TechPorn, registered as TPPH Information Services under DTI, is an ICT industry oriented online media from the Philippines. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our fellow Tech Enthusiasts with Tech news, guides and reviews; To shape up their understanding of what’s in or out within the industry.

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TechPorn is founded in 2011, deriving its core technical knowledge from internationally accepted standards, with a touch of its own medicine.

What we do

TechPorn provides relevant technology and gaming oriented content via our own coverage and credible sources across the globe. That includes contents from cited authority sites, media partners and press releases from our brand partners as well.


Reviews are where we take the notch higher; With an excellent eye for detail. We combine proper hardware and software tools to provide comprehensive yet simple to understand results for the readers to digest.

We take or reviews seriously – matching the global standards. We set a domestic benchmark that only a few could match.

About the owner

Leo Bien Durana is the sole owner and editor of TechPorn, registered under TPPH Information Services under DTI. Leo has years of experience under the belt as a content editor and content manager for various ICT related brands.