Are you still searching for the best antivirus solution? Look no further! This guide will introduce you to the Common Sense Ultimate Edition, a free protection you’ve had since day one.

Jokes aside, you are your best antivirus protection. Yes, you, the one doing all the clicking. In this guide, you’ll learn how to safeguard yourself from various threats by following some basic rules. This will help you browse the web and use your devices with confidence.

Software Protection

Software protection is crucial and should be part of your defense strategy. If you use Windows 10, Windows Defender is an excellent no-setup-required starting point. Beyond that, consider adding a reputable ad blocker and website evaluation tool. For Google Chrome users, these can be found on the Web Store.

  • Enable Windows Defender or install your preferred Antivirus + Firewall solution.
  • Get a reputable ad blocker.
  • Install a website evaluation tool.
  • Disable auto-play on media devices.

Disabling auto-play helps protect against autorun malware and worms, adding an extra layer of security.

Don’t Rely Solely on Antivirus and Firewalls

Clicking on suspicious links despite having antivirus and firewall protection can still lead to infection. Remember, these tools are helpful but not foolproof.

  • Avoid clicking suspicious links.
  • Stay away from shady social media apps.
  • Install apps from reliable sources.
  • Avoid dodgy websites and illegal content.
  • Never use thumb drives from unknown sources.

Maintain discipline with media devices and avoid using storage drives from unknown or unsafe sources.

Keep Your System Updated

Turning off Windows updates and other software updates to save bandwidth can compromise your system. Always keep your system up to date.

  • Keep Windows updated. Read our guide on limiting bandwidth usage when updating.
  • Update all software, including antivirus definitions.

Regular updates improve security, performance, and stability.

Avoid Illegal Software

Using pirated software, especially from peer-to-peer websites, is a common but dangerous practice. These applications often carry malware.

  • Never download pirated software. Look for free or open-source alternatives instead.
  • Windows 10 is free to use even without activation; you just have to live with the watermark.

If you can afford expensive components, there’s no reason to skimp on genuine software.

Always Have a Backup Ready

Even the best protection can fail. Always have a backup ready. Cloud storage is an excellent choice for those with good internet connections, but external drives are also viable.

  • Consider cloud storage for backups.
  • Use an external drive if cloud storage isn’t an option.
  • Create an image backup of your system whenever possible.
  • Regularly back up sensitive data.

Ensure external drives are disconnected when not in use to prevent them from being compromised.

Stay Informed

Keeping yourself informed about cybersecurity, current threats, and preventive measures is invaluable. Regularly check for news and updates in the field.

VPN Split Tunneling GP 1

These fundamental rules should be part of your ultimate defense strategy. They may seem basic, but they are crucial in today’s online environment. Let’s stop blaming the system and take responsibility for our actions online.


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