Working from home has become a necessity in almost all industries. The covid-19 pandemic forced many organizations to rethink their cultures and accommodate remote working to keep their operations going without exposing their employees and clients to unnecessary risks. And as this new normal became mainstream, it opened the eyes of most companies to new opportunities. For instance, most firms realized they could overcome geographical limitations to tap global talents.

But, for remote working to be effective, your company must have the necessary tools to facilitate seamless communication and execution of duties. Of course, the internet plays an integral part, but it is only one piece of the jigsaw.

The following are some of the remote business tools that you must have:

Video Conferencing Tools

Virtual meetings are necessary for efficient communication, as video conferencing tools facilitate this communication while adding a human touch to make the meetings more productive and fun.

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Here are two of the most commonly used platforms:


Several businesses benefited hugely from the COVID-19 lockdowns, and Zoom was one of them. This video conferencing platform became so popular thanks to its highly intuitive interface and low bandwidth. It provides seamless communication while keeping data consumption at a minimum which is crucial since you don’t want to overburden your employees with high data costs.

Zoom has other really impressive features. For instance, it has a record option that allows your staff to record vital meetings containing details that are crucial for their tasks. It also supports screen sharing and offers a reasonably big capacity for the number of people that can attend meetings.


Skype has been around for almost two decades now. The platform offers a myriad of features, from screen sharing to messaging tools and live subtitles. It has incredible video and audio quality and is available free of charge.

Chatting Tools

Chat applications provide real-time communication that’s impossible to achieve through emails. With the best tools, you can have your employees in a single group for easier collaboration. They can exchange ideas, ask questions, and even hold occasional small talks, wish each other happy birthdays, etc. Therefore, the tool isn’t just ideal for boosting performance but also to eliminate loneliness among the workers.


Slack is one of the best collaboration tools in the corporate world. The application is easy to set up, and it offers several features to deliver the best experience. It supports several channels, direct messaging, file attachments (PDFs, videos, images).

In addition to chats, Slack also provides video and audio features.

Project Management Tools

This is the one place you can’t afford to mess up. Working from home comes with a lot of challenges. Your employees will be working within the vicinity of their beds, HBO Max, fridge, kids, gaming consoles, etc. These are possible distractions that can affect their performance and productivity. The best project management tools make a big difference. As mentions, a good system can boost sales productivity, helping companies to meet their bottom line. It also makes coaching new employees so much easier.

Here are some of the top project management tools:


Trello is a powerful yet easy-to-use software that enables remote teams to manage and execute projects. The software breaks down the project into smaller tasks. It starts with boards which are then divided into lists followed by cards. Each card contains a specific task and details like attachments, due date, chatbox, etc. It simplifies the entire project making it easier for each member to know their specific roles.


The name of the app sounds almost like a “To-do list,” and that’s not a coincidence because that’s how it works.

The application lets you add specific tasks to a to-do list and attach the details necessary for executing the work. For instance, you can create comments, priority level, due date, etc.

Todoist is as simple as a project management tool can get.

File Storage and Sharing Tools

Choosing the right file sharing and storage tool is essential for several reasons. In addition to maintaining a smooth workflow, the tool is also supposed to offer security, ensuring the finer details of your projects are never compromised.

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Some of the recommended platforms are:


Dropbox offers both personal and business accounts. Dropbox Business provides more functionality to organizations. On top of storing and sharing files, it also integrates with other important tools like Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Google Drive

Google drive provides security, transparency, real-time document editing, and many other features. It’s also one of the most reliable file-sharing platforms on the market.

Remote working is the future for most industries. It can save your company thousands of dollars per month on office space, furniture, etc. But none of that matters if you can’t get your team to work and coordinate efficiently from different locations. That’s why the above tools are critical for your success.

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