The Best Antivirus Protection is You

Still looking for the best antivirus around? Fear not fellas, you have come to the right place. On this guide, we will teach you on how to use the Common Sense Ultimate Edition. A free protection you never though you already got since day one.

Jokes aside, you are actually the best antivirus protection around. Yes, the same you who does all the clicking. On this small guide, you will learn how to protect yourself from various threats. Or rather, follow some basic rules on how to save yourself from the trouble. Allowing you to surf the web and use your devices with confidence in mind.


Software protection is still a must and should always be a part of your defense strategy. If you’re using Windows 10 – which you should really do, the Windows Defender is a good no setup required starting point. From there on, get a good ad blocker or better yet get a website evaluation software thrown in the mix. If you’re using Google Chrome, you may search for these extensions on the Web Store.

  • Enable Windows Defender at all times or install your favorite Antivirus + Firewall solution.
  • Get a reputable ad blocker.
  • Get a reputable website evaluation tool.
  • Disable auto-play on media devices.

As for other threats such as autorun Malwares and worms, you may want to disable auto-play. It might not do much for threats that doesn’t need to trigger autorun but it is another layer of protection nonetheless.


Saw a suspicious link and clicked anyway knowing that you got twofold protection? Don’t bet on them saving your sorry ass. Chances are, you will still get infected. I’m not saying that antiviruses and firewalls are unreliable though. They work, they do their jobs but it is still you – the receiving end that does all the clicking.┬áThis one is a general rule that should be followed upon no matter what.

  • Don’t click suspicious links.
  • Stay away from shady social media apps as well.
  • Install apps from reliable sources.
  • Stay away from dodgy websites.
  • Avoid visiting websites that distributes illegal contents.
  • Never use thumb drives from unknown sources.

Keep yourself disciplined with media devices as well. Don’t just insert any storage drives from unknown or unsafe sources. Anything that has been used on public systems, schools, or even a friend. If you are not sure it’s safe, just don’t.


Turned off Window updates and other software updates just to save bandwidth? Then don’t blame the system if it got infected. Always keep your system up to date no matter what. Screw data cap, because a malicious piece of file will screw you more than anything else.

Keeping you system up to date doesn’t just improve security but the system’s performance and stability as well. Always get your system up to date, there is no excuse not to.


This is as common as it gets especially in my country. Never use or even download a pirated software particularly the games and operating systems on Peer-to-peer websites. These applications exists for a reason and usually, the reason is to infect your system with boat load of malwares.

  • Never download any pirated software. Look for freewares and open source alternatives instead.
  • Windows 10 is free to use even if you don’t activate it. You just have to live with the watermark.

If you could buy hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of components, then there is no reason to skimp on a genuine software. Shame on you if you do.


Even the best protection fail us down the road. In which case, a backup should always be ready whenever it is needed. If you have a good connection, backing up to the cloud is a wonderful choice. Allowing you to keep copies of your files safe, just in case something happened on your end.

  • Consider using cloud storage as a backup.
  • An external drive is also a solution.
  • Create an image backup of your system whenever possible.
  • Keep your sensitive data periodically backed up.

If backing up via cloud is not an option, then an external drive is another solution. Just make sure to keep it disconnected when you don’t need to back things up.


Nothing beats a well informed individual. Make it a habit to check news about cyber security, the current threats and preemptive solutions to these threats. Knowing more about the best security practices is just priceless.

These basic rules should be a part of your ultimate defense strategy. They aren’t much but these basic principles speaks so much about the current state of the online community. Let us stop blaming the system, if we simply couldn’t do our part on the other side of the screen.


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