The world of video gaming has greatly evolved over the past few years, FPS and battles with zombies being among the most trending themes of the modern-day. Having been with us since 2003, Call of Duty definitely among the most iconic first-person shooter games there are. Released towards the end of 2019, Modern Warfare is the latest and perhaps the most enjoyable development in the Call of Duty game series. From a bunch of killstreaks, a wide variety of weapons, field upgrades, and perks to pick from, the upgrades in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have made it a darling to many FPS video gamers throughout 2020.

However, playing and navigating the game is not always a cup of cake for many players, especially those who are just starting out. As far as success and improving your skills in the game are concerned, it’s best to learn a few hacks and tricks around it from the pros. Here are some pro tips for playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare you may want to check out for a better experience.

Use the Right Loadouts 

In Call of Duty, loadout is a term used to refer to the set of equipment, weapons, and perks you can access or use. In Modern Warfare, these loadouts also determine the attachments you can equip certain weapons, especially in Gunsmith mode. When in multiplayer mode, you should also remember that load-outs are editable and customizable.

Pro Tips COD MW GP 4

This means that you can change the set of weapons, perks, and equipment, replacing them with what suits your game progress or the moment. Loadouts can also be copied from the kill feed. All in all, the loadouts you use will determine what you can do to your enemies, strength, and the range of engagements you can manage. You need to be smart when crafting your loadouts in the game.

Use the Right Settings 

Gamers encounter simple challenges that cost them matches or make them drag their teammates behind. More than not, the problem is in your default settings, and it’s not any different when playing Modern Warfare. When using the default settings on PC, for instance, the aim sensitivity can be a bit lower than standard. This often makes movement a bit more sluggish, leaving you exposed to incoming enemies and unable to combat them in time.

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This problem can cost you big-time in the multiplayer arena. Using the best gaming settings will give you a better edge over your opponents in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This may mean increasing the aim sensitivity to what you can best handle before starting a multiplayer game. You may also need to adjust visual settings like brightness and the field of view to the most comfortable levels for you. The right settings can make you more lethal and more competitive, thus improving your entire experience.

Keep Moving 

While camping can be practical in some instances of the game, it is not always advisable to stay hidden in one position for too long during a match. After all, most maps in Modern Warfare are designed in a way that they may leave your character exposed to your enemies from a different angle. This means that even when you’re hidden, your enemy could get at you from a different angle. The best way to keep the game enjoyable is to avoid camping and stay on the move instead.

Use Your Weapons to Survive  

In most FPS games, many players use their weapons sparingly in anticipation to use them in the next level. But for every kill you make in Modern Warfare, another enemy will always be aiming at your head. It makes sense to use your weapons to stay alive as much as you can, especially during map spawning in Team Deathmatch. In Modern Warfare, it is more about surviving the moment than planning a future. Any tool that can free part of the map from enemy danger temporarily is worth tossing before you lose it all.

Reload as You Aim 

Survival in modern warfare will also depend on your ability to keep track of your enemies’ positions and movements. If you don’t want your blind spots carefully, your enemies will use them to your advantage. The good thing is that you can reload your guns while aiming, which minimizes the distraction and lost lead time that come with reloading. However, it may also affect your movement speed and can increase your exposure to firepower from enemies.

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Call of Duty has never been better, thanks to Modern Warfare, its latest release. But some aspects of the game can be challenging even to those who’ve played earlier versions. The above few tips can help sharpen your skills and improve your gaming experience in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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