Dota 2 is a popular MOBA game that has a total of 2164 tournaments. During big events, any Dota 2 betting site becomes a place where thousands of eSports enthusiasts come together and spend millions of dollars on their favorite team.

The audience of the game is impressive. For example, the Dota 2 maximum eSports viewership was o 2,741,514 (reached in 2021). The game’s developer has been keeping a certain level of Dota 1 complexity for more than 10 years already. That is why it is fairly difficult to get into without experience. However, some Dota 2 heroes are less difficult to master and effectively control compared to all others.


It is one of the most widely chosen heroes that takes 28th place in the popularity rankings and has a 50.20% win rate. This hero of Strength features a passive cleave. This option allows you to farm quickly. Being the hero of Strength, Sven also has a higher HP level.

top 3 dota 2 heroes beginners gp 2

Players often choose Sven if they need a powerful initiator to stun enemies. Also, thanks to Ultimate and God’s Strength skills, Sven may become a game changer. Another advantage of the hero is that it can be useful in the early and late game. Check out the basic skills of this hero:

  • Storm hammer: the hero throws his gauntlet, causes physical damage, and freezes the enemy for a short period of time;
  • Great cleave: this is an extremely powerful attack that literally cleaving all enemies in the target area (also, it brings a bonus Strength);
  • Wacry: this skill is directed to other heroes in the team, boosts their movement speed, and increases armor;
  • God’s strength: this skill brings bonus damage and temporarily decreases the enemy’s resistance.

Sven can bring only physical damage compared to most other heroes. Moreover, he may fall off in the Mid-Game if it is not ahead.


This hero would be a perfect pick to reach enemies in the Mid Lane (radius 800.0). According to the Dota 2 fans’ popularity ranking, this hero takes 12th place – featuring a 54.02% win rate.

top 3 dota 2 heroes beginners gp 3

Necrophos is distinguished by an impressive sustain and ability to bring serious magic damage. Here is the list of Necrophos skills:

  • Heartstopper aura: the hero steals a percentage of the enemy’s Health;
  • Death pulse: a combined skill that brings damage via a death wave and, at the same time, heals allies;
  • Ghost shroud: using this skill, the hero can slow the opponent and bring him additional magic damage;
  • Reaper’s scythe: a magic attack that can 100% regenerate Health and Mana (in case Necrophos kills the enemy);
  • Death seeker: the hero transforms into a Death Pulse and attacks the enemies around.

At the same time, this hero badly resists the same magic attacks.

Phantom Assassin

Although newcomers often pick this hero, it may guarantee a quick win if you use the right items. Phantom Assasin can boast a second place in the popularity ranking among Dota 2 players with a 52.47% win rate.

top 3 dota 2 heroes beginners gp 4

The playing strategy with this hero is quite simple: you must farm as quickly as possible. While buying items for Phantom Assassin, it is important to pick those that increase agility (Moon Shard, Skull Basher, Battle Fury, and more).

Here is a list of 4 skills Phantom Assassin has:

  • Stifling dagger: after throwing a dagger, this hero can slow down enemies and additionally bring physical damage;
  • Phantom strike: a quick attack via a teleport that brings bonus attack speed and stealing of the enemy’s Health;
  • Blur: this skill makes the hero blurred, which makes it harder for enemies to target and hit her;
  • Coup de Grace: this skill allows the use of Deadly Focus, which helps consume buff and gives a chance for a critical hit;
  • Fan of knives: activating this skill, you make Phantom Assassin throw knives in all directions around her, which bring physical damage and apply a break.

Also, this hero may prevent enemies from farming gold by killing creeps in the jungles. While farming, it is important to get a Battle of Fury as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that the dish-out damage option is fully random, so you may not be that lucky to get it.

Features that Make a Hero Easy to Play

A character must meet the following criteria to be a perfect option for Dota 2 beginners.

Criteria Description
Complexity Such a hero does not have any specific skill shot or combos
Scalability Such a hero fits almost all battles and is not affected by any changes in meta
Simplicity to fulfill a role This hero does not require extra skills to 100% fulfill his role (or a support team has a necessary kit)
Easy to understand You can pick this hero and understand all his abilities, pros, and cons immediately from the first battle

For a better understanding of a particular hero, you can visit the Dota 2 official website. There, you find a detailed description of all heroes, including complexity, skills, and abilities.

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