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PCHub Individually Sleeved Extension PSU Cable Kit Review

If hardcore PC Modding is a little hard for you and your pocket, PSU cable sleeves will get your rig looking nice and clean with minimal effort and budget required. It’s actually a good starting point to beautify your PC if don’t know where to start. Now what we actually got here is a rather simple sleeved kit, courtesy of our friends from PCHub. They are calling it the ISE Cable Kits, which is a short term for “Individually Sleeved Extensions” for your PSU cables. The PCHub ISE cable kits are available in a configuration of a 24-pin, 4+4 EPS,...

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Our Recommended Intel 100 Series Motherboards of 2016

Intel’s 100 Series Motherboards Are Still Relevant Intel’s 100 Series motherboards has been superseded by the 200 Series with the advent of the 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPUs. While the release of the new platform signaled the manufacturers to focus on the latest stuffs, the 100 Series is here to stay up until Intel decided to step up their game with a new socket design, and up the ante when it comes to IPC gains. The Intel 100 series is in fact at the best spot right now since prices should be lower the instant that the 200 series made land fall....

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The Top Free VPN Services For Your Consideration

Learn to use a FREE VPN Now For Science! VPN or Virtual Private Networks existed way back even before the internet became a world wide necessity. Initially deployed for government and business sectors, VPN is their go to network solution to keep themselves secure on the net. To keep it simple, VPN works by connecting you to a secure private network, allowing your data to go in-and-out through an encrypted tunnel of information hi-way via the VPN’s servers. With that said, VPN will allow you to: Browse The Web Anonymously Access Geographically Blocked Contents Enhance Your Privacy & Security Those are just the basics...

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How to Rename Your PC Under Windows 10

While it is not detrimental to rename your PC in any way, it is still important to consider it if you’re working on a large workgroup or networks. I always make sure to do it after building a new PC, and has become a habitual task that I shall never forget. It is easy, and a worthy thing to do – so let us jump straight on it. RENAMING THE PC THE EASY WAY: The easiest way to rename the PC is by visiting the Windows Settings via the notification button at the right side of your task bar (All...

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15K PHP Budget Gaming PC Build – Q4 2016

Overwatch Capable Budget Gaming PC The title says it all – A budget gaming PC around 15K PHP capable of handling titles at modest settings under 1080P with frame rate hoovering around 60+ FPS as our main concern. 15K PHP will actually net you a Radeon RX 480, or a GTX 1060, so we are pretty excited to see what this mid-range graphics card equivalent PC has to offer. Credit Goes To Capew for the Performance Review Now for this build, we’ve taken the opportunity to utilize a budget platform for the 6th Generation Intel micro-processors. We’d love to create...

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