When you buy a high-performance computer, you expect all things to run smoothly as possible without any lags or slow loading times. However, over time your PC can lose the performance due to unnecessary things that you can easily be prevented by proper maintenance. The job is not done if you simply buy high-performance hardware and expect to run smoothly forever.

You must do constant upgrades and software maintenance which will give you the best odds to maintain constant performance.

Keeping things unorganized can affect your PC performance and bring you to a state where you cannot use the full potential of your hardware. In this article, we will go through some of the methods you can use to do proper maintenance and bring the most out of your PC performance.

  1. Reduce Start-up Applications

Start-up applications can drastically decrease PC loading time and affect your performance. Some of the applications are already pre-installed and turn on automatically when Windows boots up, but you have to keep this number at a minimum and avoid start-up programs that you do not need.

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They use most of the RAM to start which affects your PC performance. That is why you need to disable all the start-up apps that you do not need.

  1. Defragment your Hard Disk

Defragment is one of the best methods to improve the performance of your PC and making sure it works at its maximum capacity. However, it is important to know that you do not need a hard disk to defragment if you have an SSD drive, just because it could harm your drive.

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Your hard drive is where all your files are stored, and if it is not in the best shape, it will make your PC slower. Regular defrag is essential for maintaining optimal PC performance, and the best thing is that you can turn on automatic defragment, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Overclock

Overclocking is a very powerful method to refresh your hardware making it as good as new. It is basically an art of making your GPU and CPU hardware run faster than it was meant to go. This option is not available on every PC, and it depends on your motherboard and BIOS options.

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However, you have to put extra precautions if you decide to overclock your hardware just because it can damage your hardware and develop some cooling issues. If you do not consider yourself as a pro, you should definitely avoid overclock and give your PC to the experts.

  1. Delete Bloatware

Every PC manufacturer in the world likes to fill up your PC with products that are not useful to you and full of bloatware. There are many tools that can help you detect and remove bloatware such as PC Decrapifier, which will check all of your installed apps and compare them against a list of known junk apps. This is sort of like regular cleaning, except it can detect some apps that you usually thing you need. This tool will not just free-up space on your hard drive, but it will also remove any unwanted apps that run in the background.


  1. Upgrade to SSD

Swapping your HDD to SSD can bring huge benefits performance-wise to your PC. Nowadays, with technology improvements, SSDs are becoming more reliable and long-lasting than ever before, and basically, they are becoming a must-have choice for any PC. The best thing is that since most of the companies started manufacturing SSDs, the price came down so they are now affordable. You’ll receive a huge speed boost and say goodbye to slow loading times.

  1. Get more RAM

If your PC performance is getting worse and you did all the necessary software cleaning to prevent that, that means that it is time to install more RAM to your PC. If your PC is running out of RAM memory, it will start spilling data over onto the hard drive. This can be a huge hit on the performance of your PC just because hard drives are much slower than system memory. You should check if your motherboard is compatible with RAM upgrade and get one since they are fairly priced and will significantly improve your PC performance.

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These are some of the methods to use in order to bring the most out of your PC. Proper maintenance is essential to keep all things as good as new and use the full potential of your hardware. If you follow all these tips, your computer will run faster than a horse in the Breeders Cup race.

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