NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services is releasing a robust roster of products designed to give more flexibility to the PC gaming community. This launch introduces an H510 case optimized for airflow, all-white cooling options, and bronze power supplies. These exciting additions to the NZXT lineup are directly informed by user feedback, addressing interest in high-performance components with added customizability.

This case introduces a much-anticipated addition to NZXT’s lineup of H510 series cases. The H510 Flow offers improved ventilation with the addition of the perforated front panel and observes NZXT’s well-known design DNA.

NZXT H510 Flow PR 1

With enhanced thermal performance, the perforated front panel allows more cold air to be drawn in from the front fans, creating overall lower system temperatures. Results of this include:

  • Lower average CPU and GPU temperatures can prolong the lifespan of hardware
  • Lower operating temperatures enable better overclocking
  • Less rpm on fans required to maintain cool temperatures

Kraken Family Refresh

NZXT announces the latest Kraken X, Kraken Z, and AER RGB 2 fans —in a sleek matte white. NZXT is taking the challenge out of achieving an all-white build. This family of white cooling products came directly from community feedback, allowing users to express themselves by giving them more options for the ideal build. Find a fresh take of the Kraken Z, X, Kraken 120, and AER fans.

NZXT H510 Flow PR 4

The Kraken 120 has received some upgrades from previous models. It features an improved pump with a larger water reservoir, a refreshed look, and support for 5V ARGB ecosystems.

C Series Bronze Power Supply

The new C Series Bronze power supplies offer stable and safe power to all types of builds. The new lineup of Bronze PSUs generate less heat, keeping your system running quietly and efficiently.

NZXT H510 Flow PR 2

Their reliable components make up a unit that is backed by a 5-year warranty— the NZXT C Series Bronze PSUs are here to get your build powered up without letting you down.

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