Pearl Abyss announces the new content “Murrowak Labyrinth” in Black Desert Mobile along with several other updates.

Murrowak Labyrinth is an exploratory content where Adventurers can overcome gimmicks, discover hidden elements, and defeat a boss. Along with the new content, Adventurers can now obtain mounts exclusive to Everfrost by completing certain stories.

Adventurers can unlock the new content by completing the “Murrowak Labyrinth” quest in the story “Kehelle, the Witch of Blight.” Adventurers who are level 80 or higher and have 39,000 or higher CP can enter Murrowak Labyrinth by using the “Murrowak Pathfinder”. Murrowak Labyrinth can be entered twice a month, and Adventurers can get “Voidsent Eyes” and “Alyaelli Fragments” as completion rewards.

In addition, 4 new stories were added to Everfrost. Adventurers can acquire the Everfrost Mounts “Alpaca” and “Ice Reindeer” by completing “Fwuzzy Wuzzy Alpaca!” and “Wintry Reindeer” stories, respectively. The Alpaca is only available for Shai, while the Ice Reindeer is available for all classes. Adventurers can now explore Everfrost with their region-exclusive mounts.

To celebrate the update, an array of events will be held in Black Desert Mobile. Until July 31, Adventurers can participate in the “Eversnow Valley” and “Food for the Alpaca Ranch” events and can acquire rewards such as “Ancient Knowledge EXP Scroll,” “Exquisite Black Crystal,” “Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Pass,” “Alpaca Ranch Reward,” “Hot Cocoa,” “Chaos Crystal,” and more.

Last but not least, there is a login event awaiting both new and returning Adventurers. They can obtain rewards, including “Holy Vial of Light x3000,” “Ornette’s Blessed Potion (15 days),” “Adventurer’s [Abyssal] Relic Chest x5,” and more by logging in every day during the event.

Visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.

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