What we have for review is the RAKK MAG-AN wireless mouse. This is a lightweight gaming mouse, weighing in at just under 53 grams. In true RAKK fashion, it sits at a comfortable MSRP of ₱1,495 PHP.

Specification wise, the MAG-AN houses the Pixart PAW3335 sensor, capable of reaching 16000 DPI and 40 G of acceleration. The mouse also supports tri-mode connectivity via USB, 2.4 GHz RF, and Bluetooth.

Disclosure: RAKK sent the MAG-AN for the purpose of this review – free of charge. As usual, the company did not ask me to say anything particular about it.

Technical Specifications

Design Semi-ambidextrous
Type Optical
Resolution 16000 DPI
Polling Rate 1000 Hz, 125 Hz (Bluetooth)
Connectivity USB 2.0, 2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth 5.0
Type Huano 80M, Huano 3M (Secondary)
Mount Soldered
Length 114.9 mm
Width 59.6 mm
Height 34.6 mm
Weight 53 g

Packaging and Accessories

The RAKK MAG-AN comes in a simple two part packaging.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 7

Scope of delivery are as follows:

  • 1.6 m USB Type-C to Type-A cable
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless dongle
  • Wireless dongle holder and cable clip combo
  • USB Type-C to Type-A adapter
  • Documentation (s)

There’s a surprising amount of accessories bundled with the MAG-AN – price considered.

Design, Build and Connectivity

The RAKK MAG-AN is a semi-ambidextrous gaming mouse, featuring honeycomb perforations to aid weight-savings. Initially available in black, it is also now available in a white variant. This mouse comes with a weight of approximately 53 grams.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 2

For a small to medium sized gaming mouse, the MAG-AN peaks at a height of 35 mm. Since this is a semi-ambidextrous mouse, the navigation buttons are exclusively located on its left side.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 3

Perforations are duly present at the bottom side of the mouse where the DPI button and the power/connection switch are also located. The PTFE skates appears to be easy enough to replicate, however, I find the lack of legends for the switch bothersome. Nothing else to see here aside from the exposed matte-black PCB and the PAW3335 sensor.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 5

RAKK markets the MAG-AN as a tri-mode gaming mouse. That said, it comes with a USB Type-C cable for data transmission and charging, along with support for wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 6

It is hard to fault the MAG-AN, considering its price-point. If I must complain something else, I would appreciate an area where I could stow the receiver in.


Based on my measurements, the RAKK MAG-AN has a length of roughly 115 mm, a minimum grip area of around 55 mm and again, a height of about 35 mm at its peak. Those measurements fits your typical medium sized mouse with a bit of leeway for small hand sizes. Weighing in at around 53 grams, the MAG-AN is one of the lightest gaming mouse I’ve tested so far.

RAKK MAG AN Wireless Mouse 1

As for the grip styles, the MAG-AN is suitable for palm, claw and even finger-tip grip styles for medium hand sizes. However, if you have smaller hands and uses your wrist to aim with claw and finger-tip grip styles, you will have to get accustomed to its length, thereby becoming its limitations with the said grip and aiming style combinations.

Input Lag

The MAG-AN’s latency is pretty decent, averaging at 5.32 ms when it is hooked up via USB. It gets higher at 6.54 ms on average via 2.4 GHz RF which is still within the realm of capable gaming mice. Bluetooth mode however comes with an average of 20.11 ms latency which is only good if you are going to use the mouse casually and or wants to conserve power consumption.


Now CPI deviation is quite high at 800 CPI, but it goes better as we increase the mouse’s sensitivity, even all the way to 16000 – with 1600 being the best out of the box. I usually set my pointing device’s CPI to 800, but with the MAG-AN, I’d rather use 1600 and set my sensitivity accordingly to match my muscle memory. 9.38% deviation is just too high.


Speed-related accuracy variance (SRAV) is definitely present, and it does go lower as we speed up each measurements. Keeping this in mind, you will most likely experience acceleration related variances at 800 CPI, combined with a slower movement speed.

Polling Rate

Now polling rate is pretty much spot-on for all three connectivity modes tested. Wired is the best, but wireless 2.4 GHz RF is not bad either. Bluetooth is of course the worst offender out of the modes which is not a surprise, given that it maxes out at 125 Hz.

Actuation Force

Force required to actuate the main buttons is just under 50 cN, about typical for some Huano switches. Pressing the middle mouse button puts the highest resistance though at 207 cN, which is not the best if you are used to a device with a lighter actuation force concerning the said button. It takes a while to get used to its stiffness, but I would overall commend the MAG-AN due to its tactile and well designed main buttons.

Final Thoughts

The RAKK MAG-AN presents itself as a compelling option within its price range, offering a blend of lightweight design and versatile connectivity options on top of its respectable sensor performance.

Now the packaging of the MAG-AN is modest yet surprisingly comprehensive, featuring an array of accessories I never thought possible for its already value oriented price of just under 1,500 Pesos – definitely one of the strong points of the gaming mouse.

As for the design, its semi-ambidextrous shape actually caters to a wide range of grip and aiming style combinations. Be warned if you have smaller hands though, as you may need to make adjustments due its design limitations for the said hand size. To add, the stiffness of the middle mouse button could pose a challenge for prolonged use, requiring you to adapt if you are accustomed to lighter actuation forces.

While the mouse demonstrates commendable performance in terms of input lag and polling rate across its connectivity modes, there are notable areas for improvement. That includes the CPI deviation particularly at 800 CPI, along with the speed related acceleration – affecting its precision. Adjustments in sensitivity settings are necessary to make it work, but from where my measurements stands, I highly recommend going with 1600 CPI and adjust from there.

Faults considered, I still find the RAKK MAG-AN as a good option for gamers seeking a budget-friendly yet feature-rich wireless gaming mouse. Its combination of lightweight design, versatile connectivity, and respectable sensor performance makes it a worthy contender in its class, particularly for those who are prioritizing decent performance without breaking the bank.

RAKK MAG-AN Wireless Mouse ₱1,495.00 PHP
Value Award

Product Name: MAG-AN Wireless Mouse

Product Description: The RAKK MAG-AN Tri-mode PAW3335 Gaming Mouse in sleek black offers a lightweight 53 g design for swift movements. With its precise sensor and customizable tri-mode button layout, it's a powerful tool for gamers. Elevate your gaming experience with this precision-engineered device.

Brand: RAKK



Despite its faults, the RAKK MAG-AN is positioned as a strong choice in its price bracket due to its lightweight design, versatile connectivity options, and decent sensor performance.


  • Lightweight at just 53 grams
  • Semi-ambidextrous design
  • Low input lag
  • Consistent polling rate
  • Competitive price


  • High deviation at 800 CPI

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