Pearl Abyss announced today that it has added a guaranteed gear enhancement system to Black Desert. The new “Ancient Anvil” is a ground-breaking improvement to the game where Adventurers will eventually meet an end in each gear enhancement level.

The new system will generate “Agris Essence” when Adventurers fail to enhance their gear. When the number of accumulated essences reaches a specified number needed for each gear, Ancient Anvil will be activated, guaranteeing successful enhancement in the next attempt for that gear.

Sharing the same method, the essence will individually stack for each accessory item. Whereas weapons and armors will share the number of essences as long as they are in the same group with the same enhancement level.

For example, essence gathered by attempting a TET (IV) Blackstar Greatsword can be applied to another Blackstar weapon of the same enhancement level, such as a TET (IV) Blackstar Crossbow. In the case of accessories, the number of essences will be specific to each item. For instance, essences earned from Deboreka Necklace cannot be shared with any other group of accessories or other accessories of the same group.

As a refresher of last week’s update, Adventurers can now play musical instruments with any classes in Black Desert, and five new instruments have been added. Black Desert also introduced a fashionable outfit, “Campus Blossom.” It is a perfect time to dive into the game as the ultimate J’s Hammer of Precision giveaway is still ongoing.

Pearl Abyss will continue applying more quality-of-life improvements in various areas to make Black Desert more accessible.

More information can be found on Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia’s official website.

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