The Hottest DOTA 2 Tournaments Left in 2019

We are pushing through 2019 and a whole lot of DOTA 2 has already happened. But there are still some big money tournaments yet to start, and some ongoing tournaments that have just begun. If you want to get deeper into DOTA 2 matches, you can check top betting sites like YouWager for odds and get into the action yourself!

Samsung Releases Galaxy M20 Equipped with 5000mAh Battery

Millennials are dubbed as an adventurous and practical bunch. They love to travel, explore the world, and document everything on social media. This group wants to experience the best of what this world has to offer while still maintaining a budget.

ASUS Announces Recharge Your ZEN Promo

Once again, ASUS Philippines is definitely feeling extra generous this season! This time, all eyes are on their popular ZenPower products, with the launch of the exciting Recharge Your ZEN promo.