Pearl Abyss announced today that it has integrated all characters’ Life Skill levels to now be Family-based in Black Desert. The long-awaited update will considerably simplify Black Desert’s Life content, including Life-related buffs and quest completion.

Aside from defeating monsters, Black Desert is filled with enjoyable content, including a range of ten different Life activities such as Gathering, Fishing, Cooking, and more. Before today’s update, each character in a Family had a unique level for each activity. This will now be a thing of the past, as Pearl Abyss has revamped and simplified the system. 

The new Life Skill level will be calculated by combining experience points for each Life activity of all characters in the Family. Also, the maximum level of Life Skills has been expanded to Guru 100. Based on the new calculations, Adventurers who already reached Guru 50 will be able to receive a new higher level.

Adventurers no longer need to switch between characters to perform specific Life activities as the buffs will also be shared within the Family. Life-related quests can now be accepted by all characters as long as the Family Life Skill level meets the requirement. 

More information can be found on Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia’s official website

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