T-FORCE has launched the blazing-fast VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory for laptop gamers looking to upgrade to next-generation DDR5 memory.

The VULCAN Memory delivers incredible performance with a simple installation and comes in a range of large capacities, making it the perfect choice for boosting one’s gaming experience as well as productivity. Thanks to its ultra-thin graphene heat spreaderthat enhances cooling; it keeps laptops stable during intensive gaming and allows players to seize victory at the most critical moments.

Following the release of DDR5 desktop memory, the new generation of extremely-fast RAM from T-FORCE has swept the PC hardware world. Today, T-FORCE is launching its first VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory designed specifically for gaming laptops. Offering a max clock rate of 5,200MHz and featuring an ultra-thin graphene heat spreader, gamers will experience shorter load times and faster boot-up speeds while still maintaining low laptop temperatures.

teamgroup t force vulcan ddr5 so dimm pr 2

With up to 64GB of capacity, players will enjoy unimpeded gaming and use work applications simultaneously. The new release of VULCAN SO-DIMM brings a whole new level of performance and user experience.

T-FORCE VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory supports on-die ECC, which detects and corrects bit errors. VULCAN SO-DIMM requires significantly lower power consumption than DDR4 memory, running at 1.1V compared to 1.2V, allowing users to experience better gaming performance and improve their gaming laptop’s battery life.

In addition, VULCAN SO-DIMM uses carefully selected high-quality ICs to ensure both stability and compatibility. The first global release is expected to hit the market at the end of April. Please stay tuned for the latest news from TEAMGROUP.

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