Mobility isn’t exactly what most VR Ready PC does, requiring you take a seat and have the cable extended to be connected on a near by PC. ZOTAC addressed this issue with a simple solution: Put a VR capable Mini PC inside a backpack and strap it on yourself for total mobility.

ZOTAC ZBOX Backpack VR (1)ZOTAC is silent about the specifications, but we have been told that the VR Ready Backpack feature a ZOTAC ZBOX inside. It could be a full SKU, but most likely it features ZBOX Mini PC components with a few alterations. Most probably, the parts are from the ZBOX E Series, particularly the ZBOX Magnus EN970 Series but with a beefier GPU and a battery to power up the whole contraption. But that’s just a hunch.

ZOTAC ZBOX Backpack VR (2)

The backpack is rather small, and is built with ventilation areas plus, it is a hard shelled one so the components will most likely survive when the pack bumps to anything but don’t get your hopes up if it lands on the floor carrying your weight.

The HTC Vive has been demo’ed together with the ZBOX backpack from the video, and as we all know, the HTC Vive requires you to setup Two base stations so you still need to be within the range of those Two. Weight is also a question – as the pack requires a power source in the form of battery or power cells so it isn’t exactly going to be light weight. The ZOTAC VR Ready Backpack (not really its name) is set to make an appearance at COMPUTEX 2016.

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