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How to Rename Your PC Under Windows 10

While it is not detrimental to rename your PC in any way, it is still important to consider it if you’re working on a large workgroup or networks. I always make sure to do it after building a new PC, and has become a habitual task that I shall never forget. It is easy, and a worthy thing to do – so let us jump straight on it. RENAMING THE PC THE EASY WAY: The easiest way to rename the PC is by visiting the Windows Settings via the notification button at the right side of your task bar (All...

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15K PHP Budget Gaming PC Build – Q4 2016

Overwatch Capable Budget Gaming PC The title says it all – A budget gaming PC around 15K PHP capable of handling titles at modest settings under 1080P with frame rate hoovering around 60+ FPS as our main concern. 15K PHP will actually net you a Radeon RX 480, or a GTX 1060, so we are pretty excited to see what this mid-range graphics card equivalent PC has to offer. Credit Goes To Capew for the Performance Review Now for this build, we’ve taken the opportunity to utilize a budget platform for the 6th Generation Intel micro-processors. We’d love to create...

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ShopBack: Is It Time to Switch to an SSD?

Solid-state drives or SSD for short, has been around for quite some years now but has never gained much recognition till recent times. Instead, its counterpart, the Hard Disk Drive or HDD, was always the preferred choice for data storage. In recent years, SSD has come onto the same playing field as the HDD. It has enough memory capacity to be used as the main storage device for the computer’s operating system as well as all the other data a computer has and needs to function with. The rise of the Solid State Drive comes with some questions: Has the time...

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Nvidia Pascal: GTX 1080 Features That You Should Know

What Does The GTX 1080 Brought To The Table? Last week, Nvidia invited us to Thailand, witnessing for ourselves the marvels of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, and to experience first hand how its architecture works – which is partly what we are going to talk about here in a  second. The GTX 1080 features the Pascal Micro Architecture, which is Nvidia’s latest utilizing a 16nm FinFet+ fabrication node with 7.2 Billion Transistors – a lot smaller than the Maxwell’s 28nm technology, and 800 Million less transistors. This turn is also accompanied by a rather smart set of features, enabling the GTX 1080 and...

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Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer Analyzed, Plus More Details

Battlefield Goes to The Great War Brutal, mind blowing, and full of surprises is what the Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer is all about and for those who haven’t watched it yet, you can check it here. Now, there are a lot of things to talk about the latest in EA’s AAA title, and we will start with the dissection of the trailer, frame by frame. We are also going to add some useful details from the official images. Now, without further ado, let’s start the digging. THE FIRST WORLD WAR IS BRUTAL: Love it or hate it, the First World War is...

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