NVIDIA continues to elevate gaming experiences by integrating RTX technologies into new titles on a weekly basis. Today, they are thrilled to unveil that Homeworld 3 will debut this week featuring DLSS 2.

Homeworld 3 reintroduces gamers to the iconic Real Time Strategy series, offering breathtaking fully 3D environments and strategic warfare. With the freedom to attack from any angle, DLSS 2 ensures seamless gameplay, allowing players to concentrate on leading their fleets. The game hits the shelves on May 13, while enthusiasts opting for the Fleet Command Edition can embark on their conquests as early as May 10.

nvidia dlss ai acceleration comes to homeworld 3 1

New titles embracing DLSS 2

For those exploring their gaming horizons, Early-Access RPG Bellwright and FPS Incursion Red River are also optimized with DLSS 2. Whether embracing the hero’s journey or immersing in mercenary life in Vietnam, players can expect unparalleled frame rates and performance.

Numerous DLSS integrations are on the horizon for a diverse array of games. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming DLSS and RTX titles.

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