Military technology equipment ranges from weapons and vehicles to the use of IT devices, specifically utilized in combat the purpose of warfare. Considering the aims of the military, it is essential that any military equipment must be kept in good condition and be prepared for action anytime. This is so that armies can rely on it to achieve missions safely and successfully.

In this modern-day and age, the technology we use is increasingly more advanced, and this remains as important within the military industry, where having access to the appropriate equipment and ensuring it is protected is crucial. In this article, we will discuss ways to protect military-grade equipment.

What is The Role of Technology in the Military?

The use of technology plays an important role in the military and is continuously increasing. Technology devices have been developed to perform an extensive range of tasks, such as analyzing intelligence, organizing and managing discreet information for military leaders, geospatial analysis, regulating smart weapons as well as improved communications. The ability to use technology for communications is the most important feature as communication is of utmost importance in the military as it can accelerate the processes and allow for increased decision making.

Why Military-Grade Equipment Must be Protected?

The majority of us will be aware that being involved in the military means being prepared for harsh conditions, that the majority of us will not have to face in our normal daily lives. From severe environmental conditions to having to protect oneself whilst under attack – these are factors both individuals and equipment will have to survive.

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Additionally, technological devices used in the military will very likely hold highly confidential information that must not get lost or into the wrong hands. For these reasons, using common devices available to us all in the usual tech stores may not be the most appropriate solution for the military, as they will not guarantee security.

What to do to Ensure Tech Equipment is Protected?

As previously mentioned, technological devices will hold confidential information and must reflect a sense of readiness and be capable to undergo extreme environmental settings. Evidently, our commonly used tech devices are not equipped with this ability, as simply dropping our phones on the floor can oftentimes be enough for it to stop working completely.

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Repairing technological devices in the military is not always an option, therefore its protection must be the priority factor. This is why technology used in the military world must be a key investment.

The main method to guarantee tech equipment in the military is protected, is to invest in ruggedized devices. You can do this by liaising with experts with values similar to those at, who offer support with configuration of technology devices to ensure it meets your requirements. Rugged equipment is specifically developed to function effectively in severe usage environments and conditions, including strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and wet and dusty weather.

What are the Benefits of Rugged Equipment Use?

Product life cycle increases

The main purpose of using ruggedized equipment is to ensure that it has increased longevity. Rugged technology devices are created to reach a four-to-six-year lifespan, whereas non-rugged equipment average a two-to-three-year lifespan.

Failure rates decrease

As mentioned above, rugged equipment is developed with an emphasis on durability. This kind of equipment is engineered with the consideration that it will undergo harsh environmental conditions, therefore devices must be equipped to deal with this without failing.  Studies show that rugged devices have a 2 percent average failure rate whereas non-rugged equipment is designed to less harsh conditions and an average 12 percent failure in ideal environments.

Operational parameters expand

Rugged devices are normally assessed as functional from zero to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and frequently exceed these specifications in production. In cold climates, non-rugged equipment would require to be left inside with the heat on until the ambient temperature surpasses 32 degrees. In warm climates, non-rugged devices may fail completely and be unable to power back on until their temperature lowers to an operational level. This would not be an issue for rugged equipment.

Visibility will be increased

Ruggedized equipment screens benefit from sunlight filtration, glare reduction, anti-reflective coatings and brightness ratings of up to 6000 nits, which allows for wide-angle viewing in direct sunlight. Non-rugged tools will have reduced quality versions of some of these features and will usually peak around 340 nits.

Additionally, ruggedized devices provide low-light accessible screens as well as multi-setting backlit keyboards. This allows individuals to successfully utilize the equipment at night time.

Improved communications

The use of technology is essential in the military in order to maintain communication. Rugged mobile data terminals provide internally adapted cellular, GPS, and W-Fi modems, which increase radio transmission and signals to be passed on to more powerful roof-mounted antennas much easier. This is a feature specifically added to rugged devices only.

Warranty upgrade

Rugged equipment is usually protected by standard warranties ranging from three-to-five years. It can also entail accidental impairment protection at no additional cost. As a result, users will have more peace of mind with a warranty upgrade.

The use of technological equipment in the military is highly important and provides many benefits. However, it is evident that the equipment used must be protected in order to ensure maximum security and loss prevention.

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