Pearl Abyss announced that it is celebrating its 1st global self-publishing anniversary for Black Desert. With the release of the recent “Land of the Morning Light,” Pearl Abyss not only proved itself as a global developer but also established several milestones as a global publisher by effectively positioning the content in different markets.

Coupled with a highly stable, user-friendly service across the world, its vast experience in self-publishing worldwide had led to the successful launch of the new region, the Land of the Morning Light.

Positive media stories published throughout North America and Europe demonstrated this success by acknowledging the freshness and completeness of the content driven by a strong inspiration from traditional Korean culture.

“Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light succeeds most with what it delivers to us for a magical journey: pleasure and fun,” IGN France reported upon their preview of the content. Another game website, Massively OP, says, “It’s not often that MMORPGs change the way they do things in an expansion, but this was a good move for them.”

To convey their gratitude for the support from global Adventurers toward this achievement and to celebrate their anniversary, Black Desert SEA is holding a set of celebratory events and providing lucrative rewards.

Adventurers can meet the NPC “Kakuo” at Heidel and follow the questline to receive “Drawings from Kakuo.” By combining these drawings in the correct order, Adventurers can obtain one of many special pieces of furniture to decorate their residence.

Last but not least, Adventurers can receive the limited accessories, “Blood-eyed Visor” and “Blood-eyed Earrings” by completing the questline “Touchey-Feely Heart to Heart,” which can be received from the adventurer’s long-time companion, the Black Spirit.

The celebration for the anniversary will continue with more events and lucrative rewards.

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at

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