Pearl Abyss announced today that it has donated 50,000 USD to support the earthquake recovery for the immense crisis that occurred in Turkey.

The donation has been made to “Doctors Without Borders,” an international humanitarian medical NGO, to support their humanitarian relief efforts in the affected areas.

“We send our deepest condolences to those affected by this unexpected disaster,” said Pearl Abyss CEO, James Heo. “We strongly hope for a quick recovery from the damage and a return to the former peace of their daily lives,” he added.

Over the years, Pearl Abyss has been actively participating in humanitarian efforts to help many global communities. Last year, a donation of 100 million KRW was made to support emergency medical aid in Ukraine.

During the same year, it also donated 7,000 trees for the restoration of Turkey’s forests ravaged by a devastating fire. In 2020, 100 million KRW was donated to support those who suffered from the bushfire season in Australia and the earthquake in Turkey.

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