MSI has received several reports from its users encountering a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) that has an error message that reads “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” with MSI’s 600/700 series motherboards after installing the Windows 11 update, KB5029351 Preview.

Both MSI and Microsoft are aware of the “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” error and have begun investigating the root cause. While the investigation is underway, MSI recommend that all users temporarily refrain from installing the KB5029351 Preview update in Windows. MSI will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.

Temporary Workaround

If you have already encountered this issue, KB5029351 might automatically be uninstalled to allow Windows to restore to normal.

However, if KB5029351 is not automatically uninstalled, MSI recommends reverting your BIOS to the previous version and uninstalling KB5029351 from Windows.

If you are unsure of how to restore to restore to older BIOS, this video link will help you on how to flash the BIOS on MSI motherboards.

More information on KB5029351

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