Okay, these cases may not weight tons, but damn, In Win surely knows how to design and tease them at the COMPUTEX Taipei!


Starting off with the Tou, this case redefines what a case should be, in a designer’s perspective. With an aluminum frame, and safety glass panels from 3M, the In Win Tou is indeed a beautifully crafted case. Moreover, the case will not only come in a glass body, it will also come in a full aluminum flavor: 3 freakin’ millimeter thick aluminum to be precise. The case also support long graphics cards, and a 360mm radiator. Nice!


Probably my favorite so far, the In Win GR-3 is another beautifully crafted full tower chassis that aims to revolutionize your system’s audio by incorporating a Dynamic Sound System technology which basically simulates 5.1 channel headphone amplifier. The case also features standard full tower features, along with a GPU bracket, and an optional wireless charger for mobile devices!



The In Win H-Frame on the otherhand, is an open air full aluminum chassis. It comes in King Size, and Mini flavor, and features tons of features for its stylish open air appearance.



Overall, In Win really did a great job showcasing the cases. We just wished that we where there at the event to witness them all. Pricing and availability is still no where to be found though.