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Build Guide | 10K Used Budget Gaming PC | Q2 2017

Used Gaming PC components buying guide Today we are taking a look at the used PC components market place. This guide is for those who doesn’t have enough cash to build a brand spanking new gaming PC. We are short on budget at around 10000 Pesos or about sub $200. That said, it is important for us to select the best components for this build’s price range. This guide will also tackle basic tips when buying used parts. Prices you’ll see here are based on facebook group sellers, as well as TipidPC. Pricing and parts warranty will vary among resellers. ⊗ Buying any used PC...

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Build Guide | 20K Budget Intel Gaming PC | Q2 2017

20K Budget Gaming PC Build The Intel G4560 is a 3.5 GHz 2 Core / 4 Threads budget CPU. It’s practically untouchable since its release, featuring performance that is enough for most gamer’s requirements. Building a PC based on that CPU should be one of your considerations if budget is truly a constraint. Now if you have 20000 Pesos or just about $400 lying around, then consider your budget gaming PC build done with this guide. The prices you’ll see here are definitely not final, as fluctuations do occur naturally. The prices and items listed are mostly taken from PCHub, TipidPC and other local retailers. While Amazon pricing...

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Basics | Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings Optimization Guide

Tweak and optimize your Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings The Nvidia Control Panel is perhaps one of my most visited applications. I hang around its 3D Settings a lot, since I do check out new stuffs that Nvidia could possibly roll out. We also make sure to use the same settings on our graphics card as well – every time we review stuffs. Most of the settings within the control panel are prevalent at the graphic settings of most titles, so knowing them should mean a huge plus on your side as a gamer. Setting parameters around the 3D Settings easily is possible under the Adjust Image...

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Nvidia GTX 1050 Vs GTX 1050 Ti – Budget Champs Benchmarked

GTX 1050 Showdown. Whose a better card? Today on this performance review we are going to take a look at the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and the GTX 1050 Ti. The pair is Nvidia’s budget GTX 1000 series cards featuring a price point of $109 and $139 respectively. Both the Nvidia GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti are actually the company’s first 14nm GPUs featuring the GP107 Pascal architecture. The cards shares the same number of transistors, TDP, bus width and die size with the similarities ending there. MODEL GeForce GTX 1050 2GB GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB SHADER UNITS 640 768 ROPs 32 32...

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PCHub Individually Sleeved Extension PSU Cable Kit Review

If hardcore PC Modding is a little hard for you and your pocket, PSU cable sleeves will get your rig looking nice and clean with minimal effort and budget required. It’s actually a good starting point to beautify your PC if don’t know where to start. Now what we actually got here is a rather simple sleeved kit, courtesy of our friends from PCHub. They are calling it the ISE Cable Kits, which is a short term for “Individually Sleeved Extensions” for your PSU cables. The PCHub ISE cable kits are available in a configuration of a 24-pin, 4+4 EPS,...

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