Sennheiser has unveiled the HD 620S – a closed-back headphone designed to deliver uncompromising sound quality for private, reference listening.

The HD 620S represents the newest addition to the esteemed HD 600 series, providing audiophiles with an impressive closed headphone option for private, high-quality listening experiences without any compromises.

Jermo Koehnke, Audiophile Product Manager, expressed, “The demand for headphones that combine the exceptional qualities of our 600 series with the ability to isolate from external distractions has been resounding within the hi-fi community. The HD 620S not only meets this demand but exceeds expectations with its immersive soundstage and precise response, elevating the listening experience in any setting where superior performance is paramount.”

Custom-tuned 42mm dynamic transducer

At the core of the HD 620S lies a custom-tuned 42mm dynamic transducer crafted at Sennheiser’s cutting-edge facility in Tullamore, Ireland. This transducer inherits the smooth, detailed sound signature of the open-back 600 series while introducing a modern, spacious sound profile that maintains clarity and depth in the bass frequencies.

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With a high damping factor and a 150-ohm aluminum voice coil, the HD 620S excels at reproducing transients and instrument nuances with remarkable speed and accuracy, catering to audiophiles and avid gamers seeking maximum detail in their audio experience.

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The design of the HD 620S blends iconic comfort with acoustic precision. Featuring a beloved chassis renowned for its long-term wearability, the headphones incorporate metal elements not just for aesthetics but also to manage internal reflections, ensuring a vivid and transparent sound reproduction. The angled baffle design promotes the free flow of air, emulating the spaciousness of open-back headphones while delivering precise imaging akin to high-end speaker setups in expertly calibrated rooms.

Exceptional soundstage in a closed-back design

While open-back headphones are favored by purists for their natural soundstage, closed-back headphones like the HD 620S offer essential isolation for focused listening. With its exceptional soundstage and absence of the typical boxed-in sound associated with closed headphones, the HD 620S represents a breakthrough in real-world performance, providing audiophiles with the immersive experience they crave without compromising on isolation.

Built to endure

The HD 620S features a metal-reinforced headband and earcup housings for durability. It comes with a storage pouch to keep dust away and neatly store the detachable cable, which terminates to a single-ended 3.5mm stereo plug with an integrated locking screw for the included 6.3mm adapter.

Additionally, an optional balanced 4.4mm cable will be available for audiophiles looking to connect to hi-fi devices supporting this connector. The headphones utilize a twist-and-lock single-sided cable design, offering users various aftermarket options including different cable lengths and an in-line microphone.

Price and availability

The HD 620S is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on June 6th, 2024. It can be purchased from select retailers and Sennheiser’s official website at a recommended retail price of £299.99 / €349.90. Read more at Sennheiser.

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