MSI is excited to announce a significant enhancement in the gaming performance of the Claw, with performance boosts of up to 150% due to new BIOS and GPU drivers. Additionally, these updates allow the Claw to seamlessly run the top 100 popular games on Steam, ensuring a superior mobile gaming experience.

The new E1T41IMS.106 BIOS (referred to as 106) and GPU driver (referred to as 5445) for the MSI Claw have significantly enhanced gaming performance according to internal tests. For instance, the performance of the well-known open-world horror game “7 Days to Die” increased by up to 150%. Other popular games such as “Monster Hunter World” and “Cyberpunk 2077” also saw performance improvements of over 50% with the new BIOS and GPU drivers, providing a smoother gaming experience.

msi claw improves gaming performance recent update

Consumers can now download the latest BIOS from the MSI official website and the newest GPU drivers from the Intel ARC official website. Additionally, starting with BIOS 106, users can update the BIOS directly within the Windows environment without the need for an additional USB flash drive or docking station, significantly increasing convenience. For BIOS update methods, please refer to the update instructions in the BIOS file.

To continuously improve user experience, MSI is actively working with Intel to optimize the performance of the Claw. We believe that with each update to the BIOS, GPU drivers, and the built-in gaming intermediary software, MSI Center M, the Claw will offer a more stable and smoother gaming experience.

Additionally, to ensure that the new BIOS and GPU drivers deliver maximum benefits, MSI officially recommends using the following settings during gaming to achieve the best gaming experience:

Game-related Setting Suggested Setting
User Scenario Extreme Performance
In-game Resolution FHD (1920*1080)
In-game Graphic Quality Low
XeSS (Xe Super Sampling) Performance (if applicable)
V-Sync OFF
FPS Limitation OFF

For more information about the Claw, users can visit the following locations. MSI also has dedicated personnel stationed at the official forum and the official Sub-Reddit to respond to user inquiries. Users are encouraged to make the most of these resources:

  • Claw Official Product Page:
  • Claw Official User Guide:
  • Claw Official Forum:
  • Claw Official Sub-Reddit:

*Performance differences may occur between each Claw unit due to variations in processor performance.

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