After ESLOne Manila’s success, it seems that ESL is on the rampage again with the announcement of the eSportsTV – aiming to bring eSports around the globe with the help of Twitch, Azubu, Hitbox and Yahoo according to ESL themselves.

Set to launch this May of 2016, eSportsTV will feature ESL curated competitions and tournaments. That includes Intel Extreme Masters, Pro League competitions, and ofcourse the ESLOne Tournaments. With the help of their parent company, MTG (Modern Times Group), ESL is now in talks with TV distributors and other platform operators around the world which is an utmost importance to expand their viewership – with aims to reach 2 Billion gamers and 250 million esports fans at the end of 2017.

ESLOne Manila News (12)

ESLOne Manila has been broadcasted live at TV5 and AksyonTV locally, and there is a probability that ESL already had began talks with TV5 prior or during ESLOne Manila. We at the SEA region can only wait.

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