YouTube is a beast of a platform when it comes to social media sites. Every day hundreds of millions of people are active on YouTube. Nowadays, being a YouTuber has become a full-time profession for many people. It is a nice profession for people passionate about making videos. If you are looking to become a YouTuber and get a lot of views then these tools might help you.

You may have been using services to buy YouTube views or boosting subscriber count using services to buy YouTube subscribers. But if you want to move towards a more organic promotion strategy that will help you in the long-term then SEO and keyword research are something you should definitely use. Using these you can rank your videos on YouTube. This list contains tools that can help you with that.

Google Trends

YouTube is the biggest social media platform. It is owned by Google. So, if you are looking to improve your content promotion on the website then it would be a good idea to check out the service provided by Google itself. This is the reason we decided to start the list with Google Trends. Google Trends is one of the best tools out there to make inferences about the online audience. Let’s say you are interested in a topic and would like to make a video about it. But you are not sure whether you will be able to get a good quantity of engagement. This is where Google Trends comes in. You can use this tool to find out whether people are interested in your topic or not.

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Now, of course, Google trends isn’t a direct way to rank your video on YouTube. But it will help you tailor your content to get more views. Of course, you can buy YouTube views. A lot of people do so. But if you want good tools which can help you improve the quality and the marketing of your video then you should go with Google trends.  It is very easy to use. Just put your keyword on the explore bar.

You will get a result. But this will be a combination of data from various different platforms. So, choose YouTube Search as the option from the drop-down menu. You will be able to see the line chart that provides the trend of the keyword over the past year. You can use various filters to refine your search.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a keyword rank checker. We all know to be able to rank your video decently so that it pops up during organic searches, you need to have a good keyword. Although Google Trends is a very nice tool and doesn’t really cost money sometimes you need a professional tool that focuses entirely on providing unlimited data when it comes to keyword rank checking.

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Using Rank Tracker you will be able to track keywords without any limits. You will be able to check the positions in search engine result pages or SERPs.

It also provides the rankings for the exact location and it also has the feature analyze the ranking performance if any keyword. All these features are packed in one tool. This makes it quite easy for having good SEO on your videos. Once you have uploaded your video you can track its ranking using this tool. But it is not only limited to YouTube as you can use it for keyword research on various search engines and websites.

This is not a free tool and they have two packages for customers. The profession package is $124 and the Enterprise package is $299. The company does provide a free and trial version for you to check. You can use it to see whether the tool is helping you to improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube.

YouTube Autosuggestion

Well, if you want your videos to rank well on YouTube then what better place to analyze keywords than on YouTube itself. There are lots of advantages of using YouTube itself as the keyword analysis tool especially when you are starting out. This is because most people who start uploading videos on YouTube may not have much idea about search engine optimization.

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They may not be ranking their videos at all. YouTube is free and is a very good tool for keyword research when you are new to the YouTube game. So, how do you use it? Well, go to YouTube and put in the search term or the topic of your video.

For example, let’s say you want to upload origami tutorials on your channel. So, go to YouTube and put in the word origami. You will find YouTube auto-suggesting various results. These are long-tail keywords that YouTube suggests after annexing them with your search term. This is a very good way to find new keywords as when anyone will search origami on YouTube these are the autosuggestions that they will get.

This means they are very likely to click on one of them. Now, of course, all the keywords are not ranked the same. You can either look at the search results to understand what kind of titles popular videos have for that page or you can use a keyword rank tool like the ones mentioned above to analyze the rank of the keywords that you found.


Neil Patel is a beast when it comes to digital marketing. He is one of the top influencers and has been a New York Times Bestselling author. So, it is possible that the tools that he creates for helping businesses with online marketing and promotion are probably pretty decent. One of his popular tools is Ubersuggest. You can use this tool to find out how your keywords or domains are performing in the market. It suggests various keywords from the head term to the long-tail phrases and this particular feature of the tool is completely free!

The tool will not only suggest keywords but also provide various analytics related to them. You will be able to learn about the performance of each keyword broken down into various factors including volume, competition, seasonal trends etc. The tool also generates keywords based on what is working for your competitors and also what users are typing while using Google.

What makes Ubersuggest decent is that it provides so many metrics for keywords without taking any money for people. Of course, you can pay for the tool and get tonnes of other features but for the keyword performance and rank checker feature you do not have to pay. If you want overall digital marketing help then the plans start at $12 per month. A 7-day free trial is available.

There are tons of tools when it comes to keyword research. So, this is not an exhaustive list. But the tools mentioned above are quite decent and can help rank your videos. If you are using promotion methods to buy YouTube subscribers or paying service providers to buy YouTube views then you may want to switch to keyword research and SEO as it is a much more organic way to grow in YouTube. We hope you will find good use of these tools and grow on YouTube. All the best!

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