FSP announces a statement with regards to the second hand power supply units (PSU) imported into the Philippines directly from Japan. This is more of a PSA over a fair warning due to the increasing number of the said products floating around the local market place.

Recently, there has been found that second-hand FSP’s power supply products from Japan have made their way into the Philippines market. Whereas, the specifications of those products purchased from unauthorized distributors may not be designed for your country and may not meet the local relevant legal and safety requirements.

A quick search on Facebook’s Marketplace showed us a number of FSP units imported from Japan. That includes the 650W and 750W FSP Raider models. While the initial cost of owning these PSUs are rather cheap, the total cost of owning such is a gamble. Purchasing a second hand PSU is not entirely bad, but these imported units doesn’t even have a local or even a store warranty. This is why on our Used Gaming PC Build Guide, we never really recommended any used PSU models – no matter how good it is.

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While the second hand FSP units are authentic, going with authorized units from the local distributors is still the best option. You’d get a full warranty, plus it is expected to fully comply with the requirements of the country it is slated to be distributed. We are talking about minute specification differences here as well as compliance with residential voltages and frequencies. Modern PSUs from FSP such as the Raider have a built-in input voltage detection but it is still better to be safe.

We highly recommend the consumer purchase the products from your local official channels or local authorized distributors of FSP to obtain the complete warranty service from the local authorized distributors according to the FSP’s warranty terms and warranty period.

For more information about FSP and their authorized distributors, please visit this link.

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