In for a closer look is the MSI PRO MP251 monitor. This is a business class display featuring a 100 Hz refresh rate in a 24.5-inch Full HD IPS panel. It retails at ₱5,995 PHP which is a competitive price point considering its main set of features.

Disclosure: MSI sent the PRO MP251 for the purpose of this review. The brand did not ask me to say anything particular about it.

Technical Specifications

Panel Size 24.5 in
Panel/Backlight IPS
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare/Matte (3H)
Resolution 1920 x  1080 (16:9)
Pixel Density 89.91 ppi
Refresh Rate 100 Hz
Variable Refresh Rate Adaptive-Sync
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Contrast ‎Ratio 1,300:1
Response Time‎ 4 ms (GtG)
Color Coverage 101% sRGB (CIE 1976)
Color Depth 8-bit (6-bit + FRC)
Display HDMI (1.4b), D-Sub (VGA)
Audio‎ 2x 3.5 mm (Line-in + Headphone-out), 2x 2 W Speaker
VESA Mount‎ 100 x 100 mm
Pivot N/A
Swivel N/A
Tilt -5°/+20°
Lift N/A
Anti-strain Blue Light Filter
Length 558 mm
Width 53 mm
Height 422 mm
Weight 2.9 kg

Packaging and Accessories

The PRO MP251 is sandwiched between two EPS foam inserts along with its bundled parts and accessories.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 1

Scope of delivery are as follows:

  • MSI PRO MP251
  • HDMI cable
  • Power adapter
  • Power cord
  • Documentation(s)

The monitor comes with bare necessities.

Design, Build and Connectivity

The PRO MP251 is all business in black. It is no Ultramarine nor had any similarities with MSI’s Modern series of products, but it has that utilitarian appeal – as seen with its pen and phone holder.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 6

The rear is no different which is a nice ting to see considering my growing disdain with aggressive gaming gear designs. Like many business monitor models, VESA mounting is of course an option.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 3

What surprised me the most about the MP251 is its implementation of a joystick enhanced navigation. I have not seen anything like it at the $100 USD price bracket. This is a much appreciated feature and I am gushing for it.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 4

Input and output wise, you’d get the basics. There’s an HDMI port here, a D-Sub, headphone-out and a line-in should you wish to use the 2 W speakers in combination with the VGA port from your PC or with something else entirely.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 2

While it doesn’t exude a tank like build-quality due to the materials used and how light the monitor is, the MP251 is still a cut above average in this particular area. The 2 W stereo speaker in particular is shockingly good for its price.


Keeping up with its surprises, the MSI PRO MP251 comes with a modern OSD menu which is refreshing to see compared to the competition. We have five main menus here with up to three or even four tiers of navigation. There’s even an alarm clock on top of Eye-Q Check which is basically a series of tests you could do to check your eye and posture.


Brightness, contrast, sharpness and other standard settings are unsurprisingly included at the OSD. It doesn’t come with the option to change the gamma nor the color temperature (Kelvin, not RGB) so it is telling that the monitor is indeed a budget oriented one.


Regardless, I still find the OSD and navigation almost flawless for its designated price. I mean c’mon, you don’t normally see even half of these stuff at like a 100 bucks.


The MP251 comes with a 24.5 inch panel featuring a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, translating to a decent 89.91 ppi. It is a bit larger in comparison to its 24 inch brethren (obviously) but it is not that substantial – unless you put it next to one. This monitor comes with an anti blue light filter, has a nice matte coating to combat glare and does come with support for VESA mounting on top of its eye and posture check feature – A.K.A. the Eye-Q Check.

MSI PRO MP251 Monitor 7

The stand allows tilt and nothing else. Pretty basic in this regard but then again, you have the option to buy any third-party stand or mount for your exact needs via its VESA mount.

OSD Settings

Out of the box, this monitor comes with a bluish tint which is far from ideal so calibration is a must. The Office preset would work since it is the closest to D65 but I ultimately picked User since that preset allows me to virtually change any settings found within the monitor.

Spyder5 ELITE | OSD Settings
Settings Brightness (cd/m²) Black Level (%) Contrast (:) White Point (K)
Eco 219.3 0.26 840:1 7300
User 245.2 0.29 840:1 7300
Anti-Blue 169.7 0.26 660:1 5600
Movie 272.9 0.01 840:1 7300
Office 208.6 0.24 860:1 6900
Black-White 244.8 0.29 840:1 7300

OSD settings are as follows:

  • Preset = User (Default)
  • Brightness = 26 (120 cd/m²)
  • Contrast = 70 (Default)
  • Color Temperature = Custom (R50, G49, B47)
  • Gamma = N/A
  • Color Space = N/A

Shoot me an email if you need the ICC or ICM profile for this particular monitor.


Color coverage is quite good for its supported color space which is sRGB.

Spyder5 ELITE | Gamut, Percent (%)
Color Space sRGB AdobeRGB DCI-P3 NTSC
Measured 100 79 83 76

Tone Response

Gamma level is locked so I am happy to see a standard 2.2 level here in spite of the limitation.

Spyder5 ELITE | Tone Response, Gamma (γ)
Target 1.8 2.0 2.2 2.4 2.6
Measured N/A N/A 2.2 N/A N/A

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness level is adjustable between 37.7 to 278.6 cd/m². Contrast on the other hand is rated at 850:1 on our calibrated brightness level of 120 cd/m². White point remained constant up until 75% brightness. Pretty good results we got here.

Spyder5 ELITE | Brightness and Contrast
Settings Brightness (cd/m²) Black Level (%) Contrast (:) White Point (K)
0% 37.7 cd/m² 0.00% 37740:1 6500 K
25% 115.2 cd/m² 0.14% 850:1 6500 K
50% 188.0 cd/m² 0.22% 850:1 6500 K
75% 248.5 cd/m² 0.28% 880:1 6500 K
100% 278.6 cd/m² 0.33% 850:1 6600 K

Screen Uniformity

The PRO MP251’s color uniformity is excellent for its class. My only complaint here is the top most right corner of the screen.

Spyder5 ELITE | Color Uniformity, Delta-E (ΔE)
1.8 1.6 3.3
0.9 0.6 1.3
0.3 0.0 0.4

Luminance hot spots on the other hand could be better especially at the lower middle part of the panel. It is 16% darker than the brightest areas of the panel (upper left and right).

Spyder5 ELITE | Luminance Uniformity, Percent (%)
0 9 0
1 6 2
5 16 7

Color Accuracy

The monitor passed the 12-patch color accuracy test with an average Delta-E of 1.20. Highest offender here is the 1F Patch ID (Primary Cyan).

Spyder5 ELITE | Color Accuracy, Delta-E (ΔE)
Patch ID sRGB Measured
1E 249, 242, 238 0.21
2E 202, 198, 195 0.63
3E 161, 154, 157 0.55
4E 122, 118, 116 1.21
5E 80, 80, 78  1.29
6E  43, 41, 43 1.36
1F 0, 127, 159 4.49
2F 192, 75, 145 0.80
3F 245, 205, 0 0.36
4F 186, 26, 51  1.14
5F 57, 146, 64 1.26
6F  25, 55, 135 1.12
Minimum 0.21
Maximum 4.49
Average 1.20

Response Time

The MSI PRO MP251 comes with an acceptable level of perceived response time at 14.22 ms. That accounts for the the initial response time (GtG) and overshoot which is by the way zero, nil. That said, we got these figures with the OSD Response Time set at Fast. Going faster or in this case, Fastest nets a negative with a bit better GtG but with a lot of overshoot. These, along with a visual confirmation, indicates an above average performance compared to a high-end 60 Hz panel but with the benefits of a smoother 100 Hz refresh rate.

OSRTT | Response Time, Millisecond (ms)
0 51 102 153 204 255
0 10.9 14.9 16.2 15.4 12.2
51 9.8 8.6 13.7 14.6 11.2
102 14.5 15.2 8.2 11.8 10
153 17.6 21.2 11 8.1 8.6
204 20.2 26.5 16.9 7.8 6.5
255 22.6 29.8 21.8 12.8 8.1

By the way, the monitor also supports strobing under its MPRT mode. It also comes with Adaptive-Sync support so if you fancy those features, then this model is right up your alley.

Input Lag

Now input lag is excellent, featuring a 5 ms average On Display Lag.


At 120 cd/m², we measured about 10.2 W of power consumption. These are great results even for a 24.5 incher. Color me impressed.

Final Thoughts

The MSI PRO MP251 monitor presents itself as a compelling option in the business class category and of course gaming – to a good extent, offering a set of features that make it stand out competitively at ₱5,995 PHP.

The monitor’s design leans towards a utilitarian aesthetic, lacking the flashy elements often associated with gaming gears which is just expected for its primary target audience. The inclusion of a pen and phone holder adds to its practical appeal and it doesn’t end there. The implementation of a joystick for ease of navigation just sets it apart from the rest in its price range.

Connectivity options are basic but cover the essentials, including HDMI, D-Sub, headphone-out, and line-in. While the build quality may not scream premium, the monitor surpasses the standard offerings, even coming in with a surprisingly good pair of 2 W stereo speakers.

The OSD menu is a standout feature, offering a modern and user-friendly interface with unexpected additions like an alarm clock and the MSI Eye-Q Check. Despite the budget orientation, the OSD provides comprehensive control, showcasing a level of detail uncommon in monitors within its price range.

In terms of ergonomics, the monitor’s 24.5-inch Full HD IPS panel, anti-blue light filter, and matte-coating contributes to a very comfortable viewing experience. Now while the stand only allows for tilt adjustment, the VESA mounting support gives the option to customize it according to your needs.

Out of the box, the monitor requires calibration to address its cold or bluish tint so I recommend you do so unless the stock white point of 7300 K is your thing. That aside, color accuracy, gamut, and tone response are commendable, meeting expectations for its supported color space. Brightness and contrast levels on the other hand are satisfactory, and screen uniformity is generally good, with minor issues in specific areas.

The response time of 14.22 ms indicates an above-average performance, especially considering the smooth 100 Hz display. Input lag is excellent though at a 5 ms average, contributing to a responsive gaming experience – everything considered. Power consumption is impressively low, measuring 10.2 W at 120 cd/m², reinforcing the monitor’s power efficiency.

In summary, the MSI PRO MP251 delivers a well-rounded performance, combining practical design, and user-friendly features at a competitive price. It is a noteworthy choice for those seeking a reliable business-class monitor along with a low-key gaming prowess without breaking the bank.

MSI PRO MP251 $126.95 USD
Editors Award

Product Name: PRO MP251

Product Description: The MSI PRO MP251 Series prioritizes concentration and space efficiency. Incorporating EyesErgo technology, it promotes well-being by minimizing strain through its ergonomic design. This monitor enhances visual experience and productivity through smooth integration of hardware and software, and it embraces a 100Hz refresh rate for future-proofing work applications.

Brand: MSI



The MSI PRO MP251 monitor excels in both business and entertainment, featuring practical features wrapped in a competitive price point. It is without a doubt, a reliable choice for those who are looking for a versatile monitor with work and play in-mind.


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