cause 3 and may others in decent settings. Really need to replace my Zotac GTX 560 SE for this. been using it for year and cant coup up with just low settings on newest games

  61. having a gpu worth 8,600 makes my christmas worth more than usual. And I need that extra power to run other games i normally couldn’t play.

  62. A modest gpu that boasts above average performance. Good for budding pc masterrace kids who is tight on budget but want to sqeeze every penny for performance.

  63. The Zotac GTX 950 is my dream card because it has all, the design the price and the performance. I know my games (Dota 2 and CS:GO) will run perfect in 1080p using this card.

  64. Dual Fan‬+Power efficiency this is advisable for our tropical country like Philippines and it is very affordable 8.6 K, I will never see a sunlight again :D :)

  65. The Performance and Looks of ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP on its price is so great. ZOTAC got the heart of an PC enthusiast! Merry Christmas, God Bless.

  66. i like the design and specs, i’d like to try this since my old GPU broke 4 months ago, this is going to be the perfect replacement :)…

  67. It’s a great graphics card that gives high end performance for basically a mid range price! You can probably run most anything you throw at it, and I’d love to see just what it can take so here I am. :)

    Good luck everyone, especially to my fellow Filipinos and Happy Holidays!

  68. What I really like about this graphics card is that for it’s price, it is very worth it. Being compared to an obviously more capable graphics card made it stand out even more. Even though we can say it did not equate the 780 Ti’s performance, it still stood up to be a decent graphics card with that sexy look and bad-ass feel. With the dual fan and premium looking build, you can really confirm that it is a durable graphics card with long life-expectancy.

  69. bang for the buck graphics card.. what i love about this card is its rigidity because of its backplate and great value of its price range.

  70. Who wouldn’t love this card? For its very cheap and affordable price, sure this card will bring you what next-gen truly is. This is definitely my card of the year. Bang for the buck, totally worth it.

  71. the back plate is great addition to the look of the card..and the great performance without making hole into your pocket,,

  72. Awesome review. Awesome card. I really hope to win my 1st discrete gpu. Playing MOBA games currently with iGPU on 1080 res. This should be perfect to my rig. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  73. What i like about 950 is as you can see in the review it can pretty much play Most Popular Games at 1080p with decent fps up to the standard 60‪#‎PCMASTERACE‬ and above all of PRICE is what also makes it good. Also you can even run the GTX 950 without connecting your PCI-E CONNECTOR. But the temp is pretty high with Witcher 3 but that game is pretty much an outlier and i guess it’s fine and also considering the other good things about this product. TECH PORN ZOTAC Philippines

  74. What i like about 950 is as you can see in the review it can pretty much play Most Popular Games at 1080p with decent fps up to the standard 60‪ #‎PCMASTERACE‬ and above all of PRICE is what also makes it good and the addition of BACKPLATE is also a nice feature for COOLING and PRESERVING THE CARD against ex. Dust. Also you can even run the GTX 950 without connecting your PCI-E CONNECTOR. But the temp is pretty high with Witcher 3 but that game is pretty much an outlier and i guess it’s fine and also considering the other good things about this product. @TECH PORN @Zotac Philippines

  75. What I like about the gtx 950 by Zotac is its build quality and value for money. Performance on 1080p is great for it being a budget friendly card :) Thank yoy for taking the time in making this review.

  76. I like everything on this Zotac 950. Especially its looks, that backplate…. Oohh, sexy sexy. Really looks like a high-end gpu. Actually, I’d like anything that’s better than my current gpu gts 450. But yeah, compared to other 950’s, I like this one best. If this is aimed at 1080 then how much more it will perform on my 1366×768 res monitor? I’d really really like to have this one.

  77. What l like about the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition is the looks. As mentioned in the review, it really looks like a higher end card. I also like the Carbon Exoarmor at the back which gives you the feeling that the ‘protected’. And also the dual 90mm axial fans that turns off when the card is in idle mode.

  78. ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition featuring a full-metal,dual-slot, dual-fan cooling solution and a backplate is a wise choice if you’re looking for an affordable GPU and offers big improvements in performance. The cooling technology, clock speeds and display outputs has been increased significantly. This video card is gonna be a great upgrade for me as a MOBA and Casual gamer that is using older video card. Recording gameplays won’t be a problem anymore and maybe streaming.

  79. I like the card for its price to performance ratio. A big improvement in performance at an affordable cost. Its five year warranty gives me also gives me a sense of security or assurance….

  80. Zotac GTX 950 AMP edition, I like the performance/price ratio also the design and the warranty of Zotac products. Wish i could have 1 of those Video Card ☺☺

  81. really love the card for its price/performance ratio. the coolers on every zotac card is impressive. i’ve been wanting to have zotac gtx 960 soon but this will do! definitely!! <3

  82. The Zotac GTX 950 AMP Edition is the best bang for the peso video card available. Plus it has an intimidating look that would generate stares from your fellow gamers.

  83. Cool! I like the design, a decent card filled with dual fans especially the carbon fiber thing in between.The specs is great, i can already play the latest games with a high fps using that card. Thumbs up :)

  84. I’m not going to be fancy here. What I like the most in this particular card is the low power consumption, less heat but impressive gaming performance. Just like what gamers need.

  85. The GTX 950 is a card for the people, and a very capable one at that. It’s a low-power workhorse that’ll do its job with a minimum of fuss. Thats all :) Thanks

  86. After reading this review I am excited to get a hold of one of these because of its superb gaming performance, less power consumption and its price is surprisingly affordable. This is perfect for gamers who are in a tight budget but still want to play the latest games like Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc.

  87. Best for gaming! What I liks about the card is that it combines both high performance and quiet cooling system plus high frequencies!

  88. what i like about GTX 950 AMP is new entry-mainstream graphics card launched early at 3rd quarter of this year. its GPU that scales a lot specially in 1080P and its also suitable for new released high end games.I’m still using a “GTX650” which was bought years ago and it did very well never failed me so in term of its “durability,reliability,performance,stability GTX950 amp edition well be a “BEST BUY”in a low cost i’m sure having this one will prepare anyone for upcoming high end games of two years from now.

  89. Great deal, promising performance with nice design and budget friendly! Reliable brand and products, really nice to start 2016 with this card on my rig :)

  90. Why I like this? O’course its a GIVEAWAY..everybody loves giveaway..hahaha but hey 950s are good entry level when it comes to pc gaming. It can play mid to high settings with decent frame rates [1080p AA or AAA games], Zotac is also a good brand when it comes to gpus, supports directX 12, g-sync ready [partner it with a g-sync monitor and BOOM!] and whats more??? entry level card with a backplate, definitely YES!

  91. Best video card for competitive but not demanding games such as DotA 2, LoL and CS:GO which majority of gamers in the country actually plays.

  92. This is the fastest and the best in all its predecessor, the sleek design, the additional feature and everything is at its finest! I would love to have one!

  93. for only 8, 920? probably have the best value over performance among any other manufacturer in short sulit na sulit! pero mas sulit kung free <3

  94. How the hell is this card only P8,600??? I am still absorbing the fact that I can have a high end card for that price! And on top of that, Zotac just had to add all those features to make this card irresistable to the PC master race. Please wait a moment while I sell my kidney to buy this card. Actually, I just need to sell half my kidney because it’s so cheap.

  95. Awesome specs and even from the way it looks it’s pretty decent. You would really want to get this. And now with the ICESTORM Cooling System. Real Awesome specs. Gonna be great for games like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and etc.. And what’s more it has a decent price. This is what gamer’s NEED!!! :3

  96. What an AWESOME Geforce GTX 950 ZOTAC AMP! 2GB Edition from NVidias. It is Fast-Middle-Class GPU with boost clock achieves 1405MHz, it think it’s a regret for those who got 960, it is 5% difference though and same price. It is scary and insane. It will help HEAVY-Gamers like me, to play a High-End Games in the future, like for example recently the Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s cool man, and I need it on my NBA 2K16 +++. Submissive card. -Love your fanatics

  97. This graphics card has a very good quality at a reasonable price. I bet that gaming will be smooth at a highest resolution. This will be a great replacement for my old Nvidia gtx650 card.

  98. I like Zotac cards because of its metal shroud. it doesn’t feel cheap while it’s easily one of the lowest priced among its ranks. <3

  99. This GTX 950 by Zotac would be the final piece to my MOBA gaming pc if I’m the lucky winner! It would fit well with my theme and I would be glad to try it out because my friends out there already has their GTX 950 and sadly I am still not able to purchase it due to a lot of reasons especially financial. More powers ZOTAC!!! Continue to make awesome cards and products!!!

  100. This would be very useful for me since it’ll be an upgrade to my old, hot GTX 470. The HEVC video decoding will come in handy too.

  101. The 950 is a powerful contender at its price point. As a person who mainly plays MOBA, this card fits the bill. Going further than MOBAs , it can run recent titles at decent settings. This is the absolute bang for buck card, with neat features and a slick design. This card is worth bragging about on the internet, and brag I shall if I get it. Go Team Green!

    Also, cool review, very sleek. Made a fan of me, Techporn.

  102. What I like best with the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! is its capability to provide the demands of gamers like me. With its very powerful performance, it is really amazing to know that it only comes at a very fair price. The aesthetic, eye-appealing design is really a big bonus for its buyers, and most of all, it will be a perfect match for my Gaming Rig.

  103. This card is aesthetically good! I like its metal shroud and the backplate. Performance is also awesome and this makes a great alternative to GTX960 in case you’re in a budget.

  104. I have been actually thinking about buying this card this coming 2016. All the reviews that I’ve seen about the card is actually great so its definitely in my list next year.

  105. One of the best price to performance ratio card if youre on a tight budget.
    The performance of this card as seen in many benchmarks and game tests are what i love about this card.
    It also looks good aesthetically.

  106. what i really like about this cool card is the performance and this dual fan card,,the architecture and the looks of the card so awesome,,cool…and the price is fair and the quality too.. so tough and cool..i can play my game all day long without laaging,,wow

  107. what i really like about this cool card is the performance and this dual fan card,,the architecture and the looks of the card so awesome,,cool…and the price is fair and the quality too.. so tough and cool..i can play my game all day long without lagging,,wow

  108. Best part about the card is how it just feels right, price, design and performance-wise. It’s compact, not overly expensive compared to the other premium 950s, performs well, and overclocks well (near 960 levels). Also, it’s the ideal card here where power consumption and heat are always a concern.

    I think it would’ve been better to include other 950 samples in the review, or maybe a 960 as reference, but it’s a good review nonetheless.

  109. Best part is the dual fan and the carbon exo armor,the carbon exo armor guys.I have the 750ti and this one is better, specs and performance wise..

  110. This is one badass card, one that i would definitely love to have on my system! That full metal shroud is awesome and Zotac is known for their excellent cooling solutions on their cards! #pleasepickme

  111. It would be very nice to have this jam-packed, budget wise & specs killer given by the clock rate speeds and memory bus. (I don’t want to specify every single detail because it would expose my inner geek or nerdy side.) The brand itself is really a bonus.

    The reason i love to win this GPU card is because it would fit my intel build in a tight budget for a mid-range high end performance for both gaming and multimedia arts purposes ;)

    For Santa’s sakes and every single reindeer in his sleigh. I hope i’d be rewarded with this one.

  112. The best part of this card is that it really for the budget 1080p low power consumption with great performance. Wish I can use this card this 2016.
    -Rexson Yamson

  113. A bang for the buck graphics card, would be great addition for my incomplete poor rig haha student problems :3 i wish can have one

  114. Zotac did a great job improving their GTX950 over the reference model. The dual fans looks professional and not …… overblown.

  115. What I like about this Zotac GTX950 is its great design and the price is a lot cheaper than the others. Having this one will definitely change your gaming experience and I also want to have this one, hoping to win this giveaway *crossfinger*

  116. Love the look of it , Gun Metal Grey and Carbon Fiber ,only gun I need in my life :D , even though these spec are what matters. damn she is perfect .

  117. It looks great and it also comes with a competitive specs that will surely satisfy my needs as a gamer and as a college student. And since I’m planning to build my own desktop, winning this will totally save me up some cash. Looking forward to experience its power.

  118. Every PC gamer enthusiast would love every bit of this Zotac GTX 950 AMP but two of its great features i love the most. First its aesthetic look that every gamer would love to have inside his rig. The design of this card is nowhere near any GTX 950s out there when it comes to looks, as it could be easily mistaken for a higher-end card. Salute to Zotac for making the outside look of the card impressive as saying goes first impression last. The second one the ICESTORM cooling system. This is an enhanced cooling system that goes beyond thermal design to blend extraordinary performance and style into a single architecture. One aspect gamer consider in buying a graphics card is the cooling capability of the GPU. GPU heats up when you play high end games so cooling system GPU must be great. The Icestorm cooling system with its powerful fans can handles those heat and the GPU can still give you maximum gaming performance with less noise. This GPU will give its counterpart competitors a hard time for sure. Salute to this ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! How perfect would it be to have this GPU to start the new year(2016)! I will welcome 2016 with a bang! Thank you TECH PORN for the chance to win this one. Great 2016 TECH PORN!

  119. The New King of MOBA card. What i like about this card is its implementation of faster pipelines which reduces latency. And as we all know, latency is very important in MOBA games like DOTA 2 & LOL where life and death is a matter of milliseconds. Second, this is from the maxwell architecture, which means it is very power efficient. I dont know how NVIDIA did it at 28nm manufacturing process, but they did, and the GTX 950 is one of those cards with those power saving features. lastly, since this is an AMP! version, base clock and boost clocks are higher than stock speeds which means better framerates, and a more satisfied gamer. If you are looking for a card which plays MOBA games at highest settings without breaking the bank? i guess this card is the answer. Well played NVIDIA & ZOTAC! Well played indeed!

  120. The GTX 950 is somewhat an upgrade from the last year’s “King of the Hill” mid range budget card from Nvidia, GTX 750Ti. The Zotac GTX 950 Amp Edition is basically one of the top brand competitors for producing them, having a factory overclocked and coming with a whooping 5 year warranty that’s an extra 4 years of warranty vs. other competitors. The aesthetics and build quality of the Zotac GTX 950 Amp Edition is at par or may be at a higher level than the other brands (back plates, dual fans, and etc), it would be nice though if they add a LED finish to their brand name on the card for a much “gamer” look. This card outperforms other GTX 950s in performance and looks. This will definitely be the perfect card for the casual gamers who wanna play at 1080p without any sweat, and its not heavy in the wallet too. This is definitely card worth buying :)

  121. This GPU is a beast considering its price range.. 2gb of memory and that awesome build that can support 4k graphics plus 4 output display will surely give you the best experience in playing the latest games.. the back plate adds a badass look to the card and a twin fan system will take control of the GPU temp with ease..i would really love to have one as an upgrade to my HD7770..

  122. Cool Design and the Overall Specs is remarkable, “Sulit” is the best word for it in the Philippines, Good Job Zotac :D I wish and hope to have this for my Soon to be personal gaming computer. Thanks in advance Zotac :D :D :D

  123. For me NVIDIA has a serious winner on its hands with the GeForce GTX 950. At sa ZOTAC naman na impressed din ako dito sa product nila in the form of the GTX 950 AMP! Edition. Meron syang silent operation, at slick-looking din sya,at overclocking headroom kung gusto mo mag squeeze ng additional performance para sa iyong GM206-powered card. Charles Blas at your service :”)

  124. COP I love the way ZOTAC did to the GTX950 KAPPA <3 So much hyped, budget friendly, 1188 to 1405 ok dope. As a competitive gamer like me it will really help to maximize your skills in RTS or FPS by this ZOTAC GTX950.

  125. Im a very simple man, i see a contest, i join contest. Pls make it simple for you too, choose me.

    Anyhow the card is awesome with better powerconsumtion compared to the older gtx x50’s and at 8600 is gonna be a great contender that would replace the 750, overall great build from zotac

  126. Paired with the right processor, I love the strong performance of the ZOTAC GTX950 ,wherein hard core game enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the gaming experience whether multiplayer or single player mode that require a great graphics card. I love how its smooth frame rates can really help animators , autocad and 3D designers to feel the ease of creating their masterpiece. The specs are definitely overwhelming to its price and it is highly recommended for gamers and digital designers :)

  127. The backplate, fans and the overall design look sexy. Nice that the fans turn off on idle / low mode. On paper noise and power consumption look great too!

  128. Pound for pound the stats are showing impressive numbers at the price range. The design is just an awesome bonus… Makes me wish I had a custom rig just to show off the fan-side.<3

  129. I like how it can run current gen games with relative ease @ 1080p without going overboard on its temps and noise. I also like how it comes overclocked straight out of compt.. err the box, so gamers who don’t have the technical knowledge of overclocking could enjoy additional performance without tinkering with it too much. It’s cool and quiet thanks to those 90mm intakes, and that backplate gives additional sturdiness and flare which you only see on higher end models that costs more. You also have the option to sli the thing in the future once you start to feel that performance is not enough. The card reminds me of the 6600gt and the 8800gt of old, wherein both were bang for buck cards, performance and price mixed just right. I loved those cards, and I’m pretty sure I could love this the same way. #PCMasterRace

  130. It looks fantastic! Its price is not expensive nor cheap it is highly recommended for all gamers like me. But still im a college student i dont have the capacity to buy this amazing masterpiece. I hope that i can have one so i can feel the full gaming experience of this wonderful videocard #pcmasterrace #beastnotpricey #forthegamers

  131. You can’t beat the price on this GPU! The power is insane and it looks incredible! Overall, this would easily provide enough juice for any gaming rig today.

  132. I’ve seen the AMP! Series by Zotac displayed in several stores before and I’ve always wondered how that card would perform in my system. Reading reviews is all I have going for me since I couldn’t afford one. With the release of the GTX 950 I find it awesome to see that it got the AMP! stamp by Zotac, the numbers look amazing compared to stock, performance is better and cooling is much for efficient. I especially love the plain back plate armor with just the manufacturer’s brand on there. Looks Sexy.

  133. For me NVIDIA has a serious winner on its hands with the GeForce GTX 950. At sa ZOTAC naman na impressed din ako dito sa product nila in the form of the GTX 950 AMP! Edition. Meron syang silent operation, at slick-looking din sya,at overclocking headroom kung gusto mo mag squeeze ng additional performance para sa iyong GM206-powered card. Charles Blas at your service :”)

  134. ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP has cool design, more importantly with this Graphic card you no need to worry about playing a AAA games in a high settings. This ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP is awesome a must have for gamer like me.

  135. Zotac is one of the most trusted brand on graphics card industry, no doubt about it because I personally experienced the premium feel and quality of it. Winning ZOTAC GTX 950 would be a great gift for me because with the help of it, I can build a monster highend rig. The Specs, the build, the looks, the performance, it’s very awesome to have such a decent card from Zotac! :)

  136. The zotac Gtx 950 amp is absolutely great from its performance for a very cheap price! it introde key performance improvements based around memory bandwidth efficiency, energy efficiency and also improved efficiency per CUDA core compared to older Kepler based GPUs. Zotac are known for their aggressive factory overclocks, a hallmark of their AMP! edition cards. anyway the main point is the gpu it self is great! and efficient

  137. The card looks super cool and with such small-factor size. An entry-level card of the Maxwell series architecture but still packs some punch. I really like the lower latency feature on MOBA/online games.

  138. Price wise!. It features great design and more memory/core power than the reference card. It will be great for 1080p entry-mid gaming pc.

  139. if you read the specifications and features,you can just tell that ‘THIS IS IT! A PERFECT GPU for everyone who are looking for powerful performance with a tight budget, I like everything (features,specifications). design is an eye-catcher,it’s like ‘love at first sight’… cheap price with a Beast performance, NEW VIDEOCARD + NEW YEAR = PERFECT GAMING..more power to you ZOTAC!

  140. Quality, Durability and it’s epic high end gaming performance from gtx950 amp graphics card make it all complete package for a good vcard! Happy holidays ????????

  141. A truly BEAST of a card UNCOMPROMISING performance and COOLER ( looks and temperature ) with m-itx case friendly you’ll never go wrong picking this card at 1080p especially on MOBA’s NOW GO OUT AND BUY IT!

  142. As an Architecture student who needs a powerful graphics card to render 3D models and a gamer who just happened to switch from gaming consoles to PC, this bang for the buck card is the sweet spot between high end expensive ones and low end diminutive quality ones.

  143. ZOTAC GTX 950, it suits a budget build for gamers out there. It has 2 gb of vram that supports some of the current games out there. And if paired with a good processor it could be heaven in games. Imagine having this you can now experience gaming in 1080p 45-60 fps. #PCMASTERRACE!!
    what else would you want when you have durability, performance and quality in one product.
    gotta <3 ZOTAC

  144. I like the performance especially the design, this design will surely bring a good look to any windowed cases and the performance will bring you a 1080p gaming experience on a pocket-wise price. This is a great graphics card from Zotac!

  145. i love the dual fan and higher base clock and clock speed than the originall, this beast looks sexy for any rig, and also its ZOTAC, you can never go wrong choosing their products, affordable and powerful gpu for everybody..

  146. I must say “swak na swak” for budget gamers and you’ll not be disappointed with the specs. One reason I’m working hard because I wanted to build a new rig and I will add this to my list. Keep it going Zotac, good job! ????

  147. Nice VC for Budget Gaming for 1080p! Low TDP too. Backplate sexy! Zotac Card are always bung for the buck unlike other brands. Kudos to Zotac and this card! Lastly I want to build a gaming pc for my GF and this card is a sure fit!! :) Adik yun sa Rocket League eh hehe

  148. awesome card.. with its ICESTORM cooling system, together with their FREEZE (0DB compliant) Dual 90mm fans. Silent beast. Price just right and just looks great. hope to experience this one soon.. #pcmasterrace #silentbeast

  149. One of the most stable GPUs in the market its great for latest high-end games supports 4k and its budget wise. The design is also compact making making it available to custom or small size pc casings.

  150. great card for a low price and is most likely able to play most of the newer games on optimum quality without burning itself out

  151. Definitely a good gpu for its price range not to mention it looks badass with its armor exoskeleton. Just after seeing the benchmarks instantly tells you that this card is great with its massive boost of FPS through the games ran by the tester.Definitely hoping to have the luck to win this beast of a gpu.

  152. Apart from the fact that it’s an AMP! edition, not only did they improve the core clock, the Freeze Dual 90mm fans are a huge step up to the reference card which only has one fan. The Carbon Exoarmor back-plate also really appeals to me because then it still looks good even when you already installed it on the motherboard. And it also comes with a DirectX 12 support which would utilize Windows 10 even more so.

  153. This looks great. Nvidia, I think its better than other graphics makers competing in the market. But with Zotac, the specifications of Nvidia GTX 950 was improved totally, given the increase of core clock frequency and memory clock frequency. It will deliver more processing power and rendering power to your computer, basically needed for a computer used for gaming. With Zotac’s GTX 950 Amp Edition you will never be sorry that you relied on this product. I know it’s not cheap, not to much to spend, but you will get what you pay for.

  154. Looks good! The thing is for a powerful card like this it’s very affordable. I have used a ZOTAC GPU before so I believe this will be a very durable card also.

    The design is also good. I’ve been planning on upgrading and I think this will be a VERY good buy.

  155. This is one good graphics card. Strong and not too expensive, and look at that slick design! Gaming performance is good (not that great but for what it’s cost, it’s quite strong.) I’m just curious on how will GTX 950 AMP run a fully modded Skyrim (ENB + Graphic Enhanced Mods), I think it’ll run it at 50-60 fps. Batman Arkham Knight (Medium Settings on 60 fps). Good review Techporn! If I were to rate this card, Design = 9/10, Performance = 8/10 , Price = 9/10! #PCMASTERRACE

  156. I like the fact that we get to have a graphics card with a back plate and a very beautiful and modern design for only less than 10,000 pesos. Plus, I also like the black, gray, and silver color, perfect for any color themed system unit. Lastly, we get to play games in high to ultra graphics settings in 1080p resolution!

  157. This GPU looks impressive and performance is one of the best for the price point. I think it will fit the new rig I’m planning for 2016. Just a comment, the Compubench graph is showing the results for Gigabyte GTX 950 windforce OC, either a typo or completely different results. Please check and correct.

  158. A great review for budget MOBA gaming rigs. a good replacement from my old GTX 650,
    I want to have a new ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition a very good 2gb feature with silent fan operation and performance wise 3x faster than GTX 650 bang for buck deal MOBA gaming rig beast.

  159. This look so damn awesome! Just look at that ICESTORM cooling system, and with a high boos clock I would like to get one of these. Give it to me PLEASE!

  160. Hands down…one of the best design i’ve seen!!! simple yet sexy and a powerful GPU too..and all of that for a price just around 8,000 Php?? whoa now this is a must have for budget gaming rig PCs #PCmasterrace

  161. Just from the word ZOTAC says it all.
    One of the best quality brands when it comes to graphic cards.
    The number 1 in quality without emptying your pocket. when it comes to budget and quality super charged gpu’s,
    Hands down “ZOTAC” is for me.
    And i hope i can have one reserved for me. Hahaha

  162. you want to get to the upper levels of gaming, this is the way to go.

    but let me be a little shallow: Bah gawd, that graphics card looks sexy. We can go with all the performance aspects, but here’s what nobody seems to be noticing. Looks at those curves. Look at that all black look, aside from the magnificent looking Zotac silver plates, as if its keeping just a little bit left for the imagination. This is the equivalent of that Little Black Dress. the one that shows you’re ready for something a little better than the rest.

    This is the card you take back home and play with late at night, staying up wee into the long hours, just you…and your Zotac GTX 950 AMP. Damn, i need a new pair of pants.

  163. Aesthetically the recent Zotac AMP! cards appeal very much to me. They look very sturdy and reliable. As for performance, the 950 series is a good budget card for people looking for playable fps in the more recent games; games that are very pleasing to the eye which by default would make you require a decently powerful gpu. The Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition is a fairly low cost and entry-level-ish answer to that and I would very much like one to have fun with. :)

  164. The card design looks awesome and also the performance. It’s color matches one of my goal build: a matte black gaming rig. The back plate also helps to look the card more badass.

  165. Price wise it is very affordable for people who do not have too many obligations and it is powerful enough for most games on the market. If you are looking for a good card but do not have enough money to spend this is as good as any option #pcmasterrace #valueformoney #gamersunite

  166. I can say that this card is a good graphics card for a decent mid-level gaming build. Cheaper price with lesser power consumption and yet still works amazingly

  167. Zotac has the cheapest and highest quality GPUs.

    At 1st I was skeptical about Zotac because they tend to have the cheapest price but I was Amazed that it is still possible to have both end, Cheap and Quality!

  168. One of the best budget friendly GPU’s around, overall a great mid-high end gaming card for such a low price point. Would love to test it out if I get it!

  169. This video card seems superbly awesome! Just the design would get your engine revved up. And then, after seeing the specs… I’m about to explode! This piece of beauty is an art. Truly an art.

  170. It’s cheap, it’s efficient and its stylish. Anyone who’s starting to build their first new gaming PC should get Zotac’s GTX 950. Probably the best 950 in the market.

  171. It looks Awesome with the looks of it and also the specification of the GPU,
    if you will compare it in Nvidia made zotac made was super cool. I really wish to have this one for me and also to my brother since we are FPS players. :) more power to TECH PORN and also to ZOTAC Philippines.

  172. I’ve taken a liking to Zotac’s overall design for cooling and aesthetics, plus higher clock speed right out of the box and for great value. I currently own a Zotac 750 TI, my first Zotac product and this right here would be a nice upgrade, I wont mind it being my 2nd, not at all.

  173. Zotac has made an amazing improvement on this card when compared to Nvidia’s reference design. Not only did they do a good job on the performance upgrade but also they maintained the budget friendliness of this product which will surely interest many #PCMasterRace enthusiasts. I approve of your Gold Award on this card, it’s all worth it!

  174. A gamer since birth and been a fan of NVIDIA GPU’s since then. I would love to have a hand on ZOTAC GTX 950 and test it on Gaming Realm!!

  175. Nice! This Card is indeed right now on my wishlist! The Specs are so great , a full-packed card at the Lower price and definitely a must-buy graphics card for those who seeking economically but More Powerful Pc Parts! and the Brand Name as well caught my attention, the ZOTAC which is on par to the other Gfx brands to date. This Review is a Masterpiece, thanks TECH PORN , I am really hooked on this bad boy right now and i hope i could have one of it :)

  176. Nice! This Card is indeed right now on my wishlist! The Specs are so great , a full-packed card at the Lower price and definitely a must-buy graphics card for those who seeking economically but More Powerful part of your Rig! and the Brand Name as well caught my attention, the ZOTAC which is on par to the other Gfx brands to date. This Review is a Masterpiece, thanks TECH PORN , I am really hooked on this bad boy right now and i hope i could have one of it :)

  177. Probably the best bang for the buck VC at its price range! Sure would like to have this card as my first VC for my new rig!

  178. What I really like about ZOTAC 950 AMP! EDITION is the features, performance and the COST. It’s full metal shroud, the back plate looks very cool !!! It is also the most fastest GTX950 so far!

  179. I like it because it’s better than what I currently have and I doubt I’ll be able to afford one in the near future :(. Here’s to hoping I win for once in my life.

  180. Hi, I’m Joel from PH
    This card ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is cool!
    I like the design, Sana magkaroon ako nito kase di ko pa afford bumili, estudyante pa po,makakatulong ito ng malaki kase IT kinukuha ko na course.Thankyou. Nag tagalog na lng ako kase nasa Pilipinas naman tayo ????

  181. The card looks great. And the performance is impressive based on the tests. I also like its power consumption. This is best suited for budget-conscious gamers like me. Nice card!

  182. The card looks sleek and elegant – could easily pass off as the manufacturers’ higher end cards :)) I actually love the fact that it is competitively priced between the R7 370 and the GTX 960 but is still quite near the performance of the latter. If you’re okay with OC-ing the card a bit – you could easily match the 960! Good performance, nice compact size, awesomely conservative power usage makes the card quite an attractive choice for people who are looking for a budget video card that packs a punch.

    I’d be extremely grateful to receive this card so I don’t have to rely on the year old HD 4600 integrated graphics card of my i5 4590 desktop. It would easily allow me to play the games I love (World of Tanks, League of Legends, Armored Warfare, Company of Heroes) at good framerates even at higher graphic settings.

  183. The Best Graphics and Best Quality for it’s price. Probably the best in every card that have this price.
    I use a Zotac gt740 and I would love this for my Upgrade! Hope I win.! :D #pcmasterrace

  184. A very great video card for the price. It looks good and, based on the test results, performs well. ZOTAC is also a go-to brand in the US so and it’s relatively cheap here, so this is a good piece in my opinion.

  185. Definitely one of better budget cards out there. It seems reasonably priced for the performance it delivers not to mention the power consumption is pretty good as well.

  186. Nice build quality, pleasing aesthetics, efficient cooling, silent and fast performance and fast out of the box Core clock. It’s great that this card exist to bridge the gap between the gtx 960 and the 750 ti in-terms of price to performance ratio. This card is really for those who are in budget, it may be a budget card but it’s not cheap. Nice and informative review TECH PORN. Hoping to see more reviews on both amd and nvidia cards. :D I heard that there will be a 950ti. Hoping to see that also. Thanks for this opportunity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! #PCMasterRace

  187. Best Graphics Card for Latest PC Games Today, I see best bang for the Buck and last i see better performance in 720 to 1080p gaming without spending just for the GB. DX12. clock speeds and others. Overall > best replacement for old GeForce series like 560, 650 and etc.

  188. For only 8,600 pesos, its a great card. It is well built by no other than the great guys in Zotac. Its a perfect entry level card. My new pc is already waiting for this card.

  189. That’s some nice performance from this card. I guess the +200 mhz clock speed helped a bit to get that fps on higher AA games, it actually beat my friend’s GTX 760 but he’s only using an ivy bridge i3 and 8gb lesser ram so I guess there’s a slight bottleneck in his system. But nevertheless that’s a solid performance for it’s price, not to mention the power consumption of this card is much lower than the 700 series, gotta love that. Good job, Zotac!

  190. This Card is for Mid Gamer and comes for a good price Zotac GTX 950 Amp! Edition is good for Overclocking and I hope to win this one to upgrade. I’m currently using my old Asus GTX 750 ti and I’m looking forward to upgrade this new year :) thanks to Tech Porn and Zotac Philippines for this opportunity and good luck to all :)

  191. You might think the card itself is not that powerful due to its size but you’re definitely wrong the overall performance of this card is phenomenal. I like the fact that this card is not your typical average type. The performance it has exceeds the “entry” level cards on the market. For the 1080p displays is too easy for this card like making a pancake/sandwich for breakfast. You can easily OC this card in no time with just click of a button it’s that easy even my dog can do that. The sleek and modern design of the structure is also a plus, specially with the black plate that thing is so gorgeous. The price/performance ratio is absolutely amazing compare to other competitors and zotac gives 5 year warranty with this product that can give you a peaceful mind take about customer-company relationship now that’s one of the selling point because Zotac cares for you! And if I were you which is on a tight budget but still dreaming a sweet med/high fps quality I’ll go with this card

  192. Quality product at an affordable price, kung minsan wala sa pangalan, nasa quality and ZOTAC is a quality brand. power efficient GPU that will allow you to play games needing large amounts of video memory eto ang sa inyo!
    but a bit curios though #PCMasterRace how does this perform with APU’s? lalo na sa AMD A series.
    Salamat sa pagkakataon binigay ninyo para manalo ng hebigat na graphics card!

  193. Zotac did an awesome job with this GTX 950. From its pricepoint, you can’t get anything better. It even has a great looking backplate, which some cards of the same price doesn’t have. Overall a great product.

  194. I’ve been admiring the custom designs of zotac lately , and this amp edition is one of them! when i have enough money to build my own rig, im considering this GPU to put in it, Its a solid 1080p card as ive consistently on reviews other than this one , but as of now im still studying and do not have resources to buy one so winning this would be a great start and savings hehe, Hope to win this one , :) Godbless all participants

  195. This indeed the card that i would like to have in my rig! This will definitely look good in my all black themed pc parts. Aside from its gorgeous appearance, its performance is what i am mostly after. For its affordable price, its overclocking ability and performance are indeed what every gamer/enthusiast like me must have. So calling all gamers/enthusiasts out there, if you’re planning to get a new card which isnt expensive but will suit your needs, then Zotac GTX 950 AMP! edition is what you need!

  196. This card features a slick matte black finish backplate, dual fans which of course keeps this factory overclocked little beast cool like the winter, plus its “Freeze” technology which stops the fans at idle, similar to “Zero Frozr” and “0db” technologies of MSI and ASUS respectively.

    Plus 1203MHz out of the box factory overclock with a 1405MHz boost clock?! How can a gamer not like that? Plus it’s the perfect 1080p ready card for MOBO games and some Triple A Games. Check and mate!

  197. it look nice and its a budget friendly video card not to expensive and still can play at 1080p ultra settings like on gta v and other games. its almost 200mhz more compared t the referrence model and its faster than the other cards.. i think this is the fastest gtx 950 non referrence model. thumbs up for a mid range video card. i have gtx 950 already and still i want to try two gtx 950. wish i could win this.

  198. I got Two words for this Graphics card “INSANELY GREAT”, wanna know why?!! Well, because this card can run your games from high settings, or even more!! and not only it has a modernized, well-designed,and a devilish look that can run your PC very fast, but it also has a, modernized, well-designed, and a overkill looking Cooler!!, that preforms a good cooling temp inside your PC!!, and not only that, for it also has a good, and acceptable frame rates in latest games!!!! plus! it also has a great price for gamers and video editors like me ^_^ can you imagine that?! GTX 950 AMP is one of the the best Graphics card for me, I’ve waited so long for this, knowing that Zotac are giving away a GTX 950 AMP, it has been a great opportunity for me, to express what I love about this awesome card!!! what a great masterpiece Zotac!! you guys did it again!! ^_^ its been a year since I haven’t got a good Graphics card, I spent all of my days, playing games in a low to medium settings. And now, this upcoming year, I really hope that you guys can give me a chance, to experience this GTX 950 AMP, so that I can play different games not worrying about the FPS. Thanks Zotac and TECHPORN!! for this wonderful opportunity ^_^ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! ^_^


  199. Real GPU got curves! This is one sexy piece of hardware that i want to spend my life with, beautiful and got DAT rly nice power consumption.

  200. This is very affordable and wise price GPU with a high performance . This is definitely high Quality with a great Gaming Experience. #PCMasterRace #PowerfullGPU #PriceWise

  201. Great design and worth it to have one. Best price at its finest, great performance than NVIDIA, and most of all, very good graphics card for gaming purposes

  202. Well, I have nothing but praises on Zotac for the GTX 950 AMP Edition since it can fit tiny cases for it size but STILL it can run the latest games on medium to high settings with no Hiccups at all. Oh and there’s even a backplate on it even though the card runs quite cool even for more demanding games like Metro Last Light and Crysis 3. With it’s OC Speed right out of the box and it’s size, you’ll really have a hard time finding a good GPU at this price point

  203. The GTX 950’s power efficiency is excellent, just like on all recent NVIDIA Maxwell cards. In all non-gaming states, which includes Blu-ray playback, we see power draw hover at around the 10 watts mark, which makes it a good candidate for a quiet media PC. With the ZOTAC AMP! Edition, typical gaming power draw is increased by around 20% over other cards, which is due to the large overclock on the GPU and memory. The difference is acceptable, though, because ZOTAC’s card is also the fastest of the bunch. Still, even the weakest PSU should be able to handle it.

    Overall, the GeForce GTX 950 seems like a very good card, but it is held back by pricing, just like the GTX 960 it is based on. The GTX 950 is basically a cheaper GTX 960 with proportionally less performance but the same feature set.

  204. been using zotac brand for several months now, specifically zotac Gtx 960 amp ed. and had no bad experience about the card. so for me this new gtx 950 VC will save some cash and will probably give us better performance like the gtx 960. i’d love to have this in my another rig. Less Cost, better performance, good quality and Silent fans =)

  205. This is the best graphics card you can get for a low price if you’re looking to play AAA games! Best route to upgrade too if you’re coming from an older graphics card like the 750ti.

  206. That’s one sweet card. Awesome looks and performance to boot without breaking the bank. Belated Christmas gift from santa? Haha

  207. Simple YET Elegant with its Dual Fans plus its Custom Metallic design, this card here is an indeed explosive package for its performance and style. Prolly one of the best cards ever created this millennium.

  208. The best card for its performance and affordable price! Also like its aesthetics, would’ve preferred a darker color though haha.

  209. Great Graphics Card for a budget this year! With it’s modest price, it comes with efficiency and great performance w/ up to 1080p display compatability for beat reaults in gaming w/ just the right amount of clocking for the best results!
    A truly wonderful card as a direct replacement for the cards in the 550, 560, 650, 660, 750 series of NVIDIA.
    With great looks comes with efficient, silent and best bang for the budget performance out there!

  210. As a budget gamer GTX 950 is a really good choice for some reasons like has a powerfull performance, cheap price. good temperature rate It Also overpowered the famous GTX 750 ti for some budget Gamers in Philippines and GTX 950 supports SLI that does not support it from 750 ti. And GTX 950 is NEARLY AS GOOD AS GTX 960 But overall GTX 950 is a good gaming cards that can run Present games like Battlefield 4 @ 48fps with a resoultion of 1920×1080 at highest settings, GTA 5 @36fps with a resoultion of 1920×1080 at highest settings etc etc. And it is a big start to get this GPU for Building your own gaming rig

  211. One thing is for sure, this is better than my GTX750 Ti. And if ever I win this, I will sell my GTX750 and buy some good Keyboard and Mouse and replace my $6 combo.

  212. This graphics card is totally amazing, because it is so powerful vcard at a low price :)) this card is well deserving to be the most trusted and reliable vcard. Its specification boost me to take the chance to experience 1080p gaming. Love it, more power zotac, Godbless.

  213. No need to spend too much for 1080p gaming. The best in terms of performance above all GTX 950s. Inexpensive, very good performance, low power consumption, tolerable noise, all in one package. Very budget friendly for gamers who want to play demanding games at 1080p with decent FPS.

  214. Definitely the card I wanna play Elite Dangerous, Eve Online, and Star Citizen with. The space buff in me is nerding out!

  215. Zotac has become a reliable brand when it comes to manufacturing affordable high quality graphic cards. Being someone who can’t really splurge on an expensive card since I have other bills to pay, Zotac gives me the opportunity to be able to play a lot of the cpu and gpu demanding games without compromising quality. Definitely bang for the buck. You can never go wrong with Zotac.

  216. ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is one of a hell bang for the buck. More than appealing (thank you for its cooling design, best feel and look), it gives out the juice that you need for 1080P gaming needs, and it handles power efficiency excellently!

  217. The GTX 950 AMP! Edition is a mid range contender for gaming. I am very surprised that Nvidia outdid themselves (again) in creating the gpu architecture for a card such as this! Of course with Zotac’s undeniable presence as a GPU maker/vendor, they were able to make another AMP! Edition with the GTX 950 and might i add that the factory OC for this thing is a beast! That 10% increase in performance might not be noticeable, but once you immerse your senses in the game you’re playing and along with the 1080p res you’ll definitely feel the visuals popping out your screen! Well, owning this card is both a luxury and a pipe dream and i would kill to get one of these bad boys. Anywhow, I enjoyed the reading the review and of course the benchmarks. Btw, don’t stop making reviews like this. It really makes the techfanboy in me happy. :D More power and all the best! :)

  218. The looks capture my attention for some reason.
    But I prefer to see how well it runs with my games compared to my current GPU first hand.

  219. I’ve seen the ZOTAC GTX 950 OC 2GB, and it is a beauty of a card. Even so, the Amp! Edition takes that beauty a step further, becoming a bad-ass beast of a graphics card that won’t break the bank. It lets you ENJOY many games at 1080p on ULTRA, is QUIET, runs COOL, and doesn’t gobble up power on load. All-in-all the everyman’s go-to card for 2015, the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition 2GB.

  220. I love the performance base on the review and also the design I wish this would be mine but if not I really like it because it’s also a budgetwise high quality for now a days game but affordable. Hope to win. Merry christmas and happy new year to all.

  221. Seeing it’s price then the specifications and the performance that this card can do, makes me want to save up and change my current card to this Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Not only is it bang for the buck, but it also boasts of serious performance that gamers are looking for. Given the chance, i wouldn’t think twice in purchasing the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! to upgrade what i have right now.

  222. Awesome aesthetics, has a backplate unlike other competing brands, has a number of good features and a very good performance, all for 8600 pesos the zotac 950 AMP! Edition is definitely the best bang for the bucket GPU in the market right now!!

  223. Indeed the best GTX 950 card around. You can enjoy it not only by its pleasing price tag but also with its performance and amazing form factor. Pretty nice card for mini ATX builds.


  224. As a tech lover, this graphics card is a marvel of visual aesthetics in terms of over-all performance.
    This is a sure win: fast rendering, over-clocked processing, multi-port support, efficient cooling and HD gaming!

    I’m looking forward to have one as an upgrade for my local CPU!

  225. Maganda yung graphics card na ito kasi mura lang (Php 8000) at saka mataas yung VRAM niya, 2GB, sulit na sulit po ito kapag gusto kong mag-laro nga PC Games or mag-emulate ng high end consoles tulad ng PS2 o Wii.

  226. I am not a techie nor a PC equipment buff but upon stumbling on this article while looking for parts for my budget gaming PC, I just fell in love with the Zotac GTX AMP! EDITION graphics card! I plan to play graphics-intensive games on my new PC and I’m pretty sure this beautiful blue beast can handle my needs. From the looks of it and how it is described, it seems that this is one card that can dish out performance while being able to withstand heating problems. This is certainly a dream come true #costefficient #techpornstar #zotacphilippines

  227. Its the best graphics that is bang for the bucks its a 1080P killer and a performance wise, it really suits my need as a newbie gamer, I really highly recommend this graphics card.

  228. Its the best graphics that is bang for the bucks its a 1080P killer and a performance wise, Its features the FREEZE as its a low noise at idle so the gamers will enjoy the quietness of the video cards, while the twin cooler(Ice Strom) helps the video card run at its best performance and it helps to prevent the thermal throttling for a better performance. With its it really suits my need as a newbie gamer, I really highly recommend this graphics card. ZOTAC made this Video Card for Ultimate Gamers.

  229. At first glance, you’ll already know that this card’s a winner. Zotac has been making reliable graphics cards at a competitive price, and I bet this one is no exception.

  230. Zotac’s GTX 950 will surely perform way over it’s price tag. This 1080p card is sure a bang for the buck and will give gamers on that resolution the ability to play newer games on high settings. Not to mention zotac overclocked this card. Also, you will almost get the same performance from a 960 for a much lower price. Also the card looks cool.

  231. Best Graphics card for MOBA players out there. Such a good graphics card with an affordable price, and what I like the most is its aesthetic design. This will be a good replacement for my GT740. I hope I can win your event TECH PORN, more power to you and ZOTAC PHILIPPINES!

  232. I am not really professional in this field, but as a gamer a “better thermals, power efficiency, and memory management over its predecessors” with just this,,it beats all the other GPU that is competing zotac gtx 950 .some says..a dog is a man’s best friend.more like zotac gtx 950 is a gamer’s best friend! :D Because we all know that “power efficiency ” is what pinoy are looking for. like me i also look for a cheap but better quality product . zotac gtx 950 is what pinoy gamers need! :)

  233. It’s Clock speed “1203 MHz Core Clock Speed that boost up to 1405 MHz whenever possible”, it’s cooling performance “ICESTORM cooling system, together with their FREEZE (0DB compliant) Dual 90mm fans. This card also comes equipped with a back-plate dubbed as the CARBON EXOARMOR”, Along with it comes the DirectX 12 support, Dynamic Super Resolution (4K on 1080P), VXGI (Lighting), and MFAA (Anti-Aliasing)” Fantastic Cooling, budget Graphics Card But sky rocking specs. #bestforgamers

  234. Faster and more efficient than what i have (GTX 550Ti) and with an cool two fan and the design is good.It will be a nice upgrade I hope i win.. :).. Good luck everyone :)